Happy Babbling even if Mercury Retrograde is in Cancer!

Happy Babbling even if it is Mercury Retrograde! As you know dear tribe of mine, my enforced cocooning is still […]

Purrls of Wisdom – Thoughts from the Cocoon – Part 2

In yesterday’s Part 1 blog, I spoke about my panic attack when the thought of returning to my work was […]

Purrls of Wisdom – Thoughts from the Cocoon of Colette Baron-Reid – Part 1

In honor of my beautiful pearly white Harley, Purrl, that is no longer, I thought it only fitting that I […]


What’s the Right Track for You?

  What’s the Right Track for You?  Now that’s a loaded question! Many people seek council when they are struggling […]

The Boot of Shame – Part 2

Yesterday , in The Boot of Shame – Part 1 I humbly shared my experience of the motorcycle accident that […]

The Boot of Shame – Part 1

  Thoughts about life from the bedside (and kitchen floor) of Colette Baron-Reid It’s been a while since I connected […]


Getting Past the End of a Relationship

Dear Colette, I have been struggling with a loss of a relationship that lasted nine years. It ended in betrayal […]

Spirituality and Sex: Not Mutually Exclusive

  Setting the scene:  Over coffee, two women are discussing their interest in sharing erotic material with their husbands.  Another […]


#GoT OMG – Even TV Isn’t Safe Anymore.

  Change is definitely here, and in the midst of our personal transformations where we are most vulnerable, how insulting […]

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