Intuition 101: The Art of Finger Oracles, Part 2—Bibliomancy!


Updated: April 6, 2010

womanBookI’ve always believed that books are sacred; they open us to new ideas, spark our imaginations, and help us make changes in our lives. My own bookshelves are stacked with books I’ve collected over the years on everything from oracle spreads to business. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for certain books that have pushed me to new heights. Indeed, we all have favorites that have touched us in some way. But, did you know that books can also be used as a divination tool?

A few weeks ago in my blog Intuition 101: The Ancient Art of Finger Oracles, Part 1, I talked about psychometry, a form of divination in which you use your sense of touch. Today, I’d like to introduce you to another ancient finger oracle—bibliomancy.

alexander-greatBibliomancy is a form of divination in which you seek spiritual insight by randomly selecting a passage of a book. Bibliomancy has been in practice for over 3000 years and is sometimes used synonymously with the terms stichomancy (divination from lines) or rhapsodomancy (divination through a random passage of a poem).The Ancient Greeks often used Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey for guidance. In the middle ages, Virgil’s Aeneid was a popular choice. The I Ching and the Bible have also been used in a similar manner.

You don’t have to go get one of these sacred texts to practice bibliomancy. All that’s really required is a book that speaks to you at that moment. It could be a spiritual book, fiction, nonfiction, a guidebook, etc. You can use one you have at home or go to a bookstore or library and let your intuition guide you to a particular section and then a particular book. You may even want to close your eyes and run your fingertips along the spines on the shelves until you feel a subtle change in your sense of touch signal for you to pick that book.

Midsection of a woman reading bookOnce you’ve picked a book, take a moment to ground yourself and connect with Spirit. Take a few deep breaths, think of your question, and pray for Divine guidance. Then close your eyes as you hold the book on its spin and allow it to fall open. (You can also run your fingers along the pages and let them guide you to a page. There’s no right or wrong way.) Next, keeping your eyes closed, use your pointer finger to guide you intuitively to a place on the open page. Then open your eyes and read that word, sentence, or passage for guidance from Spirit.

After writing the above, I thought I’d ask Spirit for a message for all my readers this week. So, I went to my bookshelf and picked up the first book I looked at, which also happened to be my second book—Messages From Spirit. I prayed for guidance for all of us, closed my eyes, and followed the other steps I outlined above. Here are the two sentences my finger rested on:

This is the time to ritualize a relationship such as marriage, to legalize partnerships, or to study spiritual matters. It’s a sign to recognize that spirituality is the essence of all of Life.

These sentences are part of a section in the book in which I talk extensively about the 27 universal unfoldments. In this particular passage, I write about The Holy Bridge, which is about divine guidance and taking steps to reach your Truth. In this case, we’re being encouraged to recognize active ritual and symbolism that bridge matter and Spirit. How appropriate!


Ask for Divine guidance using bibliomancy this week! Use the steps I outlined above and tell us about your message.

Also remember that sometimes the guidance may not be obvious right away, but it will contain the right message for you. You may want to write it down and come back to it. Spirit also speaks through symbols. So, you may want to consider any symbols such as numbers or references to nature and animals within your passage. (If you’d like insight into particular symbols, there’s also a detailed chapter on sacred sign bearers and their meanings in Messages From Spirit.)

And please share your experiences with us, I’m sure we’d all love to hear how spirit helped you with bibliomancy.


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  • Divaksha

    Hi Colette,
    I met this guy when i was in high school, i was (and still am) his first love/girlfriend.we are now together for 4 years. After he finished off metric he moved to another city to further his studies, and soon after when i finished metric i moved to the same city to study with him so we wouldn’t have to do long distance. I went to 2 psychics, and both said i would not end up with him and that our relationship is “already over”. They said that i would need to be careful of who i marry as they see a divorce in the future. This has been playing on my mind ever since and has broken my heart. i cannot imagine a day without him. Whenever i talk to him about this he gets upset with me and says going for a reading was the biggest mistake as i am very emotional and sensitive. Is it possible that i have went to these readings so i would put more effort into my relationship and avoid future mistakes?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you gave away your power to a future that hasn’t happened yet. The real question is do you believe in the power to co-create your destiny? You should forget those readings and let nature take its course, or ask yourself if this relationship worth fighting for? What if the readings were true.. enjoy every minute you have now and wait and see. Your willingness to let them dictate your reality shows a lack of your own commitment to what you want and believe. That is something to think about.

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