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Updated: September 10, 2010

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAre you struggling with a problem or a decision and at your wit’s end about what to do? Do you feel that you’re at a crossroads, but don’t know which path to take? Would you like insight into all areas of your life, from health and love to career and finances? Do you keep going to friend after friend, or even psychic after psychic, for advice?

Well, have no fear, the oracle card queen is here! And today I’m going to teach you how to use oracle cards to get profound guidance into whatever is happening for you now.

Since I first started using divination cards in my personal life and in my professional readings with clients, I’ve been devoted to finding the best ways to glean insight from the Divine through them. I’ve now been using and studying oracle cards for eons and think I can easily call myself an expert, although one that is always learning too. I’ve even created two popular oracle card decks, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and The Wisdom of Avalon, and am now working on my third deck, The Enchanted Map Oracle (being released this spring).

Like all divination tools, oracle cards have a sacred purpose to help you connect to the vast flow of Divine synchronicity. When you choose certain cards, they’ll reflect the state of your present, certain patterns and issues from your past that continue to influence your experience, and future potentials. Oracle cards act as a mirror, beckoning you to dig deeper into yourself and your experience. They are a system of metaphors that are archetypal to the broader human experience. In other words, when you touch an oracle deck, you connect with the All That Is and the potentiality in the collective.

Oracle cards are best used for sacred guidance to assist you in making choices that are in your highest good. They are not best used for fortune telling or for yes or no questions. Rather, they’re designed to help you as you seek to understand yourself and your purpose. In life, we’re all going to face certain experiences and challenges we need in order for our soul’s to grow. Oracle cards can act as helpers, illuminating your path as you go and helping you make choices in your highest good. You still need to be present and take responsibility for shaping your experience.

I could keep going on about the intricacies of using oracle cards, but then we’ll be here all day. Plus, nothing beats hands-on experience. So today I thought it would be fun to teach you how to do a 12-House Reading so you can connect with Spirit and receive guidance into all areas of your life. This unique 12-card reading links the wisdom of the Divine with the 12 symbolic houses of astrology. Through it, you’ll get insight into each major area of your life. So, grab your oracle deck and let’s get going.

Exercise: Do your own 12-House Reading!

Ritual is important when it comes to doing oracle readings. Oracle cards are sacred and should be treated with reverence. So, make sure you have some time away from interruptions as you do your reading.

Before you start any reading, you must empty your mind. You must let go of any desires for certain outcomes and surrender to the All That Is, trusting that Spirit will give you the guidance that’s in your highest good. I highly recommend meditating before you begin.

After your mind is clear and you’re completely at peace, hold your cards. Close your eyes as you feel them in your hands and connect with Spirit. Say a prayer to Spirit and to bless the reading. Here’s an example of what you might say:

Dear Spirit, I invoke your power of love and discernment as I use these cards to guide me along my path and for the manifestation of my true purpose for the greatest good. Please show me what is best and true for myself and others. Blessed be. Amen.

Now, shuffle the cards as you focus on your life and experience. Cut the deck into three piles; then put the back together or fan the cards out in front of you.

This spread forms a circle of 12 positions, each of which relates to a house of astrology and an area of your life.  You’ll begin by putting the first card on the left and then moving counter-clockwise. As you go about the reading, I encourage you to bless each position.

With your dominant writing hand, let your intuition guide you to choose the first card. Put it face down on your left. Take your time as you continue through all 12 positions.

Below are the 12 positions and what they each symbolize in your spread. As you turn over each card, think of how it relates to that area of your life. In addition to consulting the guidebook that accompanied your deck for insight, use your intuition and imagination as you look at each card. Write down your thoughts for each area as you go along.

  1. The Self: personality, environment, how others see you (Aries).
  2. Finances: self-worth, resources (self esteem, value systems, attitude to security, as well as possessions). Resources in terms of security, money, mental attitude or spiritual support. (Taurus).
  3. Travel and Communication: local travel, relatives, speculation, logic, mental powers. Information coming. No surprises. (Gemini).
  4. Home Life: siblings, family, parents, environment, old age, the physical body, the end of an issue. (Cancer).
  5. Creativity, Passion, and Love: creative expression, children, sports, romance, pregnancy, artistic pursuits, .love affairs, self expression (Leo).
  6. Work and Health: emotional and physical health, employment, service, domestic routine, diet, breaking habits, duty. (Virgo).
  7. Partnerships and Marriage: professional and personal partnerships, legal matters (Libra).
  8. Inheritance, Death, and Sex: endings and beginnings, joint finances, legalities, sex, legacies, transformation, beginnings or endings. (Scorpio).
  9. Travel, Education, and Spiritual Connections: dreams, travel and long distance journeys, higher education, religion, law, philosophy, social institutions, long journeys. (Sagittarius).
  10. Career, Public Image, Ambitions: profession, reputation, how your community sees you (Capricorn).
  11. Friends, Hopes, and Goals: wishes, fears, aspirations, love received, friends, humanitarian efforts (Aquarius).
  12. Fears and Hidden Burdens: restrictions, secret fears, enemies, dangers, subconscious mind, inhibitions, hidden things. (Pisces).

After you’ve finished, please share what you learned with us! And if you’d like to learn more about doing oracle card readings, I talk about all the intricacies in my Daily Oracle Card Reading Course – which is only $97 for 3 lessons and over 30 videos complete with example readings.

In service and love,


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  • Shaheen

    Hello Colette,

    Above it says, “if you’d like to learn more about doing oracle card readings, I talk about all the intricacies in my Daily Oracle Card Reading Course – which is only $7 for 3 lessons and over 30 videos complete with example readings.” But when you click the link it is $97… just wondering if that is a typo, or if there is another “mini” course that is being offered? Just curious.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      OH MY that is a typo .. and it is 97 dollars for that class….and just so you know that class is an evergreen class which is why it is so inexpensive at 97 dollars. We created it 6 years ago and thousands of people have taken it ( it really is my most popular class). This year we will be launching a membership site in the fall also with Oracle School that begins in the spring and again in the fall so there will be lots of different ways to learn with me! Thank you so much for pointing this out. xooxoxoxo

  • AstrologyQueenB

    Thank you Colette. I just did this reading and every single card had a message that resonated and I needed to hear. Blessings to you.

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