Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part three)!


Updated: January 11, 2010

Avatar Movie Avatar Colette Baron Reid psychic medium

It is with great pleasure that I write this article.

If you read my posts Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part one) and Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part two), you’ll know I’m convinced the Avatar movie is a spiritual masterpiece and I’m writing a series of articles based on the symbolic messages, omens, messages from Spirit and oracular guidances contained therein.

It was my intent to, in this post, continue along that vein, delving into the etymology of the word ‘Pandora’ (Pandora being the planet inhabited by the Na’Vi) and continue, in future articles, to examine the more subtle messages from Spirit in the movie.

However, I have been guided by Spirit to write this article as an examination of what is going on outside the Avatar movie.

First, I want to go on record as saying, “Wow.”

The buzz about Avatar, its ‘supposed’ political and religious messages, its imagery, its…everything…is nothing short of world changing.

Bloggers, columnists, movie critics, religious and spiritual leaders…everybody’s got something to say about the Avatar movie!

Christians are debating within their own community about whether Avatar is offensive to the Christian community or not.

New Agers are dancing in the streets.

Pagans are saying, “Tell us something we don’t know and haven’t known for thousands of years!”

And a whole new culture is being introduced to the word and definition of ‘Panentheism’ as online commentary is inflamed with its use and many rush to postulate that this ideology must be what Avatar is sermoning.

For clarification, Wikipedia defines Panentheism thusly:

Panentheism … is a belief system which posits that God exists and interpenetrates every part of nature, and timelessly extends beyond as well. Panentheism is distinguished from pantheism, which holds that God is synonymous with the material universe.Avatar Colette Baron Reid celebrity psychic medium Avatar Movie

Briefly put, in pantheism, “God is the whole”; in panentheism, “The whole is in God.” This means that the Universe in the first formulation is practically the Whole itself, but in the second the universe and God are not ontologically equivalent. In panentheism, God is not necessarily viewed as the creator or demiurge, but the eternal animating force behind the universe, with the universe as nothing more than the manifest part of God. The cosmos exists within God, who in turn “pervades” or is “in” the cosmos. While pantheism asserts that God and the universe are coextensive, panentheism claims that God is greater than the universe and that the universe is contained within God.

I’m certain there are other religious and spiritual factions dissecting the Avatar movie so I apologize if I missed you in my commentary but…

The bottom line?

The world is in an uproar over one little movie.

It doesn’t matter that it’s a blockbuster and the most expensive movie ever made.

It doesn’t matter that it’s broken all kinds of box office records.

It’s still just a movie.


And I’m just a psychic medium.

While the world is all atwitter (literally) over the Avatar movie, I’m just standing back grinning ear to ear.


Because I know the very simple reason for all the pandimonium.

Just as Jake Sully, as an Avatar, experienced the cellular memory of the Avatar host body he incarnated in…he ‘descended’ in…the world is experiencing memories of human past, present and future.

Remember, the Avatar host body was ‘grown’ from the DNA of a Na’vi. DNA brings with it cellular memory. Like when a heart transplant patient starts to crave dill pickles when heretofore they hated the taste.

We’re watching this movie and, though everyone is trying desperately to explain it in religious terms, at the end of the day the divine spark in us all is being fanned and our flame is beginning to grow brighter….burn ‘hotter’.

Avatar, the movie, on a global level, has been able to jog our memory of who we truly are, of where we come from, of where we’re going (in both positive and negative terms), how we used to live (in harmony with all that is) and where we will be again in the future.

Avatar has been ten years in the making. Can you imagine sticking out a project for ten years?

James Cameron imagined it. And, with Spirit’s help, has co-created, not just a movie, but the way and means for everyone on the planet to hear our ‘Mother’ call out to us…telling us it’s time to put away our toys…and come home.

Avatar Movie Colette Baron Reid psychic medium

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