Ophiuchus – the 13th sign?!


Updated: January 18, 2011

OphiuchusThe astrology we use today was formulated thousands of years ago, when humanity first settled in communities. Initially the objective was to track the seasons and to predict the regular flooding of rivers. The signs we know so well evolved from those observations, and were the foundations for the dates of today’s star signs.

So, although the signs are based on the constellations, their dates are determined by the seasons. The first moment of spring is the beginning of Aries, summer, Cancer and so on. So the recent “discovery” of a 13th sign was nothing new. The constellation Ophiuchus has been there as long as all the others. The problem? Astronomers – scientists – pretending they know about astrology. They made the incorrect assumption that the signs are based on the actual shape of the constellations in the heavens. Examine a map and it’s immediately clear they are uneven. It’s true, Ophiuchus is partially wedged between Scorpio and Sagittarius. But other constellations sit between many other signs.

The fact is. The signs are derived from the dates, always were and always will be. The astronomers in question should apologize for causing so much confusion. Since they’re unlikely to, it remains for me to say, everybody can now relax. They were wrong – and you are the sign you always were.

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