My Ingredients to Claim a Delicious Life: Become the Change!!


Updated: January 30, 2010

manifestingRocksManifestation is all the rage. If we want the life of our dreams, we’re told to visualize. Keep picturing that new job and fantastically amazing relationship and it will come to fruition. Sprinkle in a little bit of positive thinking and then voilà! If it doesn’t work right away, we’re told to be patient and visualize some more. Then frustration sets in, and we beat ourselves up because we must be doing something wrong but can’t figure out what that is. Isn’t this exhausting?!

In my 22 years of teaching seminars, working with clients, and studying these ideas, I’ve realized that we’re missing the main ingredients when it comes to “manifesting” the life we want. We’re essentially trying to just eat the frosting without even baking the cupcakes!

I’d like to invite you to explore a whole new way of claiming your dreams. What if you started with BEING the person who lived the life you want? If you want your outside to change, you need to go within and BECOME the change you want to see in the world. Energy follows reality. You don’t experience reality. You experience your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about reality. So, if you want to change your reality, you need to start with aligning your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with the experience you want to create.

When we want something, we’re really looking to feel a certain way rather than have a certain thing. I’m encouraging you to focus on cultivating those feelings and ways of being rather than manifesting the thing. By placing attention only on the results, you lose the true currency meant to flow between yourself and Spirit.

We are all destined to be the best person we can be. You can create the life you want by becoming awake, conscious, empowered, and partnered with the Divine.

Here’s an exercise to help you become the person who lives the life you want.

  • First, think of what you want to change in your life and write down your thoughts, feeling, and beliefs about your current experience.
  • Next, describe the life you want and the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you expect to experience by living that dream. How would you feel about yourself if you had that loving relationship? What would you think about life if you were offered a better job? Who would you be if you already had the means to pursue your dreams?
  • Now, compare the two descriptions. How can you bring your current thoughts, feelings, and beliefs into synergy with the person who lives the life you want? What actions can you take to make those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs a reality? Remember, you can’t always think your way into your destiny, but you can act your way into a new way of being. Act as if this were true—even if you’re not yet coherent with this idea, the more you act the more your subconscious begins to look for opportunities in your outer world to match what it knows. Then your intuition kicks in and all manner of meaningful coincidences line up to prove you right!

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Love Colette

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