The Hungry Ghosts: Give Up Yearning… Endless Abundance is Yours!!


Updated: July 2, 2010

penniesHave you noticed thoughts of lack, scarcity, and envy frequently running through your mind? Are you focused on what you want for the future to the point that there doesn’t seem to be much greatness in your present? Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you’re “less than” because you don’t have the life you think you should? Is an old flame, regret, or wound living rent-free in your head?

If you’ve found yourself caught up in this kind of thinking and longing, it’s a clear sign you’re mind has been hijacked by the Hungry Ghosts. While this kind of haunting sounds intense, there’s no need to call on any Ghostbusters. Just take a deep breath and I’ll show you how to free yourself from their power so you can see the true perfection in your life right now.

Each day on my Facebook Fan page, I do an oracle card reading for everyone from my Wisdom of the Hidden Realms cards or Wisdom of Avalon deck and share my insight on what to keep in mind for your day. Many of you have asked more thoughts on the meaning of each card. So, I decided to do a series of longer card readings through this blog so I can share more guidance and additional insight to help you on your path. This morning as I prepared to write this blog entry, I prayed to Spirit to guide us in our highest good as we go about the next week. And, Spirit’s message: The Hungry Ghosts, which represent obsessions, scarcity consciousness, and attachment.

HungryGhostWhen you read about the Hungry Ghosts in the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms guidebook, you’ll see that they are alerting you of obsessive thinking and over-focus on the past or a longing to know the future. For example, many of us have become stuck longing for an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to come back and profess their undying love. Or, we mistake infatuation, which is really a form yearning, for love. Many of us have also become so attached to the future and focused on planning, visualizing, or seeing psychic after psychic that we no longer see an ounce of joy in our lives today. I even wrote about my own recent experience with attachment in my The Power of Present Living blog.

As I looked at the airy ghosts on the oracle card, I intuitively sensed that Spirit is also asking us to further examine the concept of love in our lives. My recent Intuition 101: What’s Love Got to Do with It? blog focused on the importance of unconditional love when it comes to both intuition and the state of our world. Now, Spirit is guiding us to think about obsessive thinking when it comes to our relationships. Are you longing to make someone love you? Are you trying to control the outcome of a relationship? Do you worry there aren’t any good men or women left? Are you still analyzing a date you had two weeks ago and wondering if you said the right thing so that he’ll call you?

yearningWhen we become focused on making someone love us, we’re always affirming we don’t have enough and won’t get enough. The more we obsess over wanting, scarcity, and yearning, the more we get an experience of lack. It’s like saying to the Universe: “Dear Spirit. I’m putting my energy into focusing on scarcity, yearning, and not having. I trust this will be my experience and am so prepared for it, that I’d like you to give me more of the same!”

Would you really choose to say such rubbish to the Universe?

Ultimately, when these ghosts secretly creep into our minds, they rob us of happiness, peace, and power in the present. And, the present is really where the all the power is.

I want you to know that abundance is your birthright. The world full of infinite greatness and you are deserving of it. There’s not only enough to go around, there’s endless abundance. Nothing is missing for you. The Universe is full of amazing possibilities and actually wants to support your highest good. You just need to surrender all those longings, yearnings, and attachments and trust in the abundance and generosity of Spirit.


What are you overly attached to? Take some time to write in your journal about your attachments and the impact they are having on your life. Do you have any hidden beliefs that keep inviting the Hungry Ghosts? What will it take for you to let go and trust? Remember to use you intuition!

After you’ve finished journaling, meditate on having. How does it feel to know that you have all you need? What are you thankful for? Does Spirit have any messages for you? Write it down.

Here’s a short affirmation meditation you can do.

In service and love,


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  • Arlin D. Lockward

    What does The Hungry Ghosts card mean it if appears upside down?

  • Hara

    Dear Colette, This extra analysis is so much needed! Your wonderful decks hide all deep meaning. They are extremely accurate but sometimes mysterious. My request and suggestion also is that i have never seen (no matter how much i have searched your site or other sites) analysis in the meaning of your reversed cards too. Even inyour facebook page, your site here it is always about upside cards.
    Will you please give us more interpretation to the meaning of the reversed cards too?
    Thank you for the fantastic accurate wisdom exist in your cards!!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      in fact.. I have many videos about reversals if you are on my newsletter list you will get an invitation to the free 3 part video course early September .. a whole lesson is on this

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