Astrology, Robert Ohotto & Mercury Retrograde (part 4)!


Updated: December 30, 2009

To the Midpoint and Beyond…

Horoscope Astrology Zodiac Capricorn Colette Baron Reid psychic mediumSo here we all are, on the eve of an annual life reevaluation with one year/decade ending and another beginning, AND on the eve of a MR in Capricorn.

To use this time wisely I would counsel a reorganization and reassessment of your priorities within the context of the Capricorn archetypal themes.

Ultimately this retrograde brings a deep surrender and review of our authentic ambition and responsibilities.

We are asked by Mercury to receive a new message from our soul regarding what motivates our goals in life. This will pave the way for a new cycle to emerge in which we find ourselves practically surviving in the New Year, but also more connected to our highest potential and true purpose on this planet.

The abdication of our will/ego to the soul can be quite a struggle as the retrograde cycle commences, and this struggle usually lasts for the first 11 days of the cycle. Usually by the 12th day we are so frustrated and embattled that we give up and the conscious ego is forced to release its hold over our unconscious.

This coincides with what is called the ‘mid-point of the retrograde cycle’ (when the Sun joins Mercury in the sky which this time occurs on January 4th.) Up until January 4th let the horizon of your consciousness expand as you get out of your own way.

I sense that many of us will need to reconsider where we are headed and how to achieve our soul’s goals.

We are going through a scary time in many regards. Many are still losing jobs and the economic transition is itself at a mid-point. This MR offers an ideal opportunity to be in consultation with your soul as to how you’re meant to deliver your unique service to this changing world through an altruistic entrepreneurial approach.

Though it’s time to practically rethink your life, don’t forget that you absolutely have a reason for being here.

And that reason is connected to how you can uniquely answer the call to serve others.

Though new beginnings may come into view during and post the Mercury Retrograde Mid-point on January 4th, the traditional approach to Mercury Retrograde of refraining from signing new contracts, making new major purchases, making new important decisions, and initiating new endeavors remains intact.

This is because the friction in the psyche is still fresh and will birth even more new information and ideas until the cycle completes.

horoscope astrology zodiac capricorn colette baron reid psychic medium robert ohotto

As the second half of the retrograde progresses post January 4th, new ideas will become more and more informed. The last ten days of the retrograde cycle thus become a time to be passively receptive to the new, and ensuring you’ve let go of the old.

This will allow more time for holistic agendas to emerge as well as better strategies for their enactment. Though you can get your strategy on and entrepreneur engaged once Mercury begins its next cycle of going direct on January 15th, 2010 — be mindful that we’ll still be in a Mars Retrograde in Leo which begins on December 20th and lasts until March 10th.

I hope that this guide is helpful to you as you enter into the New Year.

Please have a Happy and blessed Holiday.

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Robert Ohotto – Intuitive Life Strategist

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