Astrology, Robert Ohotto & Mercury Retrograde (part three)!


Updated: December 28, 2009

Horoscope Astrology Zodiac Robert Ohotto Colette Baron Reid psychic medium 5Power vs. Powerlessness

One of the greatest spiritual tasks we are continually asked to engage is the discernment of where we have power in life and where we don’t.

Said another way, when do we need to apply self-effort (Capricorn) vs. allowing grace to do its thing.

I’ve noticed that in my own life I’ve spent so much time trying to control things I simply cannot; such as whether someone will abandon me, whether people like me or not, how many copies my book sells, whether someone loves me or not, how folks respond to my newsletters – LOL!

You get the picture!

Take a moment and look at your life with compassionate eyes. What are you trying to have control and power over that you simply have can’t? Have you let this economic recession diminish your worth when it’s simply something you can’t control?

Capricorn is about our mortal limits and I sense that this MR will ask us to come to terms with powerlessness in our lives.

I would recommend making a list of all the things you are trying to control and then assess whether you really can. Many of these themes are coming up for review over the next month, especially in the context of your family gatherings, ahem! (Oh yeah, that’s right, I know many of you out there want to control your folks, children, and spouses – you know it!)

The truth is that we are powerless over so much in life and that the limitations of our egos are astounding. Yet, it’s through surrender to this truth and embracing the power of the soul that we are truly free! Free to do what you might ask? Free to be called and drafted by the very wind we cannot control – this is the wind of Destiny that can sweep you up and take you to higher ground if only you’d let go…

Let this upcoming MR guide you into the spaces you hold on to the illusion of control out of fear. Give yourself the gift of offering up to the Divine what you can’t control, and pray to be shown where you must apply self-effort to effect the changes in your life.

This is a powerful prayer that I guarantee will get answered!

Power, Powerlessness, and ResponsibilityHoroscope Astrology Capricorn Colette Baron Reid psychic medium Robert Ohotto 5

As we speak about power and powerlessness the next thing that must be addressed with this MR in Capricorn is the concept of ‘responsibility’ – a major Capricorn theme. I mean if we are powerless over certain things in life and we get clear on that, then how do we assess what are our true responsibilities?

Capricorn as an archetype has everything to do with being responsible.

Yet many of us live with a confused sense of responsibility because we feel we should be able to control things we cannot.

Thus this MR is bound to necessitate and reevaluation of what are responsibilities to others and ourselves truly are based on where we have power and where we don’t in life.

And this can work both ways!

Maybe we aren’t being responsible enough and aren’t doing the necessary work to evolve our lives. Or maybe we are being hyper-responsible and trying to move mountains we can’t move! Capricorn is a pragmatic force and I sense that we’ll be asked to look at the bottom line reality of our lives.

Additionally, we’ll be called to take responsibility for ourselves where we’ve been complacent and asked to give up the burden of false responsibilities.

So if you’ve been engaging in magical thinking as a defense against hard work or exhausting yourself trying to rescue everyone – get ready, ha!

There is so much more this MR in Capricorn will dislodge and encompass in addition to the aforementioned themes. Every zodiac sign is an archetype unto itself, yet contains what I call ‘sub-archetypes’ that are connected to and issue from it.

Here’s a brief list of some Capricorn’s sub-archetypes that will be energized for reevaluation in your life over the next month.

Sub-archetypes of Capricorn Energized During MR

  • The Martyr
  • The Rescuer
  • The Adult Child
  • The Entrepreneur
  • The Pessimist/Depressive
  • The Survivor
  • The Businessman
  • The King/Tyrant
  • The Economist
  • The Strategist
  • The Workaholic
  • The Pragmatist
  • The Conservative
  • The Loyalist
  • The Egotist
  • The Patriarch

Horoscope Astrology Capricorn  Zodiac Colette Baron Reid psychic mediumAs you can see, these are all very masculine and often driven archetypes that embody many of the qualities I mentioned in the first description of the Capricorn pattern.

Capricorn is a masculine energy which relates to how we externalize ourselves via our ego into the larger world through our status, career, and a position of authority – all of which will come under review in the context of cultivating integrity to serve the greater holism of the social fabric into which we are woven.

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