Loving Your Inner Brat (Goblin) Part 2 of 2!


Updated: October 9, 2012


Yesterday I introduced you to the concept of your Goblin, that inner brat who gets in the way of your intuition and can change a great mood into a self-defeating one in a matter of moments.

If you haven’t been able to name your Goblin and you need a little help, or you are ready to dis-empower that little, destructive part of your ego, here’s a great, creative exercise you can do as often as you think you need to separate yourself from the troublemaker.

When I was first finding my Goblin through a meditative session I was amazed at the transformational effect it had on me.  When I could see that this complex, self-sabotaging, active part of myself as a unique and separate character that was outside of me, and therefore not the whole me, was so powerful that it was like bypassing then years of analytical therapy.

Please watch this short video that walks you through the meditative exercise so you too can take control and diminish the power of your inner Goblin.



When you pictured your goblin on stage, what did he/she look like?  How did it feel to surround it with love?  Please share your story with our community in the Comments section below.  I check in regularly and would love to support your efforts to silence your Goblin.

In service and love,
Colette Baron-Reid


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  • Barb Parcells

    When my goblin, Gladys, poked her head out from behind the curtain, the first thing she did was ask for the spotlight to be turned off. I thought that was significant since I hadn’t noticed the spotlight before. After I had her all snuggled on my shoulder under the blanket, she murmured in my ear in a very small voice, “all I wanted was for someone to listen to me.” I have to sit with that for a while. Wow. Thanks, Collette.

  • Divine Yoganista

    Boy oh boy that Goblin work is POWERFUL!!!
    It’s an ongoing, daily process to recognize my Goblins. Some of them are quite sophisticated and very well disguised: they are amazing tricksters!
    I may be slow to recognize them but my fiancee is quick to point them out! LOL

  • Cris

    The new book sounds excellent, right into the heart of the matter of filling in those missing pieces with…pieces of cake? Christmas cookies? Weight issues have plagued me my entire life, since early days of studying to become a dancer. Now that I’m 56, it’s revisiting in a brand new form—post menopausal yadda yadda yadda yuck.

    But I’m wondering how to find the Inner Goblin meditation. Part one got me really excited to learn more.

    Many many thanks for sharing this golden information with the world.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey Cris go to YouTube and its there !

      • Cris

        Ah, found it. Thanks! I tried to identify my goblin before I found the video, and ended up with three: Weepy, Gummy, and Gut-Kicker. They were all in terrible moods and they were all scared. I noticed they took turns in my consciousness during the following few days. When I did the meditation with you just now, I found a single goblin. It didn’t have a name. It was suspiciously Disney-looking, but what a relief when you reminded us to not try to change anything about it. (I was trying to conjure up something more original.) This goblin was soft and blobby, but also in a terrible temper— it’s cheeks were red with anger! It was mad because no one loved it enough, damn it!! Ah, but then I got to wrap it in its pink baby blanket, and it was so happy and sweet. It even grew big long cartoon eye lashes, and batted them at me.

        What a fantastic tool. I am so appreciative, as I’m in a role of love and service for my boyfriend right now, as his father is dying. I’m sure this exercise is going to help me connect to deeper, more loving and intuitive levels as I try to be there for him and his family…rather than getting ‘”Weepy” or stuck (Gummy) by past sadness and resentment (Gut Kicker) of how it was when my own beloved father died.

        You are amazing. Thank you. And thank you for answering my comments, despite your busy schedule. Good luck with the new book. I’m telling my clients about it.

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