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Updated: March 16, 2010

womanGrasshopperWhat Messages Do these Sacred Sign-Bearers Have for You?

Imagine you’re walking along the beach, soaking up the sun and relishing the sand between your toes. You’re thinking about whether to leave your job and start your own company. Or, maybe you’re debating about whether to back into the dating pool after a tough break up. While you want to take the leap into the unknown, you’re afraid you don’t have what it takes. Suddenly a grasshopper appears from nowhere. It stops and chirps directly at your feet, as if trying to get your attention, and then it determinedly leaps ahead. You chuckle to yourself, thinking how odd it was to see a grasshopper in the midst of all the sand. Then you remember Colette’s/me recent blog about reverence and nature and how she/me has been encouraging you to pay attention to the world around you. This grasshopper had a message for you.

Living creatures are interactive spiritual beings with whom we have a collaborative relationship. Our companion animals, creatures in the wild, and us humans are all here to fulfill a sacred purpose. We’re all part of the Divine and connected through time and space. Just as messages from Spirit can come from other people through a cledon (which I discussed in my recent – The Cledon blog), guidance can also come through the living organisms around you. All creatures of the sky, water, and earth are your sacred sign-bearers and just waiting for you to notice them. I talk about animals as oracles extensively in my book, Messages From Spirit, and discuss many of their possible messages.

dogMessage2So, what Spirit messages have you received from the animals around you? We can each tune into the frequency of inter-species communication, and once we do, we’re often amazed by the messages they have for us. Let’s return to the example above for a moment. A bit more research into the symbolism of grasshoppers reveals that it is a symbol of good luck, taking a leap of faith, forward movement, and innovation. It was telling you to take the leap of faith, for carving out your own innovative path will bring good luck.

MFSI’ve always believed that animals have souls that are wiser and more authentic than us humans. They are teachers, guides, and healers with us. I was surrounded by animals growing up, from dogs barking to birds flying around the house. It also seemed my mom was always nursing a wild animal back to health. Through the years, my dogs have helped me become a better person, and I share many stories of their messages in Messages From Spirit.

I recently experienced a very profound message about my new book, The Enchanted Map of You… Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life, which is due out in January 2011. I’d been immersed in writing the book for several months, but had started to feel stuck. I was juggling so many fascinating new ideas that I wanted to include! So, I was thinking about hiring a new editor to help me streamline the content. One day I meditated on the book and opened my eyes to see a beautiful hawk fly by my window and perch on my birdbath. hawkI took the hawk as a sign that a message was coming and to pay attention. The next day, I received an email from a very popular editor who I’d contacted over a year prior. She apologized profusely that she’d never gotten back to me, but said she had space to work with me now. Ordinarily I would have skipped over her email since it had been over a year, but with the hawk in the back of my mind I replied. We’re now working together, and her skills were exactly what I needed.

Animal messengers have also helped me give guidance to clients. For example, I was recently doing a reading with one client whose family had split up. She wasn’t sure whether to approach her father, and I wasn’t getting a clear answer. So, I prayed for a sign. Just as I looked up, I saw a whole family of quail outside my office window. Quail are some of my favorite birds, and I’d been trying to get them to come to our birdbath since we moved into this new home months ago. It was significant that they showed up the moment I asked for a sign. Quail represent family connectedness and renewed faith in family.


Pray for guidance about something you’re struggling with. Then pay attention to the living creatures around you, for they’re always communicating with you.

You’ll know they’re giving you a significant message because you’re senses will be amplified, just like I talked about in How to Tune Into Soul FM blog.

Pay close attention to what your intuition is telling you. I give you a guide to many of the most powerful sacred sign-bearers in Messages From Spirit, and you can do a bit of research into what the creature symbolizes. But, be sure to trust your first reaction as well!!

And, please share your experiences!


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