The Map: Find the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life!!


Updated: December 23, 2010

lostWomanDo you feel lost, disoriented, or stuck? Are you trying to overcome a hardship or wondering about your next steps in life? Ever feel like you’re at the mercy of a seemingly big bad wolf called life?

Imagine for a moment that you were born with a magical map that could guide you through your life. Unlike a typical flat road map that doesn’t change when you look at it, your map is multidimensional, unique to your soul, and—here’s the best part—you can interact with it. Your “life map” is filled with all the landscapes of all the places you’re likely to experience in your life—it shows the mountains you’ve climbed, the resting places you’ve stopped, and the battlefields you’ve trudged through as well as the probable landscapes you may visit in the future. At any point along your path, you can use your map to re-orient yourself, find your way when you’re lost, chart a new course, or point your way home. Wouldn’t you want such a powerful map? Doesn’t it sound like the greatest invention of our time?! Guess what? You already have this enchanted map at your full disposal within you. And, in my newest book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life (0rder below), which is set to be released on January 15, I teach you how to tap into the power of your map to shape your destiny and co-create a life of purpose and magic.

When I first began doing readings some 22 years ago, I quickly realized that our lives aren’t linear experiences of separate events. Rather than focus solely on the events my clients had experienced or would experience in the future, it was much more helpful for them to also envision a map of their lives. When I showed my clients the unseen connecting elements of where they had been, where they were, and where they were heading, they gained a deeper understanding of themselves and their story and were more empowered to make better decisions. My gift as a psychic allows me to see the events, places, and people in your life, but as an intuitive counselor I also look into the intricacies of your life—the unseen patterns, hidden motivations, and family legacies that make up your map—and show you how you can create a life of more meaning and magic with this new understanding. I’ve now read for over 33,000 people across the world using this process and am always amazed and touched by the “aha” moments that come up for my clients during readings. I’ve also used the map-making process to navigate my way through my own story and thus become the change that in turn changed my life experience. So, I thought it was about time to hand you the magic wand in the form of my new book so you can also re-claim your power to direct your life!

If I were to ask, “Where are you?” you might instinctively reply that you’re “Lost,” or “Stuck in the mud,” or “Climbing a steep mountain of challenges.” These images are far more significant than figures of speech; they depict the intensity of our experience and the profound connection between our internal world and our outer environment. Inside all of us are psychological landscapes created by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. When you become conscious of your inner landscape, you have the power to shape your experience by shifting the landscape within.

TheMapCoverAs I’ve often said, change happens from within. Rather than directly experience our true realities, most of us get stuck by instead reacting to our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about our current circumstances. To paraphrase the brilliant wisdom of Gandhi -If you want your outside to change, you need to go within and become the change you want to see in the world. By using the symbolic metaphor of a map, we’re able to step out of the confines of our left brain thinking and bypass our tendency to react to our experiences. In turn, we step into a place of authentic power where we can easily access our intuition, generate creative solutions for moving forward, and co-create in partnership with Spirit. We reconnect with the All That Is—the energy that flows through us and all living things. We see our experiences as part of something greater and meaningful and tap into the wisdom to make more empowered choices.

As you work with your Map, you’ll need to get to know your inner allies and challenges. Through visualizations and journal exercises, you’ll confront aspects of yourself that may be painful or scary to acknowledge. Yes, I’m talking about that shadow part of ourselves that we all love to hate—the Goblin. You’ll also meet powerful allies such as the Bone Collector, who supports you in claiming what is rightly yours, and the Gentle Gardener, who helps you grow all that you desire. Armed with greater awareness, you’ll begin to see that you’re on a hero’s journey of discovery and that magic and synchronicity is always afoot in your life. You’ll also see how your map intersects with others and learn how to transform your relationships and be of greater service to the world.

Can you tell how excited I am about this book?! Over the next few months, I’m going to do a series of blogs on concepts in the book. This first exercise will help you connect with a place of peace and happiness on your Map.


Pick a time in your life when you felt peaceful and happy. Then in your journal, describe the experience of your feelings as if you’re visiting an environment.

Here’s an example:

Christmas Day at age 8

The snow is falling softly all around me, touching the tip of my nose. As the wind sings, I happily skip to a nearby open pasture, my feet crunching on the wet snow. I arrive to the most beautiful land—a field with snow angels spread for miles and daisies poking up through the snow, too excited to wait for the spring weather. The angels sparkle with rainbow glitter from the shining sun above. As I dance around the angels, I know that all is well.

Now with this powerful place marked on your Map, you can return to it any time. Regardless of what might be happening in your life, all you have to do it close your eyes and picture this place and you’ll reconnect with that peace and happiness and infuse those feelings in your present.

In service and love,



P.S. The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life is available for pre-order now!








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