2011 – A Year of Balance and Manifestation Happy New Year!!


Updated: January 3, 2011

2011It is a fascinating New Year’s Day – 1.1.2011 which can also be written as 1.1.11.

Both 2011 and 1.1.11 reduce to 4. This combination signifies a potent power to Manifest ALL.

The 1.1.11 frequency today signifies a tremendously strong New Beginnings energy.

Walk through the gateway of Truth – into the unknown. 11, symbolizing a gateway, carries a palpable electrical charge that ignites and inspires.

In 2011 your Mind is going to assimilate more than you could have ever imagined. The plans you envision will ground much faster than before. Write down your goals for 2011. Nurture them with the double creativity that 11 is providing you this year.

2011, a 4 Universal Year, is about laying down physical and spiritual roots.

This means that ALL your thoughts will take root with a speed that will surprise you with its electrical intensity. You will see how powerful your mind – and all group minds – really are.

You will create whatever you envision. So watch your thoughts. Watch external influences closely too, as they will influence you instantly.

4 symbolizes the square and architecture and is directly connected to the Earth.

Watch for Earth changes to be magnified this year. What was experienced in 2010 will seem tame in comparison.

No matter what occurs in the world of politics, entertainment, weather and nature – you have been given the tools to transcend All and stay balanced.

If the 11/2 frequency teaches us anything, it is to balance the material and the spiritual.

Look at the numbers in 2011.

On one side you have the 2, and on the other, the 11, which reduces to 2. In between is the zero – 0 – the circle of life symbolizing God Mind.

2011 = balancing the negative and the positive in our lives without judgment.

So, if you feel divided, if you feel a sense of incompletion, you are only being shown that your life needs Balance.

Remember to take the good AND the bad. Don’t ignore your challenges. Face them head-on with honesty and courage.

Stay active and get enough rest – do not skip over either.

It is as simple as understanding breathing – if you breathe in, you must breathe out. You cannot have one without the other.

Both the negative and positive have defined who you are. You are a representation of a multitude of experiences, emotions and thoughts.

So embrace ALL of you.

Do not run from something that is perceived as negative – as it actually may prove to be positive. You will not know until you accept and love the wonderful complexity of who you are.

Embrace the totality of your life without judgment and you have reached a balance point where happiness cannot be denied.

Walk through the 11 gateway of Truth and manifest your dreams into reality.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2011,

Tania Gabrielle

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