The Law Of Attracting The Perfect Partner!


Updated: March 22, 2012

So what is the Law of Attracting the perfect partner? Or should we ask tired of waiting? Tired of affirmations, positive thinking, blind dates, and online dating?

I know it is easy to lose faith when you have just broken up with another disappointing lover. I realize that it is easy to panic when 40 is approaching and you want a baby worse than anything. Of course it feels unfair when you think someone tossed you into the desert without your ok. Distant memories of fruitful times of abundance may torture you and make you want to give up.

While you may not be sure what TO do when you finally surrender to your surroundings, take a good look around and search for a hidden blessing (which always, always exists, BTW), I can tell you what you absolutely must NOT do and that is to complain. When you find yourself in the desert, complaining will propel you into the Ghostlands, and you don’t want to be there, trust me.

Here are the five reasons you have to stop complaining about your circumstances and If you want to get out of the Barren Desert and find True Love, I suggest you start today.

1. Complaining is sending a sure fire signal to the Universe that says….More of this please. Seriously, is that what you want? Your voice is made of vibrational energy. Your words are echoing your thoughts and feelings into the ethers. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…Guard your mouth and measure the words you speak carefully.

2. Complaining drains your positivity. In the desert it is crucial that you conserve your resources. Every drop is precious. Start practicing this phrase: “I used to complain about not having money, a job, a lover, you name it but now I choose to see my situation as temporary and changeable.”

3. Complaining makes it impossible to be grateful. Gratitude is the oasis in the desert. Sure you are struggling, I am not making light of that but I guarantee you there is something you can be grateful for. I have a colleague who’s desert was rectal cancer. She told me there were times all she could feel grateful for was her her big toe. She would thank it for its years of service to her.  There is always something to be grateful for.

4. Complaining blinds you. Sometimes there are mirages in the desert that can fool you or pull you into quick sand that will overcome you. When you are positive and accepting of your surroundings you can make a strategic plan and find your direction. Close your mouth and open your heart. Spirit is right there waiting for you to seek its guidance.

5. Complaining blocks you from your god-given Spiritual guidance. You have an inner GPS just waiting for you to plug in your current location. When you complain, it is like unplugging the GPS and throwing it out the window. No wonder you feel so lost!

Lastly, here’s a little secret. People are sick of hearing about it. You have friends, family and colleagues who love you and want to support you, but, if all you do is piss and moan about your life, they will slowly and steadily pull away from you. Everyone has something challenging they are facing. Your acceptance of your current situation with grace and patience opens you to love and support.

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  • Robert Boring

    I had a very close lady friend tell me this a few days ago. Now I see it. Thank you Colette.

    • Emily Grace

      Thank you, Colette for bringing the astrologer on the show! U make my day Blessed (& the White Light of the Holy Spirit). Was pushing my family away, you are helping stop that, & start us on a more positive path. We (my 1st newborn baby), & my fiance, are doing much better now!~
      When we spoke on Jan 10th on NewSkyRadio, well, let’s just You were Right on Time!~ Thanks for helping me practise Radical Forgiveness & Patience for myself. We are working through it. I felt like I was in a desert, but I haven’t been, really. You are the waterfall on my tongue. The drink that I want to ‘drink’. Uggghh….Did that make sense?
      Starting a new Dr. Douglas Baker Course on Esoteric Astrology/Rising Sign Astrology (I’ve always wanted to be free! & love my work! Being an aries sun sign, sag moon, Virgo Rising.) Thank you. My fiance is a composite sun sign Capricorn, & a Cancer Rising, Libra Moon.
      I’m not sure what this means yet, but my daughter, Athena is a Virgo Sun sign, Cancer Rising, Sag Moon.
      So, as in order not to “give her ‘away’ to Rumple-stilskin”, we Have to Evolve, to Rise uP. This Esoteric/Rising Sign/Soul’s Purpose Astrology will hopefully help bring my family’s ship back asail!
      Thank you for reminding me who & what my family is what they mean to me.
      Was so lost. Will re-read ur book, “The Map” asap, & keep working with your Avalon Oracle cards! (Just been scared to pick one since I picked “Metamorphosis”, b/c it was so Beautiful!
      Don’t want to drink u too much.
      Thank you for picking up the phone.
      Maybe Sylvia was right when my parents’ asked her on the cruise to Alaska w/u guys about their daughters’ career (mine)….Sylvia said I was going to be an “illustrator”…Hmmmmm….
      Neway, don’t want to suck ur ‘honey’, so <3 you, want to Know u better, ~Emily Grace Myers (down here in Gainesville, FL–the Swamp!" Lol!

      • Julius

        You really found a way to make this whole process eaiser.

    • Bernard

      In my opinion, there is a dfceerfnie between love marriage and negotiated marriage . What has been described is definitely negotiated marriage, because the premise of asking the other person is premedidated i.e. you have already decided that he/she is good marriage material. When you meet somebody and realize that you have good chemistry with them amd this closeness/compatibility translates into a wish to marry that in my definition is love marriage. There is a lot more spontaniety in the second case over the first. That’s how I like to see it.

  • Kimberly

    Dear SDI agree with you except for one fact. The type of margiare you like is also my choice if and only if the matching of chemistry / compatibility is based on actual qualities of the partners. More often than not, both project their best image (at times even untrue image). Also both often see each other through coloured glass. In my view, soft of the separations after margiare are because of this wrong judgment.Would like to have your / other readers’ views on this pointBijanBijan

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