Intuition 101: Take an Intuitive Leap of Faith!!


Updated: March 29, 2010

womanTumblingInAirHow would your life change if you took more intuitive leaps of faith?

Maybe you’d like to make a career change, move to a new state or country, move forward with a relationship, or ask someone out on a date. Your intuition is telling you to have courage and go for it. Yet, your ego, Goblin, and even the people around you may be giving you a whole list of reasons why you shouldn’t make a change. Which guidance do you follow?

If you want to live a life of meaning and purpose, you need to go beyond the limits of how you’ve been taught to see the world and yourself. You need to have courage to reach out into the vast world around you and embrace the Divine energy that flows through you. Courage asks you to join your intellect and reason with intuition. It asks you to face your shadows and heal your wounds so that you can bring all of yourself into the light. (In my last blog Say Hello to Your Goblin: How to Let Go of Age-Old Blocks and Live Your Bliss!, I talked about our Goblins and wounded egos. So, if you didn’t do the Goblin exercise, now’s the time to have the courage to give it a try and quiet your ego mind.)

I’ve found that with each courageous step, my own life has become more rewarding and meaningful. In Remembering the Future, I talk a lot about courage and also share my own experience finding the courage to get sober and embrace my intuitive gifts. But, more recently, courage enabled my husband Marc and I to follow a series of signs and synchronicities to move from the bustling Canadian city of Toronto to Sedona, a tiny town nestled amongst towering red rock mountains in the high desert of northern Arizona. Our friends thought we were crazy to move to a completely new place. Though we were afraid and uncertain, we felt that we were being called to go there. So, we sold our home in Toronto, gave away much of our stuff, packed a small trailer, and drove five days to live in Sedona. We’ve now lived in Sedona for two years, and our lives have truly transformed for the better over that time. Living here has empowered us to grow, heal, and strengthen our connection with Spirit.

High JumpStepping out of your comfort zone can be scary and frustrating, but having the courage to do so puts you on your highest path and fortifies your connection with the Divine. In fact, you don’t even have to be comfortable with change. If you waited for all the fear to subside and all the what-ifs to become sure things, an entire lifetime would speed by before you found courage. You just have to have faith in your soul’s longing for meaning and trust that when you follow that guidance, Spirit protects you. In fact, when you have courage, Spirit often helps pave the way with synchronicities and signs.

In Remembering the Future, I share the following short story adapted from a poem by Christopher Logue in honor of Guillaume Apollinaire. It’s a beautiful expression of courage, and I’d like to invite you to print it out and put it somewhere to remind yourself that when you let Spirit push you, you’ll get wings.

the dancerHe said, “Come to the edge.”

I said, “I can’t; I’m afraid.”

He said, “Come to the edge.”

I said, “I can’t; I’ll fall off.”

He said, finally, “Come to the edge.”

And I came to the edge.

And he pushed me.

And I flew.


Take some time to journal this week about how courage has affected your life. When have you been courageous and acted on an intuitive hit? When have you ignored a call to take action? Is there an old wound that you’d like to have the courage to heal? What do you need to be courageous about right now?

Remember, if you let Spirit push you, you’ll get wings.

Be sure to share your experiences of courage. You never know who you might empower through your own personal story.


And here is the Courage meditation from my Remembering The Future meditation package. (To accompany my book Remembering the Future, I recorded a meditation for each key to recovering your intuition. For those of you who might want to buy it, visit this link).

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