Envisioning Your Future: Clarity, Not Fantasy

  Have you ever gotten lost in wishful thinking, in the fog of a fantasy future where images tantalize you […]


2 Ways Out of the Ghostlands of the Past and Future

  A Ghostland is not a place of strong, true emotions; it’s a place of obsession where you artificially revive […]


Myth: Control Will Help You Escape Stormy Fields and Sticky Swamps

  As many of you already know from reading my archetypal work in The Map, we can feel trapped in […]


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Psychic

  I my previous blog, “Top 3 Elements of a Reputable Psychic” I talked about how to filter out the […]


Repeating the Same Emotional Cycles? Some Mindfulness Required

In yesterday’s blog, “Do You Like Where You Are Right Now?” I talked about the benefits of describing your state […]


Do You Like Where You Are Right Now?

  Do you believe there could be more to life than what you’ve come to expect? Absolutely! By asking yourself […]

Top 3 Elements of a Reputable Psychic

  I know I’m not alone in the world of psychics and intuitive counselors.  Believe me, I have met a […]


Loving Your Inner Brat (Goblin) Part 2 of 2

  Yesterday I introduced you to the concept of your Goblin, that inner brat who gets in the way of […]


Is Your Inner Goblin Running the Show? Part 1 of 2

Have you ever heard someone tell you that you are sabotaging yourself?  It’s not an unusual expression or concept, however […]

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