The Outer Oracle: The Best Intuitive Exercise to Use When You’re Stuck in Your Head!


Updated: October 11, 2010

smellingFlowerOver the last week, I’ve been grappling with a tough decision about putting together a new event. On the one hand, I wanted to move forward with it. But, I also had a nagging feeling that something was off. The more I weighed the pros and cons, the more confused and scattered I became. To make matters worse, I had to have dental surgery and ended up having to stay in bed for a few days, which just gave me more time to weigh the options. I pretty much drove myself into a tizzy!

So after breakfast today I went outside to clear my head and get centered after a tough week. As I wandered around our backyard, I decided to tap into my intuition by observing my surroundings. I prayed for a sign and then opened my eyes to see a group of ants rushing about in the dirt near my feet. As I peered down for a closer look, I noticed an interesting pattern among the ants. They seemed to be trying to build a new colony. Yet, it didn’t appear to be going well! Most of the ants were all over the place, scattered about in several directions and seeming like they were in a tizzy. But, some of the ants were organized in a straight line. Those ants continued to go about their work trying to build the new nest, even with all the frantic energy around them. It was quite something to observe!

As I watched all this, I felt my senses heighten and knew intuitively that the right decision was for me to pass on teaching the event. Ants represent productivity, patience, and teamwork. If I continued to scatter my energy in multiple directions like the disorganized ants, it wouldn’t be in my highest good or in the highest good of those around me. If the disorganized ants had their way, the whole colony would end up homeless! But, by streamlining my focus and moving in a more orderly direction, I’d be able to reach my goals. So, I went inside and made a phone call to turn down the event opportunity.

antsYour intuition—and Spirit—are always trying to guide you, even through what you notice in seemingly “everyday” situations and surroundings. I especially like this technique of looking to your outer environment to enhance your intuition because it requires you to step outside of your head. In other words, it instantly takes you out of the “Me Bubble” and quiets your ego’s opinions, thus clearing the channel to Divine guidance. So this week I thought it would be fun for all of us to try this intuitive outer oracle exercise and share our discoveries with one another.


Think of a question or problem you’d like insight into. Then, pick a place to go to. It could be anywhere—a park, a grocery store, a bookstore, your bedroom, your backyard, etc. Go to the first location that pops into your mind and bring a journal with you.

Once you get to your environment, spend about 10 minutes centering yourself. Get quiet and focus on your breath. Then, close your eyes as you think of your question or problem and pray for guidance.

Open your eyes and notice your senses. What is the first thing you see? What do you feel, hear, taste, or smell? Describe what you notice as you experience your surroundings.

Ask yourself what your intuition and Spirit are telling you. If you draw a blank, keep asking yourself until you get an answer. Even if your answer doesn’t make sense right now, write it down. Give yourself about 10 minutes to fully take in your surroundings.

Then, read over what you’ve written. What is your message? Trust your intuition first. And then you can always look at the sign and symbol dictionary in my book, Messages From Spirit, for more insight.

And, then share your reading experience with us!

In service and love,


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