Own Your Intuitive Power: Stop Living According to Others’ Rules!!


Updated: August 2, 2010

womanRefereeAre the roles you play, playing with your life? Do you ever give your power away to others by trusting their opinions over yours? Are you living a life of “shoulds” rather than following your heart and intuition?

While in Los Angeles for meetings this past week, I decided to browse around a few shops during some free time. As I was admiring some tunics in one store, I overheard a conversation between two women—let’s nickname them Suzy and Carol. Suzy was saying that she recently talked with her ex-boyfriend for the first time in months and they were thinking about getting back together. She asked Carol what she should do. Carol told Suzy that they absolutely shouldn’t get back together and people can’t change that much. Though visibly disappointed, Suzy started to agree with Carol even though it was clear to me that she intuitively knew Carol wasn’t right.

Now, don’t worry, I wasn’t eavesdropping! They were standing right next to me. Though I wanted to speak up and tell Suzy to follow her intuition, it just didn’t seem appropriate. I try to stick to a policy of not sharing insight with people unless they ask or it’s a life or death situation. But, I think they’ve unknowingly delivered a powerful message to all of us.

Have you ever had a similar experience of ignoring your intuition in favor of someone else’s opinions or what you think you should be doing? I think we all have. We live in a world that continuously pulls us outside of ourselves. Between our relationships, responsibilities, media, and even cultural norms, our vision seems to be constantly turned outward. Most of us also long to be liked, included, and accepted, which is only human. But, the more we look outside of ourselves for answers, the more we begin to get off course in our lives. The muck covers our eyes and we lose sight of our intuitive voice, which is constantly trying to show us who we really are and what’s in our highest good.

If you feel stuck or discontent, or that your life lacks purpose, I invite you to consider that what’s missing from your life could be actually be YOU. The great news is that you can always make a choice to step into your POWER and follow your inner voice. When you do make this choice, even in smaller ways, the pay-off is truly profound. One of the things I love about working with clients is that I get to witness their lives unfold year after year. In addition to giving them guidance in readings, I really make a point to empower people to get clear about who they are and follow their intuition. Many times in an initial reading, I’ll “meet” someone who is really stuck and unhappy and then talk with someone who has completely transformed his or her life by the time they come to me for a second reading six months or a year later.

Super businesswomanWhen you step into your true power, you shine from the inside out. You connect with the All That Is and trust that when you follow your intuition, life unfolds in your highest good. You rise above judgments and stop beating yourself up. And you know that you are loved as who you really are.

Remember, we all have this intuitive power within us to completely revamp our lives and share our authentic gifts with the world.


Get to reacquainted with your authentic self!: Journaling is  a great way to do reestablish a relationship with yourself. Spend some time each day this week writing in your journal about your dreams, secrets, fears, and past. Don’t edit yourself. Lists are also good. Make a list of all of your special qualities, your dreams, and so on. Another step to take to tap into your true power is to try something you’ve always wanted to do, whether taking a yoga class or painting.

Put your Goblin to sleep: I talk quite a bit about our wounded egos in Remembering the Future as well as previous blogs. Each of us has this Goblin that longs for approval, focuses on judgment, and prevents us from stepping into our power. To put your Goblin to sleep, I encourage you to revisit the meditation video in my Say Goodbye to Your Goblin blog.

Open yourself to your intuition and Spirit: Here’s an exercise to help you connect with your intuition when it comes to making decisions. Get a coin and assign the two aspects of your decision to a side of the coin. For example, in Suzy’s case heads could have represented getting back together with her ex and tales could have indicated she shouldn’t. Then get quiet, close your eyes, and flip the coin. Open your eyes and look at the coin. What is your intuitive response to the coin’s answer? Of course, this isn’t about doing what the coin tells you to. It’s about connected with your intuition as your look at the coin.

I talk quite a bit about connecting with your intuition and Spirit in my books, Remembering the Future and Messages From Spirit, as well as almost all of my blogs. So, feel free to check them out for more exercises!

In service and love,


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