The Cledon: How to Get More Powerful Divine Guidance in Your Everyday Life!

Updated: March 8, 2010

signOne of my favorite spiritual phenomenas to talk about is the cledon. It’s a message from Spirit that is innocently and unknowingly delivered to you by someone or something else. And, once you tune into the cledons all around you, you’ll be truly amazed at the personal and powerful messages Spirit has for you.

Though the word “cledon” sounds a little bit star trek-ish, it’s a concept that actually originated in ancient Rome. For our ancestors in the Roman Empire, it was common practice to pray to the gods for guidance and then go out into the world to get a message. People expected to get their insight from Apollo through day-to-day interactions; for example, they’d overhear a conversation between strangers at the local market, or a friend would unknowingly deliver a message over dinner.

We still receive cledons all the time today. You might hear a conversation at the mall in which two random strangers say just what you need to hear. Or, perhaps you’re having lunch with a friend who says something that answers your question on what to do next in your career. You may even be listening to me do a reading with a caller on my radio show or with someone at one of my events and just know that what I told them is also a message for you. (I get many fascinating emails from radio listeners and event attendees who have had this experience. I love hearing them!) Common cledons can come from other people, songs on the radio, the T.V., and billboards.

Beef question mark close-upHere’s an example of one of my own recent cledons. It was actually pretty amazing when it happened. I was in LA with my husband at breakfast. At the time, I’d been wrestling with becoming a vegetarian; I’d just read Skinny Bitch and saw an upsetting video on factory farming and dairy cows. I wasn’t sure that the milk in my coffee was organic and wondered if the cows that produced the milk were treated well. I mentioned this to my husband while we were sipping coffee, and he said, “Why don’t you pray about it or ask for a sign?” So, I asked Spirit for a sign. Just a few seconds later, this little girl not even yet two years old had sat at the next table with her father and she started looking at me and saying “No!” Her father profusely apologized to us saying, “She never does this. I’m so sorry!” I was taken aback because little kids and puppies always respond well to me. Even my husband said how weird it was. Then the little girl looked right at me and loudly exclaimed: “MAD COW!” Well, her father was beyond shocked and turned to her to ask, “Where did you learn those words?” The little girl just looked at me giggling and smiling and then turned to her dad and continued on as if nothing had happened. I have since only used organic soymilk in my coffee and have become pretty vigilant about only eating cruelty-free animal products. This is only one story among the many cledons I’ve experienced.

So, how do you know you’re getting a cledon? Your sense will be heightened in a noticeably different way. It will feel like truth amplified. For instance, you may experience a heightened feeling and suddenly in that moment you’ll just know intuitively that what you overheard was a message for you. Or, you may experience more sensitive hearing; perhaps the radio will suddenly seem louder during a song with a message that Spirit intends especially for you. When you receive a cledon, it’s as if Spirit knows exactly what’s on your mind and addresses it.

Of course, Spirit does know what’s going on because it’s part of you. It lives in you as your higher self, and your intuition is your connection to the Divine. Spirit is what made you and its highest desire is to help you manifest your utmost life experience. Remember that Spirit is always communicating with you and looking out for your best interest. So, as long as you ask for guidance, you’ll receive a message. Spirit, however, decides the how, when, and what. And, of course, you will not necessarily get the answer you want.

Take a moment today to ask Spirit for a message about something you’d like guidance on. (For example, your career, love life, finances, a decision you need to make, etc.)

Now, continue to go about your life and trust that Spirit will send you a message in Divine appropriate timing. Sometimes you’ll get a cledon right away, but other times it will come a few weeks later. Just have patience and trust Spirit will answer you.

I’d also like to encourage you to start a journal and begin recording the messages Spirit sends you. In future blogs, I’ll share more ways for you to communicate and receive guidance from Spirit. So, be sure to start a journal and you’ll be truly amazed at how you’re never alone—the Divine is always guiding you to your perfect destiny.

Also be sure to report back and share your cledon experiences!!


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  • Michael

    Thank you. I just listened to a webcast of yours. The whole thing was messages and a indirectly reading for me. Getting messages like this and helping people in this way is what I’m becoming very good at. I even now get like telepathic guidance to clue me in so I can read what im experiencing clearer. Thank you for more information on this, this is the first ive heard of the word Cledon.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a writer working on a novel and go most every day on a long walk thinking about what happens next – writers are famous throughout history of doing the same: Thoreau, Nietzsche, Rousseau, etcetera – and the past couple years I walk with a small notebook and pen, and have been sketching what I call micro-dramas, dialogues and scenes I overhear and witness, have become enamoured of the haiku-like theatre. I thank you for the definition.

  • Charles Tidler

    I’m a writer working on a novel and go most every day on a long walk thinking about what happens next – writers are famous throughout history of doing the same: Thoreau, Nietzsche, Rousseau, etcetera – and the past couple years I walk with a small notebook and pen, and have been sketching what I call micro-dramas, dialogues and scenes I overhear and witness, have become enamoured of the haiku-like theatre. I thank you for the definition.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      showers are good too for ideas. BUt yes this exactly … happy for you!

  • Cindy Freeman

    I’m currently reading your book Messages from Spirit and am in the chapter about cledons. Question: how do you pronounce this word? Thanks.

  • Lara Brekken

    I LOVE that there’s a word for this and I have no idea how it’s taken me this long to learn it! I have been inundated by them lately, but I have to share one in particular. A couple weeks ago, a high-school friend who I haven’t seen in 25 years sent me a text. It had been months since I heard from him, but somehow he has decided I’m his dream interpreter and just had to get my thoughts on his most recent dream. I knew instantly that his dream didn’t make sense to him because it was a message for me. It was EXACTLY what was going on in my current relationship, which this high school friend had no way of knowing. I have never had something like that happen before and it blew my mind!

    • Michelle Keane

      Hi Colette I have just attended your Mystical Connections with John Holland and experienced cledons, I never knew what that meant before today so thank you for the enlightenment such a joy to experience, I hope you do Palooza virtual next year I will be there. Love to all

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        oh yay! hope I get to do that too! see you when I see you, Michelle! much love to you! 💗

  • Lara Brekken

    I LOVE this word and have no idea how I’ve gone this long without hearing it! I live my life according to synchronicities and I am well aware of the fact that they can come from anywhere. Recently, I experienced the most unusual source – a distant friend’s dream. A high-school friend of mine who I haven’t seen in 25 years, but reconnected with last year, has decided I’m his dream interpreter. We live in different states and text very sporadically. A couple weeks ago, he sent me a text wondering about the meaning of a dream. In it, he was watching from behind a store window as his ex-girlfriend got out of a car and took off a wedding ring and laid it on the ground in the parking lot, then drove away. Then, another woman went to pick up the ring. As she went to grab it, it disappeared. As I read this text, I a jolt of energy shot through my body. Although I could come up with meaning for my friend, I knew it also had meaning for me. I had been engaged to a man and then he broke it off. We are currently back together and I told him I would still like to be his wife one day. Since that conversation, he had been withdrawing again. The night before my friend texted me about the dream, I knew it was over. The dream confirmed that yes, any chance of us spending our lives together has disappeared. My friend who had the dream has never been engaged or married and is currently single, which is why he was so confused. My mind was blown that spirit would use this distant friend to communicate with me! Now I have the word to describe it. Thank you, Colette for all that you do! Sending you love!

  • Bev

    Yes, this occurred yesterday when a friend ask me if I was interested in getting involved in volunteering, after hearing the details I jumped off my chair, really !!
    this is the info that I have been asking Spirit for WOW
    [On Thanksgiving w/e I started spending more time in meditation, looking for an answer to an idea I have been toying with for the past year] – MAGIC
    PS: showers are “comical”

  • Melissa Jacobsen

    Should I stay or should I go! I have been trying to figure this out. I’ve meditated, figured with the crazy, rational part of my brain, and asked for signs…well, today, written in string on the ground, it says, go. Now, the next part…where?

  • Michelle

    Wow!! I got a Starseed Reading last year and was told that I would have these exact same experiences in my lifetime. But they never called it any name, just described it as random strangers would deliver me messages from other realms by walking by me and saying something quite profound or something that would have meaning to me. The stranger would then just continue walking as if it never happened! I have yet to experience this but was just now told in a Weekly Tarot Reading, on a card titled “Message in a Bottle” with a pic of a bottle on a beach, that I would receive this kind of message from a speaker at some event I would be attending (she was unable to pronounce the word nor knew what it meant exactly and never spelled it). I played around with what it sounded like she said and landed here! Lol!! Cool! Thank you for posting this! 💜

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