Huge Lesson from the Ricki Lake Show!

Updated: March 18, 2013


It was the end of a long travel season for me as I went from one event to the next, sometimes flying from coast to coast and back in a matter of 24 hours.  For the most part, I loved it!  It was fabulous to see all of the people who were so excited about the success they had already experienced with the release of my book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel too Much.  Some of the challenges were the returning bouts of the flu, head colds and ugh, those dreaded shingles!

I had just landed at home when I got the call to fly back once again to the west coast to do a taping for the Ricki Lake Show.  I couldn’t say no.  As it turned out, my sheer exhaustion and the last minute changes with the timing of the guests led to a less-than-stellar personal appearance on the show.  I was disappointed that I did not get a chance to show my talent in the ten minutes I was given.  A friend of mine was brilliant as one of the other guests that day and it would have been wonderful to give away my ten minutes to him.

I was so disappointed and just so exhausted; thinking nothing good was going to come out of it.  Then the silver lining appeared!

Because I was in Los Angeles for the show, I was available to go to Gaiam TV for an interview.  I felt exhausted, dejected and incapable of being articulate, but I was going to keep my commitment.  As it turned out I gave one of the best interviews of my career that day.

Had I not accepted the invitation to go on the Ricki Lake Show and been flown to LA, I would not have been available to do that interview.

“This or something better now manifests for me in divine appropriate timing” is a meditation worth adopting, if you haven’t already!

Be on the lookout:  When we are looking to align with our highest prosperity and our highest representation of ourselves it may not work out but it will likely lead to something much better. You don’t have to be able to see it right away and it may not make itself known within the 24 hours that it happened to me, but the silver lining will appear.

Show up and surrender the outcome! No successful person has ever gotten where they are without failure along the way.

Do you have a similar experience of perceived failure leading to fabulous outcomes?  Please share it with our community by using the comments section below.


Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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  • Maria

    I was feeling this way last week and your blog and mantra is exactly what I needed to read n hear. Thank u, Colette!

  • Syllviea

    You are a Shining Star in my Universes! Love Your Essence, Colette!
    Best to You from Las Vegas,

  • Carolyne 'Chevy' Pickup

    Isn’t it funny how Spirit sets us up? Fall down here so you can rise up over there. The plan is bigger than we can imagine because we think so small for ourselves. The wonderful experience of surrender is the lack of planning on our part we have to perform for such big pay offs. When I ask my angels, ‘why do you want me to do that?’ Their standard answer is; ‘You’ll see.’ They say it with that 8 year old, sing song voice so it really grates upon me! But guess what? They always come through and it always works out, and I always see they had it all in the plan in the first place, I just didn’t know the big picture from their angle. Eight months ago when I was released from a 14 year job I had no idea how things would turn out but now I am helping to establish a small metaphysical bookshop in a Public Market where we give one card reading for free. We use your Enchanted Map cards because they are so all encompassing! (pun intended!) What a gift to use my gifts instead of being imprissoned in a job where a corporate mindset kept me from speaking my truth! Surrender, it’s where the gifts are! Namaste. Chevy-Spokane WA

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this! hey.. that card deck is soon to be released as an app too! thanx for writing, great story. xooxox

  • Michelle ∞

    “You don’t have to be able to see it right away and it may not make itself known within the 24 hours… but the silver lining will appear.”

    This is SO true. I have been visiting this lesson for the past year. Like everything – it comes in cycles. I forget it from time to time, only to have my faith restored that the universe knows what it’s doing, and that when I let go and let God/Goddess magic can truly occur ~!~

    As a universal lesson, I see this pertaining to all of us sensitives who ‘feel too much’, and have adopted a habit of beating ourselves up for our “mistakes” – ego lessons, and blunders on the path.

    Also, I just want to say that I’ve read only 2 chapters of your book, but started doing the baths, and practicing loving kindness to myself. I woke up one day and thought, “It’s really not that big of a deal, I went up a size, I’ll go back down.” And poof! like magic, from having gratitude and APPRECIATION for where I AM IN THIS MOMENT – my body let go of the resentment and the extra energy baggage I’d been carrying around. I feel much better, and look a great deal lighter, so thank you! <3

    It's so true that empaths and healers absorb the gunk of this world. I feel that with the shift, it's like we all became shaman in our own ways.. absorbing and purging for our tribes, and that we've all had to relearn how to establish better boundaries. SO we can do the WORK ~!~

    And so the work can do itself through us 😉

    In love, light, and truth,

    Michelle Infinity
    Infinite Everything Intuitive

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love what you wrote here, all of it resonates with me! big love,

      • Michelle ∞

        Thank you for your response – it means a lot to me <3 ~!~

        <3 ∞

  • Reply

    I just wrote a blog called “I Surrender”. Your experience gave me goosebumps! Surrendering to our greater plan opens the doors to experiences beyond our wildest dreams. Am seeing it myself! Thank you so much for this blog!! This planet is so blessed to have you!!

  • Vickie Goodenough

    A few years ago I got the opportunity to see Sylvia Browne. As always, she put on an amazing conference, from which I learned alot! I was so disappointed when I wasn’t one that got called up to ask my question! Even though I was thankful to having been there at all! Sylvia decided to have a book signing at the end of her show, so of course I got in line to get my book signed by her. As I approached her table, I was a bit nervous, when I got there I told her I loved her and appreciated everything she does for us all, she looked up at me and said…”you are on the right track and everything will be amazing for you!” That made my night! And, she was right! Things are happening at a rapid pace for me now, and I thank God/ goddess, my guides and angels, all my heavenly helpers on a daily basis!! Blessings to you all!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it’s always beautiful when Spirit works through another to deliver what you needed to hear.

  • Beth

    I taught a class of 17 students for a semeste on basic computer
    Skills on the last day I realized they didn’t know a think. I
    said to them I wasn’t a pupeteer knowing my evalutions
    would trash me anyway. I’ve always looked at it as a learninv
    Tool to become better. I did things differently. You’re amazing!

  • Sharon

    I was fired from a job many years ago. Because I was fired, it lead to one of the best and most rewarding jobs I ever had.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I know its next to impossible to see it when its happening but its a good reminder to look back and observe the synchronicities that line up as if by magic to lead us to better opportunities more suited to who we are. Rejection is God’s protection

  • Michelle

    Hi Colette,

    Two years ago, I booked up your book during college and read through it. I was amazed at your skill and your genuine honesty. I used to play with your card app long before I ever turned reader (or figured I was intuitive). You helped others so much on your journey because you were honest and heartfelt.

    I get to do a radio show in May but it’ll be my first time. I love to discuss my work but I’m always so shy about putting my own self out there. Once again, I was referred to read this by a wonderful friend.

    “You don’t have to be able to see it right away and it may not make itself known within the 24 hours that it happened to me, but the silver lining will appear” Loved that!

    Thank you for keeping it simple and helping people. You’ve touched more lives than you’ll ever know!


  • Bernita Madott

    Hi Colette:

    I have to share with you an extraordinary experience that happened to me three weeks ago. I was driving to work and said to myself “someday i am going to write a book called Remembering the Future”. I have always journaled and am a tarot card reader. Well – long story short – on the previous day my friend Karen Ridgewall mentioned your new book about weight loss. She recounted her experience of picking you up at the subway and driving you to the reading group you were doing(this happened over ten years ago in Toronto. Karen was most impressed how you picked up on her physical ailments and life story. I googled you when i got to work and wanted to get your book and find out what other books you had written. Lo and behold there was your book “Remembering the Future” I had the strangest feeling of dejavu. Since then i have bought and listed to your “Journey Through the chakras” I have found it to be an incredible tool to furthering your soul advancement. I look forward to working with your tarot decks and someday hope to meet you Colette. I plan on going to one of your workshops or some other coincidental fate might intervene before that. Thank you for your wonderful work and healing you sprinkle on the world.
    Bernita Madott

  • Lynda Hallett

    I found your Enchanted Map Cards (or they found me:) a year ago. I love them!!
    I received a package from a job I had for several years (last January), and was actually thrilled, as my soul was so unhappy.
    I am writing a book about a soul’s journey for bliss, and how she has a chat with God as to who the actors are going to be to assist her. I wasn’t sure what else I need to be doing.. was guided to complete a Conscious Evolution Coaching program.. and then set up a website for my book (to have people become familiar) and one for Intuitive counseling. Friends were prompting me to write and become an intuitive. My “plan” until I am more comfortable in my shoes doing this.. is to participate on a reading site ( to be able to pay the bills).

    I know I am very accurate and encouraging. I am running fear around jumping in. Then I saw you on Gaiam Tv.. and had no idea you were from Toronto.. nor what your background was. I used to work with women and addictions, etc. and am familiar with the rehabilitation centre. Bless you! You have given me inspiration.

    And you are so authentic and full of inspiration.

    Wanted to share that, and say thank you.

    Much love,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      YOU CAN DO IT HONEY!!! Trust your inspiration, trust your guidance, remember your Higher Power is in charge. big blessings fellow Toronto girl xoox

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