Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part one)!


Updated: January 4, 2010

avatar avatar trailer avatar movie colette baron-reid psychic mediumRarely…and I mean rarely…do I make a statement like this;

If you have one spiritual bone in your body you must see the Avatar movie.

I open with this call to action because a surprising number of people I know communicated to me they were not planning to see Avatar.

The excuses were comprised mostly of “it’s too ‘Hollywood’, too predictable and too much like a video game because of all the computer graphics”, etc.

How they could make that determination after seeing the Avatar trailer (which I watched at least one hundred times before going to see Avatar) I don’t know but…

Avatar is futuristic and it’s visionary, in much the same manner Star Wars was when it premiered in 1977 – thirty three years ago.

Even if your personal tastes don’t include fantasy, futuristic, sci-fi, space or ‘epic battle between good and evil’ movies, Avatar is absolutely worth watching if for no other reason than its  ground breaking spirituality.

Now, there have been movies which, of course, have been filled with ‘messages’ whether they be spiritual, societal, ethical, moral or combination of all these and any I may have missed.

Movies where, in the eleventh hour, even when the audience is sure this will be the one movie to break formula and the bad guys will win, something happens and the good guys triumph once more. Thus proving hope springs eternal and justly so.

Of course, Avatar is not the first movie with spiritual overtones and messages. Though, in the reviews I’ve been reading about Avatar, it’s being touted as sending out a loud ‘Green’ message rather than ‘spiritual’ one.

No matter.

You say tomato, I say tomahto.

So why, then, am I compelled to write a series of articles about Avatar? What is it about this particular movie when others have had a similar bent?

My book Messages From Spirit; The Extraordinary Powers of Oracles, Omens and Signs, is a best seller.


Because we want and need to know the Divine is reaching out to us – communicating with us. But we’ve forgotten how to see and hear Spirit – even when the signs and omens are blatant rather than subtle.

Messages From Spirit is a blueprint, an outline, of the hundreds of ways Spirit speaks to us everyday.

And there’s the rub.

Yes, other movies have had ‘similar’ messages of the Divine but nothing, in my estimation, which even comes close to the number, range or depth of Avatar.

In fact, the very concept, creation and release of Avatar is nothing short of a communication directly from Spirit in an effort to, as always, offer divine guidance via a masterful co-creation with all who are responsible for the film. It is my belief a movie such as Avatar is a gift from Spirit so we can utilize its omens and make our way back to our own divinity in a more timely fashion.

As of today, January 3, 2010, I’ve seen the Avatar movie only once but that is enough for me to weave a hundred articles around. As I see Avatar again and again and again – and I will – I’m certain Spirit will show me more and more to write about.

In Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part two) I’ll explore the very most basic spiritual foundations upon which I believe the Avatar movie is set.

They are not what you might think…

  • Charlotte

    Amen! I didn’t see Avatar until 2022. I am not a movie or TV watcher and just didn’t want to watch it though I was intrigued by the amazing imagery and colors I saw on commercials.
    When I finally watched the movie, words cannot even describe what I felt. I felt that there were messages in that movie from Spirit far beyond what most people recognized. I feel like so many people loved the movie but didn’t necessarily see the reality of spirit in everything. To me it felt like Spirit was saying all of you come from here… Pay attention please.
    Learn… It’s here all you have to do is open your heart. Everything could be different if you just see.
    I will never forget that movie and we’ll probably watch it again. I think I’ll purchase it.

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