Did My Psychic Miss a Beat?!

Updated: May 20, 2013


Dear Colette,

I recently had a visit with a healer/intuitive.  During our initial meeting, I mentioned that I was thinking of going back to school and the healer/intuitive responded by saying that he felt a lot of power around it and that the energy was strong and positive around my going back to school.  I visited him again recently and when I mentioned I was thinking of going back to school his tune changed.  This time he asked me what my reason was for going back to school because he felt the energy was not strong it all. I was puzzled given that his response was completely different the first time we met.  What could have happened?  I know my energy in regard to going back to school has not changed and it is, indeed, a path that holds a lot of power for me but I would like to know why his responses were so different during our meetings. – Sketchy Psychic

Dear Sketchy Psychic,

What is least important is what another person says to you.  If you feel this energy about going back to school is powerful and you still feel the same way, I would go with your intuition rather than a another person’s energy around it. He may be having a completely off day and just isn’t seeing. Also, I would ask why you went to the same intuitive looking for the answer to the same question, or sharing the same aspects of your life with him.  Do what your intuition is telling you and it sounds to me like he was having a bad day.  I’ve had an off day where I actually had to cancel clients because I am not connecting or seeing anything.   

My next question to you is how much time has elapsed between readings?  Also, the second time you went to the reading, you only mentioned the school, rather than telling him you had a strong feeling around school.  Perhaps your energy has changed and he was reading that from you.  So there are two messages here, has your energy changed and are you going for too many readings? 

You always have to go with your own intuition and if it doesn’t feel right, go with it.

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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  • Trisha

    I agree with Colette that following your own feeling about returning to school is good. Maybe the intuitive was tuning into your “emotional field” than anything else and asking the same question usually muddles up the reading. The main thing you should be asking yourself while putting your hand on your heart and saying this question aloud: Does returning to school feel and sound true? See what happens.

    Hope this helps.

  • Beth

    Dear Colette,

    A friend of mine went to a intuitive reader years ago.
    The reader has since become very famous. My friend
    was told she would become a famous writer. As a result
    my friend has never gone back to work and is dipping
    into her 401k money. What would you say to her?

    Thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      good question! If your friend is serious about her writing career then investing in herself is a good idea, since a reading is only a snapshot in time based on a point of vantage and based on probability and possibility, the reading may have shown the potential of your friend which needed to be followed up by action. Sitting back waiting for destiny to come to you however is foolish. If she’s pursuing her dream then perhaps her reading is showing that she’ll be successful. Fame and success is relative though..

      • Beth

        Hi Colette,
        Yes she is following her bliss. Your insight has helped me release my judgement.
        Thank you! Beth 🙂

  • Martina

    Hi Colette! I think something I sometimes forget, but am reminded of like with your response, is the fact that a psychic or intuitive reads the energy of potential, not certainty. And readings don’t account for an individual’s free will, either. So…in addition to the psychic possibly having an “off” day, it’s also possible (probable?) that the potential surrounding the question has changed, right? I mean, asking twice, like you said, implies some energy of doubt or fear. Plus, readings are, in my opinion, snapshots in time, like a ‘connect-the-dots’ game. The line isn’t drawn yet. Right, Colette? In the end, I like what you said about using our own intuition the most. It’s a simple truth and a GREAT reminder! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      your comment is so well put I could not have said it better myself. Thanx for responding Martina, you’re a wise practitioner and have the attitude and mature perspective I would recommend.

      • Martina

        Thank you honey! Likewise, and love ya! 🙂

  • Cammie

    I see why the psychic may have changed their mind. The question is why haven’t they gone back to school yet if they had good feedback earlier. How long has it been since your last appointment? Maybe the finances are changing and the professor you were supposed to have the first time moved and the new one will be rather tough resulting in a bad grade. Everything changes in that aspect. Although like me I had a reading and asked about my birth dad and they said he was still alive. I continued my research and he passed away in 1989, over twenty years difference. I am sure he was my dad. That to me is sketchy. Also it is best to follow your own intuition the only thing that can happen is that it wasn’t the easiest way but you learned a lesson that you needed to be a better you. Experience is the only way we change. 😉

  • Michelle

    I have to say that as an intuitive myself you gotta go with your gut feeling when it comes to yourself at times. I agree that too many readings that are to close in intervals in between can muddle up the energy and confuse the person as well as the reader. Just go with your gut and do what you need to do. They can give insight but it’s up to you in the end what you really want to do in the end. Blessings

  • Rosy S

    you are an excellent teacher.
    always listen to one’s own inner voice …

  • Marcella

    This is perfectly well put! I recently had a client return to me after 2 previous readings and tell me how she wasn’t “as blown away” as her first experience with me. I wasn’t sure how to respond. At first I was taken aback and my immediate care giver nature wanted to make her feel better about it. I was also bruised on the ego bit, as she made this statement in front of other clients. But then I thought back to what she was seeking, and the following visits were focused on the same concerns. I appreciate this insight and observation it was definitely helpful in understanding. And yes we all do have off days. I’m still learning how to honor them by taking time off, and still to be of service those seeking guidance. Thank you for posting!

  • Rachel Colby

    Perhaps they are picking up on your uncertainty. Perhaps look at what has you thinking you shouldn’t. Do you have a dual belief that it’s impossible for you, while at the same time it is possible for you to do that? I know for me when I start moving forward with something, then start feeling off about it, I look to see if I have a dual belief on the subject, and follow down to the root. Did someone once tell you that you couldn’t do something, yet someone else said you could? It could be just a small thing as a child that left a large impact that is coming up now in regards to this situation. If you want to go back to school, do so, follow what you feel is the highest and best thing for you. Remember to ask that it be blessed with love and light, and grace and ease, and to help you stay on the path that is best for you.

  • Eve

    I absolutely agree on all the above. I believe that if a client gets an answer and then feels like their gut is telling them something else, that in itself can be a really great lesson to learn about trusting oneself. Either way, I always ask and trust that what comes through is for the highest good for my client, and I always tell them that timing and predictions are fluid and only based on their current energy. For me personally, if my body is not well or my psychic energy is too drained, it can be really hard to read accurately because it takes a lot of energy for the brain to channel all day long, those are the days when I would usually cancel readings because I have very high ethics for myself and want the best for my clients.

    Readers are humans and sensitive to energy and physical ailments like everyone else, no reader is 100% accurate 100% of the time, if they say they are, avoid them!

  • Tia Johnson

    Great article, Colette! I was thinking why did she go back to the same psychic with the same question? It seems like she has doubts about going back to school and is looking for that ‘third degree’ of reassurance. Her intuition won’t lead her astray. So, if she’s getting strong feelings to go then go. The psychic was probably picking up on her self doubt.

  • Janice Davison

    I think it might have been appropriate to ask the practitioner why there was a difference. It may have engendered more insight about returning to school. You can certainly ask as a request for information without making it into a challenge.

  • Meg

    It sounds like the reader was picking up on the client’s own doubts!
    There is always a sense of power in someone wanting to go back to school.
    That is what going to school does ~ empowers us with new knowledge and skills!
    The client’s question was too broad, in fact I would have given her the same response myself, and then explained to her I was picking up on a strong doubt energy radiating from her energy field.
    A better question would have been ~ “I am thinking of going back to such-and-such school to study such-and-such topic, are there any roadblocks in my way that could prevent me from doing so?” Or, “I am really wanting to go back to school but my finances are limited ~ what do you see around the situation as being possible or impossible for me at this time?”
    And the reader could have asked, “why do you have doubt energy around this decision that is a cause for a repeat reading?”
    Yes the reader could have been having an off day, but this sounds like doubt on the client’s part. Many readers also do not appreciate being tested over and over just to see what information comes through about the same topic, just to have a client leave in a huff and say the reading was off. That’s a client issue, not a reader issue.
    Blessings guys!

  • Starlight Angel

    I’m so glad to find this part of your website this morning! I enjoy the sangha that says it’s okay for psychics to take a day off or share openly with a client when I am able to tune in or suggest they follow their inner vibe and come back later. It’s challenging sometimes when I have my own personal wish to be their fairy godmother. When I have the courage to do that though, as I’ve been directed, it always seems to work so lovely and the client relationship seems to grow stronger over time.

  • Bella

    Great article. It reminds me of a time I went to a reader I used to go to once a year. I always loved my sessions with her and felt energised and ready for action. The last time I saw her everything went wrong. I left there feeling confused, frustrated and, to be honest, ripped off.. The next day I listened to the recording of the sesion to see if I was just having an off day but I still felt as though the messages had little substance, were off and more of a sales pitch to buy her stuff and join her workshops. It took me two days to sort through my emotions about it all and eventually in frustration I handed it over to Spirit.

    I remember sitting at dinner with my sister talking about something completely unrelated when I got a whopping intuitive hit. My reading, the message I was to receive, wasn’t what she was telling me but rather the experience of it and my reaction to it. I didn’t need to do another course, buy another CD or have another reading. I didn’t need her to tell me what I already knew, but I needed her to read me ‘wrong’ to realise that. Spirit is not confined to words, or cards – Spirit will use whatever methods it can to get the message to you. You just need to be willing to venture outside the lines to receive it.

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