You Are What You Eat: My Tips for Making Conscious Food Choices!


Updated: June 25, 2010

Super Chicken“You are what you eat,” is a popular truth you’ve probably heard before. I remember first hearing this phrase as a little girl and thinking that I’d sure love to be chocolate chip cookies. After all, everyone loves cookies, right? Over the years, however, I’ve become increasingly aware of how our food choices impact not only our health, but also our spiritual well-being, intuition, and the entire planet.

I got such great feedback on my last blog on Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, I wanted to expand on the topic of food and share insight into the importance of conscious eating.

Each day, we all make seemingly simple decisions about what foods to eat. What to have for breakfast? Do I make a quick stop to get a bacon and egg sandwich on the way to work… even though I don’t know how the food got to me? Or, do I take a moment to look at the greater picture and think not only about what’s good for me but also the foods that are best for the world?

healthyFoodConscious eating is about remaining awake and aware of how food gets to your plate and then choosing what you eat according to your values. Many of us naturally think of food as just impacting our own bodies, but our choices at the kitchen table actually reverberate across the planet. As I talk about in both Messages From Spirit and Remembering the Future, Divine energy flows through you as well as every other living being in the world. All the living creatures on the planet are connected. Yes, that means you’re connected with the chickens, cows, plants, and so on. So when we nurture our relationship with nature through conscious eating, we open ourselves up to that energy and are more in tune with our intuitive awareness.

If you listen to my radio show on, you may have heard me talk about my own journey to becoming a conscious eater. For years, I turned a blind eye when it came to my own food choices. When I really started to educate myself about what I was eating, I made some major changes in my diet. I now only eat and use products that are cruelty free. As I read more on the abuse of animals, I realized that I could no longer eat meat and became a vegetarian. I also began a ritual of expressing gratitude before each meal and now make a point to be present and conscious when I eat. (No more meals in front of the T.V.!) Since I’ve become conscious of my food choices, I’ve noticed tons of positive changes. In addition to losing weight, I’ve felt healthier and far more energetic. My intuition has also been clearer, and I’ve felt more connected to the world around me.

PBRecently I was a speaker at a conference called Idea City in Toronto. There were over 67 female speaker over the course of 3 days talking about various subjects. One of them was Tracey Worcester who had made this very telling film on factory farming call PIG BUSINESS. It’s not an anti-meat campaign, but rather a film to help educate us on better choices when it comes to eating meat. This really spoke to the ethical and humane treatment of animals bread for our food consumption, and to bring awareness to the choice of a cruelty-free diet. So if you’re a meat eater, please have a look at PIG BUSINESS.


Here are some of my own tips for eating more consciously.

•    Educate yourself about where your food is coming from and commit to making choices that honor your values and the world around you. Do research on the foods you regularly buy and focus on eating a cruelty-free diet. As I mentioned, I became a vegetarian because it was more in line with my values. But, I’m not saying we all need to become vegetarians. You might decide to only eat meat from animals that have been raised in a humane environment.
•    Live consciously. Remember that each choice you make has impact beyond you. Before you eat something, ask yourself if it honors your values. Use your intuition!
•    Be present when you eat. We live in a world of eating on the run, fast food, and dinner in front of the TV. Make a commitment to slow down when you eat. Take time to prepare your food and truly savor it.
•    Practice gratitude for your food. Be grateful for the animal or plant that is providing you sustenance. Here’s a grace I like to say before eating: Thank you , I honor your gift, I honor your life force as I take it to feed my own. We are one. I am grateful and humbled by your sacrifice. Make up your own variation. It will be more personal then.
•    Take a consciousness day.

I encourage you to start incorporating these into your life. Remember, when you eat consciously, you honor both yourself and the world around you.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts and tips on conscious eating. How have you become more aware of what you eat? And, what impact have those choices had on your life?

In service and love,

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