Who Is In Your Circle?!


Updated: January 31, 2013


No matter what you are going through in life – medical struggles, loss, recovery, weight loss, business struggles, or just general life issues, having a support system around you is critical for healing what ails you and handling what comes your way.

Who’s in your circle?  Who are your cheerleaders, your confidants, and your best listeners?  Have you been available to those people as much as you’ve needed them lately?

Have you considered creating a mastermind group with a few people so you can all help each other with career issues or parenting challenges?

Can you think of a small group of friends who would make a great support club (similar to a book club) that focus on positive solutions and sharing exciting achievements?

Having resources and support in place on a regular (and emergency) basis provides peace of mind and structure that promotes a feeling of consistency and safety.  There have been plenty written about how creating routines can provide tremendous benefits for reducing stress.  If you put something in place that becomes habitual and reliable, it takes the strain off of always making decisions on your own.

Mutually respectful support is also a key element in accountability.  From having someone waiting for you at the gym, to your running partner giving you a wakeup call, knowing someone is depending on you to help them stay focused is a great motivator.  It keeps you on track without having to battle the internal excuses we give ourselves for procrastination or avoidance.

I took a look at my own life and felt blessed at the people I have in my circle. I love the resources we provide for each other and the respectful way we encourage and hold each other accountable.  Then I thought about my Master Intuitive Coach Institute (MICI).  I have such a powerfully compassionate, wonderfully collaborative group of coaches that support each other as much as they support the client.  There is no competition, no personal agendas – their mission is to help change lives – the lives of their clients, their fellow coaches and themselves.  It is a fabulous environment in which to work and grow and I am grateful for them every day.

If you would like to experience the benefits of working with a coach or becoming a certified intuitive coach, click here for more details.

In the meantime, seek out your circle, support one another and enjoy the journey together!

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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  • sherrie

    Hi Blessed Be! I always help those who are less fortunate than I. I always try to be there with helpfull words and advice, compassion and caring! I don’t ask for anything in return.
    I worked in situations such as waitress and hairdressing where I was in constant company of people of all sorts.
    I also have the ability to read the Tarot cards. I am very thankful for what I have and what I don’t have.
    I try so hard to keep my chin up for myself. But, am having a hard time these days.
    There are many challenges I am facing at this time from all directions. I am trying to keep my faith!
    I love your blog and your Tarot cards in which I own a deck!
    I thank you for your inspiration.
    I am waiting for the Wheel to turn in my life as right now it is upside down.
    Thank you for listening!
    Sincerely, Sherrie

  • isabelle

    WOW what a day thank you for giving me answers to a few questions rattaling around in my head.
    The need to get clarity of mind I appreciate you wonderful people who care and share there knowledge and grace with ease and humour! all in this big circle we call the world.
    As a fellow artist I would love to know I am in this great abundant cirlcle with you all, creating the most divine works of ART anything is possible in this dream of LOVEINACTION

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