Uranus, not just about Change!


Updated: May 30, 2010

uranusUnderstanding the influence of the first move by Uranus into a new sign since 2003 isn’t just a matter of discussing events. It’s about considering the difference between mere change and what Uranus signifies, which is innovation. If something you’ve been expecting or anticipated is on your mind, then that’s not Uranus. It’s a just a new version of the past – like repainting a room. Same room, just a different colour.

Uranus is about breakthroughs. In a house, you’d be breaking down the wall between the reception room and kitchen to make a new space – and that would lead to a new way of life. With the accompanying dust and disruption. And the discovery of new, and better, ways of doing things.

So when Uranus’ move into a new sign means things get a bit chaotic in the world, in the lives of others and in your own life, recognise these events not as an annoying disruption but as leading to something that, quite simply, you have never before experienced.

Every sign responds to a cycle of this nature, and the accompanying events, differently. Some welcome them instinctively, others worry, yet others regard them as a nuisance. The reaction can range from excitement to anger at that old and reassuring elements of life are being swept away. There notes for each sign below.

Bear in mind also that with the planet of growth and opportunity, Jupiter, joining Uranus on Sunday the 6th, some of what’s on its way out now could be replaced by yet more unexpected developments – but this time in the form of amazing new ideas or offers. And with these two planets in close proximity for three months, there’ll be lots to choose from, and plenty of time to explore these.

While this won’t be the calmest or easiest period of your life, when you look back on it you’ll recognise it has having been the turning point you were waiting for – the moment when you left restrictive elements of the past behind and embraced a future that, when those events first arose – you wouldn’t have believed possible.

Aries: With both Uranus and Jupiter in your sign, events may be disruptive. But you’ve the courage to deal with them, and also rather enjoy the challenge.

Taurus: Initially, you mistake developments as problems to be resolved. Once you realise they’re about breakthroughs, you’re far more relaxed and optimistic.

Gemini: You thrive on anything new and exciting, so you’re intrigued at first. Then, until you recognise how things will come together, could get a bit grumpy about changes in your own life.

Cancer: The challenge is recognising that you’re stepping into the future. Efforts to stick with the familiar and reassuring only hamper progress. The solution: take chances.

Leo: You’re both impatient and loathe change. So your initial reaction to being “forced” to alter elements of your life is unlikely to be positive. Looking back, you’ll wonder why you caused such a fuss.

Virgo: Try to analyse what’s coming and you’ll only exhaust yourself. Regard this as a voyage of discovery and you’ll enjoy what each day’s events bring your way.

Libra: Being an air sign you’ll try to anticipate the impact of events on your own life and on others. Which only confuses things. The answer is to go with the flow.

Scorpio: You must, quite simply, let go. Instead, trust your instincts and you’ll recognise even seriously unsettling shake-ups as the end of the old and beginning of something new and better.

Sagittarius: In many ways this is what you’ve been waiting for, although developments may be more far-reaching than you’d anticipated.

Capricorn: Recognise that events could mean acquiring new skills or broadening your horizons and you’ll exchange anxieties about the unknown for the joy of learning.

Aquarius: You’d prefer to observe the impact of events in others’ lives, then decide which you’ll embrace. But it doesn’t work that way. Certain developments will arrive, custom- designed for you.

Pisces: When you’re in your adaptable mode, you’ll simply know why some things must end while other rather disruptive events are vital. Allow yourself to get caught up in others’ dramas, however, and you’ll lose that clarity.

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