Intuition 101 : The Art of Finger Oracles, Part 1- Psychometry!


Updated: March 23, 2010

fingerLast week I was catching up with an old friend over coffee when the subject of finger oracles came up.  She’d been frustrated with the uncertainty in her life and wasn’t sure of her next steps. She’d been using oracle cards, but lately she felt her senses were overwhelmed and the cards she picked weren’t speaking to her. I suggested she start to focus more on her sense of psychic touch when doing readings and told her about two great divination tools to do just that. She agreed to try both tools. I was thrilled to get a call from her yesterday and to hear that she had amazing results. So, now I’m going to share them with you! (You can even pretend we’re chatting over coffee!)

First, let’s focus on psychometry. Though it sounds a bit like a math class you might have taken in high school, psychometry is a form of divination in which you use your sense of touch to get intuitive guidance. The term was first coined American physiology professor Joseph Buchanan in 1842. As an experiment, Buchanan placed various drugs in glass vials and had his students identify the drugs merely by holding the vials. Their success rate was more than by chance, and he theorized that objects have souls that record senses, history, and energy.

portrait with watchesYou may have seen some psychics and mediums use psychometry in their readings. For example, they may hold a watch to get guidance about the person who owns or owned it.  Through the watch, they can often pick up on that person’s energy and past, present, and future. If the person has passed on, some mediums can use the object to connect with that person on the Other Side.

Psychometry is also a great tool to use while doing oracle readings. Rather than just quickly pick cards, close your eyes and take some time to run your fingers over all the cards as you focus on your sense of touch. The go through the cards again. When you feel a subtle change in your sense of touch, draw the card you’re touching. Your fingers may feel warmer or cooler, or you may get a prickly feeling. Just pay attention for the change and use your intuition. My friend tried this and said she felt a slight heaviness when she touched the card she picked. When I use psychometry during oracle readings, I’ll feel a slight tingly feeling and a subtle shift in temperature. I always go for the one that has “heat”. I will also get into a state of detached receptivity. This is important to do as intention is good but being too insistent on getting a message actually prevents the “ click”.

You can also use psychometry to improve your readings for others. In addition to using it with oracle cards, you can borrow something from the person you’re reading. Close your eyes as you hold that object, and let your sense of touch guide you in the reading. Imagine that your fingers are like fine tv transmitters. Let the pictures and images, and feelings move through you, watch them and don’t censor what you see. You’ll be amazed at how accurate you can be!

Stay tuned—I’ll share the next finger oracle in another upcoming blog!


Let your sense of touch guide your intuition! Do your next oracle reading using psychometry. Or, use psychometry in your next reading for someone else. And, be sure to report back to share your experience with other readers!


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