Connecting to Spirit and Surrendering Your Troubles!


Updated: May 1, 2013


For many people who experience empathy overload we often feel that there is too much to handle in our lives.  We struggle with sorting everything out and feeling as though we are alone in the task of making sure everything turns out well.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not alone.  One of the best ways to do this is to connect, or even reconnect to our higher power, or Spirit.  A great way to do this, and allow Spirit’s will to be done through us, we have a better awareness that we are not the only one who has to handle everything.  You can choose to trust that the Spirit will provide harmony and wisdom – all you have to do is surrender to it.

I am so excited to share this exercise with you – I love how I feel when I practice it and I get great insights into my life and my relationship to Spirit.  I hope you do also!

The Sacred Box Exercise

Find a small box, big enough to hold small pieces of paper on which you will have written a sentence or a few words. This space is now your Sacred Box, a sort of mailbox where you can place your troubles, knowing that you’re sending them off to Spirit so that you can receive the help and support you need to handle specific feelings and situations.

Any time you feel you can’t cope or don’t understand what’s going on in your life and how it’s going to lead to your greater good, write a note about it and place the note in the Sacred Box. If you start obsessing about something, place a description of it in the box. You can place your anger there, or your resentment or jealous thoughts, too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, place a note about it here, being mindful that you are surrendering this to the care of a higher power. Doing this is an act of faith ritualized by having created this receptacle for grace to enter your life. Every six months, or at the end of every year, I take out all the notes I wrote, all the concerns I handed over to my Sacred Box, and sure enough, everything has been taken care of by a force greater than myself.

The Sacred Box probably works so well because making a ritual of a commitment or intention seems to solidify it in ourselves. Although it may seem easier just to say, “Spirit, please take this burden from me,” the Sacred Box can be a powerful tool for letting go of worries, too.

“It wasn’t such a big deal after all.”  Have you ever heard yourself say or think this before?  Some challenge or obstacle comes up in your life, you worry and stress about it and when it’s all over, and time has passed, you look back and think, what was the big deal?  Now you know who had a hand in guiding you along the path!

When you truly practice this surrender to the Spirit you will notice your problems work themselves out without having to devote your mental and emotional energy to solving them. Things just have a way of getting resolved by Spirit.

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

If you have a question you would like to ask Colette, write to her at [email protected]All published questions and answers will be anonymous – we honor and protect your privacy. (Please, Colette respectfully asks that you do not submit requests for readings to this email address.)

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  • Carol Surbey

    Wish there was a way to share this.

    • Tascha

      You can copy the URL and paste it to any status in Facebook etc…

  • Maria

    Really lovely idea.

    Thanks and blessings to you.

  • Cris

    Thank you for reminding me—and helping me better understand HOW— to turn my frustrations and bafflements ( I think I just made that word up) over to a higher power. When I first heard the term “god box” about 6 years ago, I went right out and bought one. It was very pretty and about the size of a postage stamp! I can laugh at myself now, but I also see how tiny my trust in any sort of great, healing spirit must have been back then. I couldn’t accept that my problems mattered. I’m pretty sure I wrongly thought I could work my way thru them alone. Ha!

    I needed your reminder of this fantastic, comforting way to turn my trust over to the Great Spirit, knowing all will be well. Thank you again.

  • Richard Hammond

    So happy to stumble upon this blog! I have epic,expensive decisions to make now and am overwhelmed so, with some faith in my back pocket, I plan to FILL the box with these challenges, let the universe and higher power take over and see what happens! Best to you all! – R. Hartley Hammond, newly published author of “Uncomfortably Numb”.

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