OMG!!! Chocolate is GOOD For You…Literally!!


Updated: December 16, 2009

OMG chocolate bark Colette Baron Reid psychic mediumIt is on rare occasion I will say, “I told you so”.

 And this is one of those occasions.

Those who are familiar with my work know I am diligent in my research of the merging of science and spirituality.

And those who are familiar with my  work also know I am diligent in my research for the perfect piece of chocolate.

To that end, I now carry OMG!!! chocolate bark in my online store. It’s one of the best tasting chocolates I’ve ever had.

Created by gourmet chef Kim Lewis, OMG!!! chocolate bark ranks number one in the Colette’s Chocolate Hall of Fame for two reasons.

One, the recipe is, of course, to die for.

Two, each batch of chocolate is prayed over and energized with the intentions of love, health and happiness.

Now, the very first article I wrote and posted here on my blog was Dr. Dean Radin: Hero of the Chocolate Universe.

I shared information on the double blind study Dr. Radin performed with chocolate wherein the candy had been prayed over and meditated upon with good intentions. Dr. Radin was able to show proof positive that the chocolate had absorbed the “positive energy” of those who were charged with sending it and that the positive energy had physically and mentally affected those who consumed the candy.

So, based on the scientific evidence shown by Dr. Radin, our OMG!!! chocolate bark is good for you.

Child with chocolate.

And, by now, the majority of us should know about all the scientific studies and proof of the benefits of dark chocolate.

Taking these studies much further is the Department of Public Health Services, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. In September of 2009, in an article posted on the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health states;

“CONCLUSIONS: Chocolate consumption was associated with lower cardiac mortality in a dose dependent manner in patients free of diabetes surviving their first AMI. Although our findings support increasing evidence that chocolate is a rich source of beneficial bioactive compounds, confirmation of this strong inverse relationship from other observational studies or large-scale, long-term, controlled randomized trials is needed.”.

What this means is the scientists who conducted the research found evidence supporting, not only the health benefits of chocolate, but specific benefits in patients who have coronary disease and are, now, calling for a larger and more long-term study.

This goes way beyond the “chocolate raises your serotonin levels and makes you feel good” thing. This is far more profound.

 Here is where the “I told you so” part comes in…

The first use of cacao seeds (from which cocoa and chocolate are made) is thought to be between 1500 – 400 B. C.)

Since then, the world has had a love affair with chocolate unlike any other food item. Statistics on sales are staggering and on the rise with each passing year.

Even if you take away the argument for addiction to the sugar in most chocolates, I hypothesize human obsession with chocolate – which knows no geographic limitations – is directly linked to a higher knowing within our DNA about its benefits.

Billions of people over thousands of years all falling in love with chocolate (dark or otherwise) can’t be wrong.

 Bottom line?

 This is one of the “sweetest” ways I know to drive home the point of our being interconnected … and to say…

 I told you so!

 Chocolate Colette Baron Reid psychic medium

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