Intuitive Success: Authentic Ambition and Loving the Process!!


Updated: August 13, 2010

GirlSingerI once longed to be a recording artist. Growing up, I’d picture myself traveling the world to perform for cheering fan. I’d imagine hearing my music on the radio and having people stop me for autographs. I’d even picture what I’d be wearing on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine! Okay, you may be giggling a bit, but it’s true! I was very ambitious to be a singer. There was just one big problem: I’m usually in bed by 9 p.m. Most concerts don’t even start until then, and even just the idea of staying out that “late” has always made me feel completely out of whack. Despite this red flag and my intuitive knowing that the life of a recording artist wasn’t right for me, I kept striving to make this dream happen. All the while, Spirit was practically sending billboards telling me that I should pursue work as an intuitive counselor. Thank goodness I finally listened!

Have you ever had a similar experience of neglecting your intuition in favor of your ambition? Is what you want right for you and the world? Are you willing to do what it takes?

The impulse to strive for what we want to achieve is as strong as the will to survive. I’ve always believed that we all can do anything we set our minds to, but so many of us get stuck and confused when it comes to moving forward with our goals. Lately while doing readings with clients, I’ve noticed a common theme—confused ambition. So many of you have asked me what you should be doing with your life or whether the new business idea you have will take off. So, I thought it was time to talk about ambition and right livelihood.

We live in a busy world that peddles the idea that everyone has to be an overnight sensation or instant success. We’re programmed to look for shortcuts and assume that if our goals don’t come to fruition quickly, they aren’t worth our time. We want it all NOW! Yet, when we have such a constant craving for the end result, we become disconnected with the present—where all of our power is. You’ve probably heard the expression that life is more about the journey than the destination. If we focus more on the destination, we lose touch with our intuition and the Divine and fail to see what’s being presented on our path to lead us to our highest good. We also often end up feeling unhappy and frustrated. Right livelihood starts with loving the process more than you want something.

So, if you could do anything, what would you want to achieve? Many of us aren’t completely sure how to answer this. In some cases, we were brought up thinking we “should” attain certain goals and we lose touch with our true desires. When you think about what you want to achieve, I’d like to encourage you to let go of the “shoulds” and think more about how you can be of service to the world. What skills and gifts can you give to others? And what are ways you can give them? Remember, Spirit is always trying to get your attention, sending you messages about what innate gifts you have to bring to the world.

businessWomanIt’s also important to look at the emotions behind our ambitions. Oftentimes, we long for the feeling behind a goal just as much (or more) than the goal itself. For example, a person might long to become a doctor because she unconsciously believes that it would make people respect her. Other underlying longings might be fame, money, success, love, acceptance, and so on. When you’re aware of that underlying emotion, you can let go of any desperation about the process becomes less desperate and find ways to nurture those feelings now.

Lastly, our lives aren’t meant to be a linear process. Even when our ambitions are authentic, we’re all going to experience ups and downs. We must take action towards our goals while we also leave the ultimate outcome up to the Divine. We need to live and learn in the now and trust in the future.


What are your gifts: Make a list of all the gifts you have to bring to the world. What are your talents and best attributes? What do people often compliment about you?

Then, ask yourself how you can use those gifts to be of service? What are some ways you can help others and the world?

Get clear about your ambitions? Make a list of all that goals you want to attain in your life. What will your life be like if you attain those goals? Paint a picture. Then, look over them and list the feelings that you want to get from attaining each goal. What are some ways you can start to experience those feelings even if you haven’t yet achieved the goals?

Then, look over each goal and ask yourself whether you’re really committed to it. Are you willing to do what it takes and make sacrifices?

And, I’d love to read about your own experiences with ambition and the process of success. Please post a comment!

In service and love,


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