Numerology & the 2010 Forecast: How Numerology Number 3 Helps You!


Updated: January 7, 2010

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We have entered an amazing year. The essence of 2010 is to access the joy of creation.

2010, a 3 Universal Year, is more fluid than 2009 – an 11/2. Where 11/2 is more stable, the 3 brings action, drama and an element of surprise.

3 is an emotional number and belongs in the 3-6-9 trilogy of ‘feeling’ vibrations. So you may see some dramatic events unfold around you, both on the world stage and in your immediate community.

3 symbolizes happiness, perfection and positive self expression. The flipside of the 3 is that people may express themselves negatively through criticism and self-doubt.

So it’s really important this year not to get caught up in negativity.

The best way to stay grounded in any 3 cycle is by creating something Positive. Use your Imagination. Activate playful and humorous feelings in your life. Smile. 3 is the most uplifting of all the numbers.

By accessing the joy that comes from being creative you won’t be harmed by the volatile and fearful events that can emerge in 3 cycles.

Since 3 is such a social vibration, community and communication are very important in 2010. Express your thoughts and feelings to your friends and family. 3 symbolizes your voice. So don’t hold things back if you feel like talking, and use care when you speak.

Reflect on all that’s good in your life and CREATE more of the same.

I have made a special video for you about this 3 Universal Year where I reveal the deep symbolic meaning of this wonderful number.

Warmest Wishes to YOU for a Great 2010,

Tania Gabrielle


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