Say Hello to Your Goblin: How to Let Go of Age-Old Blocks and Live Your Bliss!!


Updated: March 26, 2010

It’s been almost a week since I finished up my most recent Sedona Intensive weekend, and I’m still in awe of all the transformative work we did. I feel so blessed to be able to dig deep with such truly amazing participants. Even though I’m technically the leader, I’ve found that I learn something new from each new participant and group. We had breakthrough after breakthrough! And one of those breakthroughs was about our Goblins, those clever little creatures who LOVE to distract us from living an authentic and purposeful life.

“Goblin” is the name of the character I use to describe the negative chatter in our minds that keeps us addicted to being trapped inside our ego-centered “Me Bubble.” He lives inside all of us and whispers fear, anger, guilt, jealousy, shame, and all sorts of other negative, limiting emotions. Your wounded ego is the Goblin—the part of you that acts out from the beliefs of abandonment, self-denial, entitlement, arrogance, and self-hatred among other things. By keeping you focused on ego separation, he also breaks your connection to the Divine and, as a result, your intuition. I talk extensively about the Goblin in my first book Remembering the Future as well as in my seminars and intensives. He’s one powerful little creature we all have to keep in check, but always remember—you are not your Goblin’s feelings.

GoblinsOur Goblins tend to keep taking us to the same troublesome experiences—difficult relationships, financial difficulties, addictions, and so on. They’re largely born out of our own life experiences, but as we realized in last weekend’s intensive, you can also inherit some powerful Goblins. In other words, you may not have had a first-hand experience to create a Goblin, but your mother, father, or another significant person in your life may have inadvertently passed one to you. In fact, the Goblin may not have even originated with the person who passed it to you; it may have worked its way down your family tree.

I can think of one my own Goblins that I inherited. For example, since I can remember I’ve had to work through a real fear that I could lose everything. Paying a large bill used to freak me out for no reason, and I had a Chicken Little mentality that the sky was falling and something bad was bound to happen. So, I was hyper-vigilant for no reason—I’d never actually lost everything. But, my mother had and I believe her anxiety and expectation that Nazis could come through the door at any moment was very real for her and transferred to me. For her, this was a real concern because she did experience losing everything in World War II. (Ironically, her fear was realized again much later in her life when she and my father lost everything through an unfortunate business deal gone sour.)

So, if you’re wondering why you keep getting caught up with a Goblin that doesn’t relate directly to your experience, it’s quite possible he’s been hiding behind a doily and pile of heirlooms from another era altogether.


It’s time to make peace with your Goblin. Like an unruly, tired little kid, your Goblin really just needs a little bit of loving acknowledgment and then to be tucked in for a nap. When it’s asleep, you awaken your higher self and you find fewer blocks on your path to an authentic, purposeful, and happy life. So, take some time this week to put your Goblin to sleep with my Goblin exercise.

This exercise will also help you build a creative relationship with your Goblin. I encourage you to do it whenever you’re feeling Goblin thoughts like stress, fear, anger, guilt, envy, and so on. Every time you do it, you’ll be amazed at how much more authentic you feel!

And, if you find a Goblin thought popping up in your day, picture your Goblin and lovingly thank him or her for their input. You might even use a cute soothing voice as if you’re talking to a little kid. When you acknowledge your Goblin’s opinion, the chatter gets quieter.

Be sure to share your Goblin discoveries and insights with other readers! What’s your biggest Goblin and how have you worked through it? What does your Goblin look like?

And now for the exercise: watch this video


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