2 Critical Steps to Breaking Emotional Landscape Cycles!

Updated: November 14, 2012

When you begin to observe cycles that seem to repeat in your life, they’re invitations to do things differently this time around.  It takes the magic of mindfulness not to be reactive and give in to the old comfortable habits.  The following exercise will help you begin working with your Map.

Step 1:  The In-Vision Process

Unlike with a guided visualization, this process is one that requires you to let your soul reach into your subconscious mind to tell you about your surroundings and your emotional experiences.  This is active dreaming, asking your soul to translate the stories locked away inside you by inspiring your imagination to paint the picture with symbols.  Sit quietly, letting the thoughts in your mind settle down or fade in volume as you focus on your breathing.  Then ask yourself:

Where am I?

Allow your inner awareness to show you the landscape and all its features.  Be there without judgment.  Don’t slip into analyzing the place.  Just notice where you are and how you feel.

Step 2:  Journaling

In a journal, write your answers to these questions:

  • So, where are you?  What is your inner landscape?
  • Have you been there before?
  • When are you?  Are you in the future, thinking about what might be?  Or are you in the past, remembering?
  • Do you feel positive emotions in this landscape, or negative ones?
  • Is there a lesson to be learned here?
  • Is there something to be gained by visiting this place?
  • Have you been here a lot?
  • Does it feel as if you keep coming back here for no reason?
  • How can the experience of being in this particular landscape temporarily help you in your life today?

When you let go of the habit of running away from your present emotional state, you start to find the courage to face the difficult memories of the past and the harsh realities of the future that you may have to confront given the parameters of your personal history.

What surprised you when you did Step 1 or Step 2 of this exercise?  What did you learn about yourself?  I am passionate about how powerful this exercise can be and I would love to hear about your experiences.  Please use the Comments section below to share your lessons with me.

In service and love,

Colette Baron-Reid

(The preceding is an excerpt from The Map:  Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life, Hay House, 2011)

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  • Anita

    The last time I did this exercise I found myself in an old factory, trying to keep things going.
    ( I am looking after my 80+ parents) 
    I noticed a lot of pressure meters and a bed hidden in a corner. I think it means I need more rest, more time alone.
    A very useful exercise!

  • Kat

    I found myself in a barren desert, vast and empty at the same time. I tend to move a lot but it’s time to sit still. It’s a time to watch, then I can start creating again. And though not my favorite place cause I can’t see much around me even at a distance, I was surprised to find that I was happy that at least I wasn’t drowning, which I guess is another place I find myself often when I move too much 😉 Thanks! 🙂

  • Marjolaine

    Yes I think is moon in capricorn effort…I am literally in Nepal in the mountains and it is a lot of effort where I like to be is here and in the future as well. Hardship is sometimes ofputting, in emotional sense, the suffering and desires of others.
    But my situation improved yesterday finally, my loved ones came back to me after a five year confusion, like we all had been in a tunnel of darkness. I take care of others kids who were abandoned since 15 years and the one original parent confused them with result that all dropped out of school and back on track now.
    I am totally surprised with the feeling of relaxation my family is my family again it was a very strange sense of no identity. It took courage, stamina to keep going without knowing and I know we will all be alright now. Precious lessons. Same goes for a special friendship. Time is on my side on our side.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx sooo much for writing from Nepal! I send you love and light oxoxo

  • disa

    i had trouble doing this 🙁 i think i felt myself trying to pick a place instead of letting a place come to me. im only 16 years old, maybe i need to be older

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      no .. anyone can do this.. just let it come to you as it will keep trying it will click. Just don’t try to control it. You can do it. ooxox

  • marilyn

    In the past (sadness)..In the future (apprehension)..find myself in same sort of situation (different setting).. need to take action with Human Rights Legal issue..kept holding off..(old family issue – scapegoat – afraid of being knocked down again)..it’s comfortable not standing up for myself but feel like my landscape is “revolving door” & “no way out” till I take a stance! Tenants where I live have been spraying toxic chemicals into hallway which also seep into my apt..I have immune system problems..dealt with Mgmt. who don’t seem to “understand how sick I get”…my beloved cat, Yoda, whose immune system was also compromised, died from it! – that’s how bad it got…& all I felt was sick & paralyzed with stomach problems..stress made me eat all the wrong foods too which sickened me more…crying now…I learned that I’m a Divine being who deserves better & my anger/grief/sense of unfairness is the engine driving me now! Much love Colette!

  • Anna Maria

    I love reading your exercises…I came to your site to pick a card and ask a question…the same question that I ask a lot and never sure what the answer is about my next right action in my life for a career or job…and then I saw this…I immediately was sitting on a warm beach in the water, sifting through the sand and shells feeling wonderful and peaceful…I turned around and there were lots of tall buildings right there on the beach as though it was a large city like NYC or LA…then I walked into a shop with lots of clothes, shoes and handbags…it stirred up a lot of creative feelings…not sure where to take this now…any ideas…thanks…

  • Lisa Bryant

    I immediately found myself in a desert like place with a lot of rocks on the ground. Old buildings or rock structures were in the distant landscape. Everything was brown. I was walking barefoot in this place with a huge bag over my right shoulder and I was dressed in something brown that cover me except for my knees & below. There was red and yellow on the bag & on my garment. I had no destination and I could see another me dressed regally in red & yellow to the left with arms crossed. It was like the me I aspire to be is waiting for the me that is below – the one in the dry desert. I can relate to this vision – it is a little scary that I saw this without much effort. I am struggling with procrastination which I never wanted to admit.

    Thank you

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      keep doing the process .. it works.. you will learn so much about what is inside your psyche.. xoox

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