Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part four)!


Updated: January 17, 2010

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This article is the final installment in my series predicated on the Avatar movie.

In Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part one) I urge you to see the Avatar movie so you might experience its incredible depth of spirituality which I believe to be unparalleled by any other film in history.

In Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part two) I write about some of the spiritual foundations upon which I believe Avatar to be predicated and address some of the more subtle messages from Spirit found in the movie.

In Avatar and Messages From Spirit (part three) I write about how the Avatar movie is an immeasurable catalyst. The buzz about this film is off the charts and Avatar is now a contender to surpass Titanic as the highest grossing movie of all time.

Avatar is being dissected by religious and spiritual factions in all four corners of the Earth.

On that note and as a quick aside…I find it very interesting, in terms of numerology, the Na’vi have four ‘fingers’ and four ‘toes’. The number four, symbolically speaking, is a very profound number. There are four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), directions (North, South, East, West) and elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). When the four sides of a square work together and remain strong, there is no more stable or sturdy structure. And, if you’ve seen Avatar, you’ll know how connected to nature the Na’vi are and how, when they bond together, what they accomplish.

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Do you think James Cameron chose that number deliberately or is it a cledon sent from Spirit?

These are the kinds of subtle signs Spirit sends us and these are the things I think and teach about.

But what this final article on Avatar is really all about is the etymology of the word “Pandora” (the Na’vi’s home planet) and how befitting the name is in light of the world wide commotion over this one “little” movie.

There are cries in the media that Avatar is a racist movie. Now there is speculation James Cameron ripped the whole thing off from a popular Russian sci-fi series entitled The World of Noon or Noon Universe.

Even the Vatican put out an official statement about the Avatar movie.

The Vatican!

Now, most are at least somewhat familiar with the Greek myth of Pandora.

What, generally, is remembered was that she opened a box filled with all the evils of the world thereby releasing doom and destruction upon mankind.

However, when recalling the myth, few remember that Pandora slapped shut the box when she realized what was being released and one “thing” was left in “Pandora’s Box”.


For this reason, and this reason alone, it is my contention the name Pandora could not be a more perfect name or cledon for that matter.

The Avatar movie has unleashed a torrent of debate. Certainly that debate has spurned arguments, ill will and all manner of negativity. Not because of the movie, itself, but because mankind is still struggling against remembering who we really are – where we’ve truly come from.

And that is where all the ills of the world stem from.

In a fashion, it can be hypothesized these are the ‘evils’ released from Pandora’s Box. Those ‘things’ which our egos created to keep up separated from Spirit.

Avatar is jogging our collective memory – our collective consciousness – thus causing the upheaval.

I am encouraged to see many are awakening and heeding the call from Spirit communicated to us via the Avatar movie and all its beautiful messages.

However, given the maelstrom of negativity in the press about the same, I accept we have a long way to go before we, all, remerge with Spirit.

No matter.

See, there was still one very important ‘thing’ left in Pandora’s box.


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