Gaia’s Garden: Honoring the Seasons and Cycles of Life!


Updated: October 8, 2010

GaiaIs your energy shifting with the shorter daylight hours? Do you notice your moods change along with the leaves? With the arrival of autumn, many of us have started to feel changes within ourselves and our lives.

You may have read about my recent trip to the Earthfire Institute in Driggs, Idaho in the newsletter we just sent out. A wildlife sanctuary and aspiring retreat destination, Earthfire is home to rescued wildlife who aren’t capable of living in the wild. I had the chance to meet and interact with these incredible individuals—imagine feeding a coyote, grizzly bear, or fox! The trip made me think about our interconnectedness and greater relationship to the world, especially with the seasons and cycle of life.

In Messages From Spirit, I talk in detail about the 27 Universal Unfoldments that are essential to all of human experience from birth to death. These are truths of the world that have been collected by Spirit for all of humankind since the beginning of time. As markers of our prime influences at different stages of life, they help illuminate our personal and collective paths. One of these Universal Unfoldments is Gaia’s Garden, which signifies your connection with the natural world. You are earth and made of its essence, as is everything that exists on our planet. When you understand your relationship with this unfoldment, you know your responsibility to Earth and every living thing on it. I’ve talked often about this importance of reverence, for when you respect and honor the world around you, you’re also respecting and honoring yourself and your connection with Spirit.

FallHarvestHere in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re now full swing into autumn, a time of fruitfulness and change. For our ancestors, this season was known as the Harvest; the fruits, vegetables, and grains that they’d planted and cared for in the summer months were now finally ready to be gathered to sustain them over the cold winter months. It was a time of mixed emotions, for as they celebrated the harvest, the difficulties of winter were also imminent. Even today, many of us pick up on these mixed emotions of autumn. As we put away our tank tops and get out our woolens, the warmth and possibilities of summer are replaced with the chilliness and decay of winter. Our lives, just as the seasons, have a natural rhythm that obeys higher law. Birth, growth, harvest, and decay are all part of this cycle. When we understand and honor this natural flow in our lives, we tap into the interconnected power of our world and the Divine.


Do something this week to connect with nature. For example, take a walk, sit outside and breath in the air, take some photos at a local park, or put up a bird feeder.

What one step can you take this week to cultivate more reverence with our living earth?  Perhaps you can cut back on watering your lawn every night or stop using pesticides. Or, maybe get reusable grocery bags or spend an hour picking up litter. Use your intuition and then take that step!

And, lastly, spend some time meditating or journaling about the seasons of your life. How can you better honor these natural, never-ending rhythms?

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