Revisiting Our Passions!

Updated: April 15, 2013

Is there anything you’ve left behind that you feel could help reboot your joy and your creativity?

I started writing and practicing music again and it feels different this time—more joyful.  Now I can access the feelings and creativity that has nothing to do with my career, nothing to do with my profession, nothing to do with anything in the future.  I’m now able to immerse myself just in the moment of it, in the moment of connecting to the sounds and having a greater aptitude for it.

It has felt wonderful to love music again.  For the longest time I gave it up because it was a career and now that it’s not a career, I can reclaim it and it’s so much fun now because I don’t have any agenda for it.

I’m now picking up the guitar every day and really loving it.  I am creating for the sake of it and just to be immersed in creativity rather than recording an album or letting somebody hear it or expecting to make money at it. I had lost my love of music because it became all about the business.  Now I can do it simply because it makes my heart sing and I do it without judging myself on the quality of the outcome and worrying about the destination.

What about you?

What could you do that would inspire you that has no hope for external, personal gain? 

Imagine the feeling that there is no end destination in sight.  There is no product that has to be produced or marketed.  It’s just you doing what you enjoyed in the past but you let it fall away for any number of reasons.  Perhaps you worked in another industry that you left because of being burned out.  What parts of that career inspired you?  What made you feel great when you “showed up” each day?  How can you integrate those joyful and creative pieces back into your life – with no agenda? No expected outcome?

Reclaim your love of something.  It could be photography, gardening, knitting, who knows!

Just immerse yourself in the creativity.  Enjoy how it feels to be completely engaged in something that at that moment doesn’t have an end game or any complex agendas around it.

Don’t put off this type of joy any longer.  Revisit it.

I’m having great fun writing music again and I’m going to put a Facebook page up and you can all listen to it just for fun.  No expectations,  just fun. Stay tuned!

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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    Thank you for this very timely reminder! I resonated particularly with “Imagine the feeling that there is no end destination in sight. There is no product that has to be produced or marketed.” That really takes everything to a whole different level and makes me ooze with unlimited creative juices. Thank you and much blessings to you!

  • Barb Parcells

    You touched a place in me that has been fighting to come up for air but was pushed down again and again because I could not rid myself of that old goblin that kept telling me, “why write if nobody’s gonna read it?” Now it doesn’t matter. I write what is in my heart. Those that need to hear those words will, even if it is only one person whose life shifted because I gave them pause to think. How great is that? As always, you continue to help me navigate my map. Blessings and hugs.

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    I used to draw all the time as a kid. As a teenager it was fashion! Then I became a cartoon artist for a very popular kids TV animation program (you would know of it) and then, I stopped drawing for pleasure.

    When I launched my own women’s designer ready to wear brand I realized there was no time to draw! I had to come up with designs fast!

    Anyone sitting next to me at a conference knows I doodle cartoons all the time but it’s not the same…

    I still don’t draw for pleasure like I used too. I have a feeling my “It’s not perfect enough Goblins” would come out if I picked up a pencil & paper LOL

  • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder, Colette. My passion (besides my work which I love too!) is dancing … and I MISS IT! 🙂 It’s just not going to happen unless I pencil it into my busy schedule, so that’s what I’m going to do. I look forward to hearing your music! Love & Blessings, Lisa

  • Ping Xu

    Congratulations ! Colette ! Big hug~~~ I look forward to visiting the new fan page and hear your new music 🙂 Maybe I could join your band : I am a new harpist :)! I am completely in love with it. Sometimes, just simply plucking the strings feels so beautiful.

    Joy is the means and the end! Music is the elixir for our Soul!

    XOOX Ping

  • Birkan Tore

    Halleluja! I’m still listening to your previous albums and always wished you’d go back to music. Even if you decide to keep it as a personal thing, I’m happy to hear it. God gave you such a beautiful voice and creativity, I’m just happy to read you are enjoying music again!

    To answer your question; I guess I’d love to dance again. Not in a company or anything but just dance a bit more… I’m a former dancer and had to stop due to an injury. Plus, the competition and business aspect was already wearing me down and knew there was something else I should have been doing anyway. Now I’m grateful for that injury and my current career but yeah, I could bring dance back into my life a bit more…

  • Gerri Bonner

    I used to be an operations person, the one who gets things done in a business. The best part of it for me was inspiring and motivating people to do more than they thought they could. It was good for the business but it was also good for them to succeed. I started by own company and I lost that personal touch because now I wore too many caps to focus on just one aspect of the work. I no longer am working and I do think about how much fun it was to help people reach their potential. I have not found anything that really fits, any thoughts?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you might try working with a coach to come back to the inner place where you find your inspiration. The more you remember those moments, the more likely you will be led to the next right place!

  • Ruby

    This article sort of got me thinking about how to move forward with something… I’m having problem finding work and reviving myself after many set backs. Your other articles have answered some of my many questions in moving forward and that God is protecting me. I’m one of those feel too much people and is learning with your help and others to clear myself. I appreciate all the materials you have out to help us! Thank you for all your do and doing!
    I can do so many things in helping others and do not know my true gift or gifts. I had others try to tell me because they were benefiting from my giving. You are showing me and others how to fix us. I’m good for four year jobs and let go first I think …age and lack of degree requirement after restructuring by new bosses. My skill set outshine most degree people in group and they become insecure even though I do not want their job or title.
    Any suggestions on getting pass this? Do not have funds to get a degree now or want to create debit for something that companies train you for anyway. This is how I always suceeded once foot in door without degree. Even my sibblings thought I had a degree and made sure they got one because of the jobs I have done. Thank You

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I relate actually! I am one of the only ones in my institute without a degree- some of my students are professors and many of them have studied and completed so many more modalities. I am self eductaed and read a ton and I never saw the point of getting the paper although I see how the actual degree does count. That said there are no limits to your success. Just be yourself and believe there is a perfect place for you as you attract the people who won’t care that you don’t have a degree.! you get past this by your thinking .. what you hold as your beliefs… believe you can succeed without all of that.

  • Phyllis

    Just loved reading this Colette. I’ve heard that when we let go of our agendas & allow ourselves to rediscover the fun our creative ventures, this is when true creativity arises. It’s all about ‘free flowing’. Looking forward to that Facebook page & listening to your jewels of song…but no agendas! 🙂

    Many greetings to you from afar <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      all the way from Germany I think? It’s so important to let creativity flow. I missed my music for so long becuase it stopped feeding my soul when I needed it to feed my ego and my construct of a career. Now I just do it cuz I love it! ONce I get a few trax up I will let people listen… I am thinking maybe just a creativity page.. just because..

  • Trisha

    Hi Colette,

    Thanks for posting this article about revisiting forgotten passions. I decided to revisit my artistic side in my teaching native american kids. I totally forgot that I had this gift and decided to share this side of myself again.

    I just wanted to let you know. It’s time to love oneself and shine without apology.

    Sometimes, we need a good kick in the pants. Thanks for being mine.

    Hugs, Trisha.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      or perhaps a gentle nudge. Sounds great what you’re doing. thanx for writing xoox

  • Sarah T

    Not quite two years ago I took the plunge into Argentine tango. Dancing was a major part of my life from birth until I went off to college. Then life “got in the way” and the dancing stopped (a disastrous marriage to someone who actively ridiculed my need to dance further derailed that aspect of my life). When I started taking tango lessons, I was filled with fear. Soon enough, the fear changed over to an incredible lightness. Since I’ve been dancing again, I feel like I’ve danced off many of the problems that were weighing me down — including physical weight. Now I’m 40+ pounds lighter with a clear, calm mind. I don’t know why I waited so long to get back into the very thing that keeps me alive.

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