Numerology: What Do Your Initials Reveal?!


Updated: January 21, 2010

Numerology Colette Baron Reid celebrity psychic mediumDid you know that your name’s initials reveal key information about you?

For example, if your first or last name begins with the letter C you love to talk and could be a good speaker. C represents the number 3, so these people are very creative and like to perform.

C is open to the right – the future – and is pronounced ‘see’. This combination reveals C’s have clairvoyant gifts, though they may not be aware of them. Whereas letter U is shaped like a cup that can hold things, the C lets it flow out – feelings are hard to hold in and must be expressed.

People with first initial C in their names are Bill Clinton, Michael Caine, Elvis Costello, Tom Cruise, Jimmy Connors, Jim Carey, Maria Callas, Nicolas Cage, Frederic Chopin, and of course Colette Baron-Reid!

Another letter is the regal R, symbolizing leaders, teachers and writers. It is pictured as a P with a leg moving to the right, showing forward movement.

Both P and R have a loop at the top. This symbolizes the ability to think and retain knowledge. R is one of two letters symbolizing the number 9, showing compassion, strength, magnetism. It can also indicate a large ego.

Examples are Robert Redford, Christopher Reeve, Ronald Reagan, Julia Roberts, Roy Rogers, Ayn Rand, Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Pattinson and Rihanna.

Then there’s this important consideration.

Are your initials straight-line letters – like A, F, K and M – or are they a combination of curved and straight, such as B, J, R and G. Maybe they are curved – O, S, C, and U.

Most people have a combination of curved and straight letters showing a balance of flexibility and focus.

When I see only straight-line initials in your first or last name I know you have tremendous focus and a tunnel-vision ability to single-mindedly manifest a specific goal. Depending on birth numbers, stubbornness and rigidness are also part of this package.

You’ll notice that many high-achievers or people with intense missions have straight-line initials.

People who come to mind are Martin Luther King, Margaret Thatcher, Tiger Woods, Michelle Kwan, Abraham Lincoln, Katarina Witt, Nastia Liukin, Muhammad Ali, Adolf Hitler, Woody Allen, Alan Alda, Larry King, Frida Kahlo, Ann Landers, Marilyn Monroe, Ted Turner, Helen Mirren, Michael Moore, Adam Lambert and Madonna.

The least amount of people have curved initials only.

NumerologyCurves show an ability to bend and adjust easily to changes. They have an elasticity that allows stretching the limits of theirabilities. Depending on the birth numbers, they may loose focus at times.

Examples are Cindy Crawford, Carl Sagan, Simon Cowell, Usher, Summer Sanders, Chevy Chase, Courteney Cox, Sasha Cohen, Charlotte Church, Cher and Sissy Spacek.

It’s also important to note which direction your initials face.

W, V, U and Y face upwards. Letters A, M face towards the earth. Others face up and down – to the right or left.

I will going into great detail about every single letter in the alphabet at my “Secrets and Mysteries” Seminar this March in Sedona, Arizona. Plus I’ll reveal how to use your birth numbers to capitalize on your future cycles.

Hope to see you there!

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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