Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever – Without a Date!


Updated: February 8, 2013


Ahh, it is etched into our minds.  That date on the calendar or the number on the scale that will be the final destination of our journey to happiness.  That’s when we can finally do all the things we’ve been putting off  like getting out and socializing, dating again, wearing pretty clothes, going to the beach, etc.  Whatever it is for you, you are not alone.

This future expectation of happiness is even more prevalent this month.  February – the month of love.  Valentine’s Day and the celebration of happy, loving couples that make single people want to order delivery and have a movie marathon – by themselves.

Forget the number on the scale and forget the notion of getting back with your ex just so you have a date.  All of these notions are setting you up to measure your life by comparing what is to what could be.  Be present and engage in self-care and self-love.

If your best friend was feeling down after a recent break-up and didn’t want to be alone of Valentine’s Day, what would you do for her?  Now turn the tables on your loving and creative ideas and do that for yourself.  What if YOU were your Valentine?  What if Spirit (God, Higher Power) was your Valentine, what would your day together look like?


  1. A date with yourself.  When you think of spending Valentine’s Day with the person you love the most in the world, why couldn’t that be you?  What would you give that person who you love more than anything else?  How would you treat him or her?  What little details would you add to the day to make it special for him or her?  Do these things for yourself.  You are the most important person in the world to you.
  2. A date with Spirit.  What gift would you give and where would you go?  Would you take your Spirit to your favorite places?  Would you join Spirit in nature for a walk, with just the two of you?  Would you write a love letter?
  3. A date with a stranger.  I am not suggesting you go out and pick up a stranger just so you can have company.  I am recommending that you give of yourself – time and caring – to help others.  There are probably service organizations that would appreciate a caring volunteer – elderly, animals, homeless, women’s shelter, etc.  Caring for others will shift your mood from lonely to loving.

I wish you the most fabulous Valentine’s Day ever.

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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  • Peggy

    Awesome blog, Colette!!

    About 6 years ago, when I had been divorced for a few years, I sent myself flowers (from all my loving dogs) to the office. I always thought that was romantic to get flowers at work on Valentine’s Day. I just said that the flowers were from a secret admirer.

    I also like to purchase the most “romantic” card that I can find and I write in it as if I am writing it to the love of my life. It does make me “feel” better, even being single.

    I love your suggestions and will do my best to get rid of the limiting beliefs that I have that I’m not enough on Valentine’s Day. I am going to have a great time….hmmmmm I think that there is a great movie playing that day. I’m going to take me to it!!

    Thank you!!

    Peggy DaValt

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of the importance of self-love in the most beautiful words. I have a date with myself and Spirit on Feb 14th, as I broke up with my guy 4 weeks ago experiencing intense sadness until my last breakthrough this morning. The self-love and joy is flowing….Happy Valentine’s Day Colette and thank you for always hitting the nail on the proverbial head. You must be intuitive…LOL!!! I love you!!

  • Jacinta

    Happy Valentines Collette! I relate to some of thes things, I did in my past. However, now I celebrate the heart & spirit within <3
    Lovely blog post 🙂 thanks

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