Advanced Isn’t Always Better: Why These Two Simple Ingredients Are All It Takes to Experience Enlightenment!


Updated: September 14, 2011

CBR.Blog.P.SpCuriousPeople often ask me for advanced techniques. “Colette,” they often say, “I’m on the path to be more enlightened. What are some more sophisticated ways I can connect with the Divine?” Or, they might say, “I feel like I’ve mastered everything. Will you share something more advanced?”

So, what do I say? My answer to these types of questions often elicits a perplexed look. I tell him or her that they should first consider their motives behind their motivation to become more advanced. “Sometimes,” I say, “you have to first forget your desire to learn more advanced techniques and get back to basics. Sometimes all you need to experience increased awareness is to have humility and be like a child who is seeing something for the first time.”

Of course, I just LOVE everyone’s thirst for knowledge and enlightenment. The desire to grow and learn is essential if you want to harness your power to create the life you long for. I also LOVE sharing new ideas; so in these moments it’s often difficult for me to not talk about an alternative technique.

But, advanced isn’t always better. In fact, our search for more sophisticated, advanced tools can actually hinder our growth, block our intuition, and prevent us from experiencing the very fulfillment and happiness we think they’ll bring about.

Now, I know what I’m saying is not what you’re used to hearing. Throughout our lives, we’re taught to strive to be advanced, sophisticated, and better than the rest. Even in the spiritual realm, we’ve somehow been lead to believe that we must become advanced if we want to have it all. With the growing pressure to be perfect and better than the rest, there’s been a trend toward spiritual snobbery.

Yes, I just used the word snobbery in a spiritual context! But, I’m exactly not referring to “snob” in a “mean girls who talk about you behind your back” sense of the word. When I say spiritual snobbery, I’m talking about approaching spirituality as if you should know more than another, are above others in your development, need more advanced tools to connect with Spirit, or must be spiritually sophisticated to be a good person.

Now, if you recognize any spiritual snobbery tendencies in yourself, there’s no need to beat yourself up. I’m willing to bet all of us have unconsciously fallen into the trap of spiritual elitism from time to time.

The problem is this kind of quest for sophistication not only keeps us stuck, but it also separates us from the All That Is!

Of course, I’m not saying you should stop growing spiritually. You should! But, as you seek out new knowledge, it’s important to still have humility and approach all of life with fresh eyes.

We’re always at the beginning in some area of our lives. Even when we think we know everything there is to know, we still need to approach things as if we’ll learn something. No matter if you’ve done the same meditation a hundred times or feel like you know all your patterns, with a change in perception and a dose of curiosity, you’ll always see something new.

The truth is that no such thing as advanced. No soul is—or can be—more advanced than another soul. Yes, each of us is unique with our own path. But, no matter how much we’ve read or practiced, we are all equals and just as deserving of love, happiness, and enlightenment.

When you think about it, this is one of the amazing wonders of life! You can be sophisticated, but life is smarter. When you surrender to this “not knowing” and approach all of your experiences with humility and curiosity, you’ll always find a new nugget of gold that will further help you on your path.


Look Through Your Childlike Eyes!

This week, focus on having humility and curiosity, even in your daily to-dos. Let go of the desire to become advanced and improve, and look instead with fresh eyes. Be like a child with wonder as you take your usual walk, do the same old meditation, or pick your daily oracle card, all while knowing that new awareness will come from even the basics. If you need to, get back to the intuition 101 and simply go for a walk knowing that Spirit will help you open your eyes to a new message.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share them!

In love and service,

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