Synchronicities, Take 2: What About Signs that Seem to Lead You to a Dead End?!


Updated: May 21, 2010

Synchronized swimmersA few weeks ago I wrote about synchronicities—those meaningful coincidences that your soul attracts into your life to help you grow and evolve. Thank you for all your amazing comments and stories about the Tap Into the Power of Synchronicity blog. I loved reading them! Many of you wrote that you were confused about how to interpret synchronicities. So, I thought I’d share my insight into a few of your examples so we can all further understand and take advantage of synchronistic events.

Let’s start with what happens when synchronicities seem to be leading you on one path, but then the outcome isn’t what it seems it was supposed to be? For example, Paula mentioned that she received all sorts of synchronicities pointing her towards a particular job, but didn’t end up getting the job in the end. Why would this happen?

Remember our soul attracts synchronicities to help us grow. Sometimes we’re meant to go through the experience in order to evolve, but not have the end result we expect. In fact, those very experiences often play a major role in preparing us for something better. Looking back on your life now, can you think of a time when something that didn’t work out played a key role in helping you grow into the person who had an even better job, relationship, opportunity, etc?

Rubber ballRelationships are another great example of this. Anne wrote me that she kept experiencing eerie coincidences with a particular guy. They went to kindergarten together, met eyes across the room at a school reunion, and then ran into each other 2 years later when they’d both randomly moved to the same small town on the other side of the country. With all the coincidences, it seemed destined. They started to date, but he was “the come here, go away” type you’ve probably heard me talk about on my radio show. At first, Anne thought the coincidences meant that he was “the one,” but now she can see that he was sent to her by Spirit as an ultimate wake up call. If she ever wanted a healthy relationship, she had to break this pattern of dating unhealthy men. Sometimes synchronicities happen to encourage you to take a look at yourself and old stories so you can move to a higher path.

Luke asked me about seeing the same car over and over. His ex drives a 1979 Buick LaSabre and now he sees the car everywhere. Does that mean she’s going to come back to him? I’ll bet we’ve all had times when we’ve met someone with a particular car we never noticed before only to then start seeing that car everywhere. Such synchronicities are usually just a sign of our limitless connection. Synchronicities are happening all the time. While some are like flashing signs directing you to on your path, others are mundane and help us keep aware.

How do you know which synchronicities to pay close attention to? Just like I’ve talked about with cledons, your sense will be heightened in a noticeably different way. It will feel like the truth amplified and in that moment you’ll just know. (For more extensive insight into this, please check out my book Messages From Spirit and The Cledon blog.)

Synchronicities call for you to trust your intuition and then let go. Spirit will reveal the answers to you in Divine appropriate timing.


puzzle2Make a list of the major synchronicities that have happened in your life. How did those events help you grow and become who you are today?

Think of times when the outcome was not what you expected. How did going through the experience help you on your path? Were there any red flags or intuitive hits that suggested you needed to step back and take a good look at a pattern or trigger?

Then think of times when the outcome was just what you expected. Did you experience an inner knowing? What helped you trust the synchronicity and move forward?

I’d also love for you to share some of these synchronistic experiences and new discoveries about them in the comment box so we can all learn from one another!

In love and service,

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  • Veronica Tallett

    I have been experiencing seeing the same two cars at the same time for a while now, and number plates, just don’t know what it means, the cars are not relavent to me.

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