Astrology: Doing It Differently!


Updated: November 19, 2009

Life's JourneyI don’t know anybody who’s made it through the past week unscathed by the potent clash between the precise planet of focus, Saturn, and Pluto, which symbolises both power struggles and the unconscious.

The difference is that those who’ve been keeping track of those two planetary powerhouses had some sense what they were facing.

But most were unprepared, so it seemed that suddenly life became about a series of perplexing – if not actually painful – obstacles and a lack of understanding or solutions for them.

Dealing with the situations triggered by this extremely challenging but, ultimately, hugely rewarding planetary pattern requires, first, seeking the best of Saturn ­- persistence, courage and a willingness to face facts and to take action on whatever needs to be done.

And, second, it’s about embracing Pluto, which can be more challenging, as this means descending into the realms of the unconscious, then identifying and facing those elements within each of us that we resolutely ignore.

While, initially, this can be terrifying, the rewards are substantial because, at its best, Pluto brings profound insights and the fearlessness that comes with confronting those inner demons.

Demanding and, sometimes, agonising as the process of encountering these two mighty energies can be, the reward comes in the form of freedom from previously unconquerable fears – the kind that are never even mentioned in the hope that ignoring them will make them vanish.

Astrology Zodiac Shelley von Strunckle WinnerAnd there’s a larger, more lasting reward.

That is, learning to approach life itself – its joys and its challenges – from a new perspective.

To do it differently.  

However, today’s culture doesn’t encourage such reflection.

On the contrary, it’s trained us to distract ourselves. And there are so many options – acquiring possessions, chattering on the phone, emailing, twittering, face-booking, TV, DVDs movies.

However, until that darkness is faced, underneath all these there lies a dread – an anxiety about those as yet unrecognised shadows, fears will might somebody need to be dealt with.

That time has come.

Astrologically speaking, the aspect between Saturn and Pluto is over. It was exact on Sunday, November 15th.

But we’re not off the hook.

The same aspect occurs again, three times, during 2010.

So you’ve a choice.

Attempt to outwit Saturn and Pluto.

Or learn the lessons they have to offer.


True, it will be hugely challenging – your own version of climbing Mt. Everest – and without oxygen.

But what you learn, face and deal with those challenges, and the courage, wisdom and power you acquire in the process, will be yours forever.

Sometimes this involves identifying issues that, in the past, have created only feelings of powerlessness. It can mean addressing fears or complex dilemmas others simply refuse to acknowledge.

Whatever the situation – and there are likely to be several, some minor, and at least one of more major proportions – each offers an opportunity to stop making excuses and to discover the power that comes with confronting fear.Astrology Zodiac Shelley von Strunckle Top of the Mountain

Recognise that, and you will realise that, what only seconds before seemed a looming monster, is nothing but a shadow projected on a wall.

After that, your perspective will shift.


And you will do it differently.

Because you know, for sure, that you have power over even what once seemed overwhelming challenges.

Shelley von Strunckel © 2009

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