The Secret Weapon!


Updated: May 12, 2013

The Secret Weapon

Last week I had an enlightening conversation with one of my most successful Intuitive Coaching clients who paid me a most unusual compliment. He’s president and founder of a very successful business in New York, and his influence is far reaching in his field. He rubs elbows with the elite, his discussions around his business financials generally have more zeros on the end of them than I’ve ever seen. Bottom line the guy’s got it going on. He signed up for coaching after his initial reading with me over a year ago and has been working with me ever since. Like all brilliant entrepreneurs he does what it takes to keep his success going, invests in himself as well as his business.

I’ve noticed that especially this year as my own business changed to include more of these types of relationships. The truth is I love influencing the influencers. There’s an energy that’s palpable when I’m exposed to someone who not only sees themselves as a success but takes their influence and service to the public as a calling. These people excite me because they see equal value between logic and intuition, they know their purpose, who they impact, and and rarely take what they know for granted. They’re curious, and they keep me on my toes.

“ Tom” is like that. He takes risks but wants to know the lay of the land, and who might be hiding in the bushes. A big part of what I do with my entrepreneurs, business, and corporate clients is clairvoyant strategy. I look at the field of potential and possibility and use my ability to track the road ahead, and especially look at the dynamics of all the people in the mix, how they’re motivated and who is out or in alignment with the bigger vision. You see I believe we create our reality, make our choices from places within us we don’t always recognize. It’s in the invisible places that the real information lies. And that’s the secret to why these clients hire me.

Speaking to him last week, he chuckled when I thanked him for signing up again for another 6 month contract. I’m always excited and grateful when someone values my work and what it does for them. He said “Are you kidding? Every successful business needs a secret weapon and you’re mine!”

So you don’t need to be a billionaire businessman to have a secret weapon for success! You already have an edge if you pay attention to the still small voice inside you. Your very own intuition, when you allow it, can guide you to discover ways to  your highest good, to your ultimate success and well being. Trust your vibes, tune in and pay attention to them. Learn your own subtle language and navigation system.

Meditate, and always begin your day in a state of curiosity waiting to discover new things. Avoid automatic behaviors.

Tom keeps himself sharp by never driving to his office the same way twice, changes his workout at the gym, challenges himself by daily self evaluation.

Speaking to him this morning for our Sunday check in, he also mentioned that he pulls a card from one of my oracle apps he has on his i-pad to see the theme for his day, and what he needs to be aware of.

He said he did it right in the middle of a meeting when he was inking a deal for millions.

Well, if that’s being a secret weapon for someone, then I am all for it!

Don’t forget you’ve got yours too.. right inside you.

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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  • Tia Johnson

    That’s amazing!!!!

  • Heather Brophy

    That’s really cool, Collette. It just makes me want a reading with you that much sooner!

  • Michelle Infinity

    Colette, this is awesome and very well written. I’m glad to know I have things in common with both of you. I especially like the idea of not falling into the same daily routine, because for years I would beat myself up for being inconsistent with my daily practice. But I enjoy the thought of using my natural mutability as fuel for ‘keeping me sharp’.


    • catherine pagliaro

      You have been my not so secret advantage (weapon) for years and years…You rock and your business insights and guidance are invaluable…so propelled my companies forward in every way. the Global Animal Rescue Network is almost ready to launch completely funded by my companies because of your amazing intuition…you have been a huge help there and in all aspects of my professional and personal life…Thank you so much… I love you xo

  • Trisha

    That’s so cool, Colette. This business man sound really interesting. Not many men actually play with oracle cards and to see it during his meeting sounds so awesome.

    Way to go, Colette!

  • Sacha

    Thank you Colette! Your free card feature is a weekly stop for me as a supportive tool to operate from my intuition 🙂

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