The Boot of Shame – Part 1!

Updated: June 13, 2013


Thoughts about life from the bedside (and kitchen floor) of Colette Baron-Reid

It’s been a while since I connected with my tribe to let you know what’s happening, what’s new and what gems of wisdom I might have found in the treasure of experience to share with you. So in the spirit of inconsistency, I am super grateful for your patience.

This two-part blog is a long one (one that I will share in its entirety in my newsletter this week) so grab a cup of tea and snuggle in for a story within a story which I hope will touch you somehow with something real and meaningful.

Got your attention?

One morning a couple of weeks ago I set the intentions for my day, and somehow I didn’t notice that I penciled in a doozy of a motorcycle accident to my already packed to-do list. What? Who me?

Intuitively speaking, one would like to think there was some kind of magical intervention that would make it impossible for someone such as me, who has been known for her uncanny skill set, to pencil in such an event in my destiny without giant sirens blaring.

Fact is I’ve been living at such breakneck speed these past couple of years, but if you’re in my tribe you’ve been watching it all- breaking long-standing family ties, leaving Hay House for Random House, appearing on TV, launching a school, releasing a new book, touring and oh so many places, spreading myself too thin.

I am not all that surprised that life threw me against a granite post to find my true surrender while being thrown over a fence into a field.

I know the subject of motorcycles polarizes some folks, and the fact I ride them ignites lots of opinions. But, I’m a cautious rider and I love motorcycling as it’s one of my proudest bucket list accomplishments. So I’m clear the accident was not one of recklessness, and although I’m sad that my beautiful new Harley went the way of the motorcycle parts auction, I’m grateful to have miraculously escaped greater injury.

Maybe there were signs, in fact there had been as I questioned whether I could connect to this new thoroughbred of a powerful 900 lb. iron horse. I couldn’t really “feel” her- important to every rider to sense their bike intuitively. I kept being told not to worry; there was a breaking-in period. She was brand spanking new.

I was waiting for the click that kept eluding me those first two weeks. Still I signed up for classes to better my safety skills as an advanced rider. Yet, I was doing all the right things. I had been acutely aware that I was not grounded in the experience.

But this story is not about whether motorcycling is a dangerous sport and the opinions rule that this proves I should quit, or that I was getting signs from the universe to slow down, or that I manifested this, or that some nasty jealous person was sending me bad juju. We can spend hours and hours retracing our steps searching for ways to make sense of things that were not meant to be prevented.

The real lesson is how we respond to situations.

What I mean by that is not whether we face our obstacles with a vapid smile saying thank goodness for lessons! Or, that we say – “well that must have been meant to be- everything happens for a reason,” sigh, and then secretly blame ourselves for manifesting hardship. I’m also not talking about how many points we might lose in the respond vs. react scale when we feel like we’re victims of a horrible fate. I’m talking about how willing we are to dive into the deep muck of fear and anger, and shame and blame to face ourselves at our most vulnerable. Can we love ourselves enough? Can we still have faith?

I will go into more detail about what’s happened since that fence-flattening day in tomorrow’s blog, but for now I’d love to hear about you.  Have you ever experienced an “accident” that resulted in the mirror of your life being put two inches from your face with no escape until you took a real hard look at what was reflected back?  Have you been “forced” to look at your life and your purpose and passion in a new light?  Was the timing of your storm cloud perfect to allow for the blessing of the silver lining?   There is wisdom in learning from others and I believe it would be helpful for us to hear how well things turned out.

Many blessings,
Colette Baron Reid

The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

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  • Renee Vespa

    I am hanging on your every word, because my 25 year old son was T-boned on his brand new Harley on February 14, 2012. He is in Guam, serving in the Air Force. They had to airlift him to Hawaii for surgery and have amputated half of his foot. I’ve been trying to make sense of this whole accident. I feel like maybe he was not on the path he was supposed to be, and we have had some major emotional issues we had been ignoring, that are now front and center to deal with. As hard as it is to accept that he lost part of his foot, I am hoping this accident brings about good changes for him. Right now it is really hard though, as we work through all the emotional stuff. I wish I knew how to help him, but he is pushing all of us away, especially me. I’ve heard “Don’t feel sorry for me!” “I can do this on my own!” and “Just let me work through this alone!” so many times in the last 4 months. All I can do is send him love and healing energy.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Renee I feel you – young men respond very differently to these kinds of crisis. ONe thing I know is that the cocoon of metamorphosis is a one room hotel and no one but us can unravel ourselves in there. Just love him as he is and he will find his meaning. It takes time to process and integrate. BIG HUG !!

      • Renee Vespa

        Thank you so much Colette. He actually IS in a hotel room in Hawaii, as he is now being treated as an outpatient at the hospital and going back and forth until he gets his prosthetic. You give me hope that maybe he can unravel himself in there! I always love him dearly, its just a little hard to understand him right now. I will always be here for him though, however long it takes him to figure things out.

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          Renee your son is in the armed forces and probably thinks he needs to ” tough it up”. ONe thing for certain the fact he has a prosthetic and he’s go the attitude of I’m gonna be ok- he will be an awesome role model for other young men who lose limbs etc. None of us know the extent of our service in the end. Just love him. The St Francis of Assisi Prayer says we pray to love than to be loved , to forgive than to be forgiven, to understand than to be understood. That understanding sometimes requires us to stay in radical acceptance – understanding that our loved ones have their own destiny maps that can be read only by them. That’s what we need to understand. xooxox

      • Halina Ratulowski

        Hi Colette, that is such a great analogy and if we remember that when the caterpillar is in the cocoon if he help them unravel they will not survive. The best chance for success is to allow them to go through all the steps that are necessary so that they can metamorph into that beautiful butterfly or moth and be On my way! Who they are meant to be.

      • peggy

        I rode for a while, but I realized that something terrible was going to happen to me. One evening I was riding by myself on country roads and a car started following me …. very close and no matter where I went he went (1 guy in the car)…it freaked me out. I knew I was alone out there. Then I had an accident, minor , but decided the risk wasn’t worth the reward!

        I already had one near death experience and didn’t want another in this life!

    • Kennette

      Dear One – Ooops Universe protected you!

      Please take care of yourself for you are sooo important to ALL of The Universe(/0


    • Gina Vancil

      Whatever is Happening to so many of Us are Lessons to be learned. We must ask for help even if we feel we don’t need it. Bad things happen to the Best of Us. What has happen to your son is hard 🙁 my 20 year old niece was in a car accident 1 year ago by a hit and run driver 🙁 she almost lost her leg & foot. She had to go threw 2 major surgeries and now her leg and foot are deformed for ever. I’ve tried to help her the best way I knew how , with support and letting her know if she needs me ill be there. She has also pushed away all of us 🙁 maybe are lesson is to be patient and sent Love & Light then to Let go & Let God do his work. Some times we can’t fix others & they have to fix themselves. I struggle so much with why can’t I make this or that better , well to be Honest I don’t think is my job. So I send Love and Light to All in need including myself & the rest is up to God. God Bless you and your son & may be shine his good grace upon you all <3

  • Cindy

    My dearest Colette,
    Not until a Month ago….always blaming myself or the other person…Had to realize I am a person and I treasure each day now…tomorrow is not promised even the next second…I respect my self worth now…Were before I didn’t! Thank you for waking me up!! I can not Thank you , enough!! Much Love and Respect!!

  • Randie

    I was giggling a little at the mirror of your life being it two inches in front of your face thought. I took a year off of university because i could not figure out what I should be doing with my life. I moved away from the city where I felt at home back to a smaller town. Ad that did not feel exactly right. I started a business in that smaller town. That was fun but still did not feel exactly right. I kept very busy, and was progressing on the earth side, but not the spiritual side. I thought okay, maybe this is was life is all about as a grown up and the two sides really don’t meet. After about 6 months whenever I got in the car I would look in the rear view mirror and see headlights approaching quickly in the dark. I was very careful driving and nothing happened. This went on for months until i just dismissed it and told myself to get over it. About two weeks after that I was stopped to make a left in front of a hospital. And I looked in the rear view mirror…and watched those lights come closer so fast I had no time to move. I think when you stop paying attention to what you are supposed to be doing and get too caught up in the earth side instead of the spiritual side….the universe will firmly remind you to refocus. I got months of time to refocus after that….and I did move back to the city and start to learn. You were one of the teachers

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this story. We are all learning in earth school yes?

      • Randie

        I think some learning happens on the spiritual side, not the earth side. Either way if we stop learning, then we are lost.

  • Lesley Lightbody

    I was in a very dark place when the Universe intervened and I snapped my Achilles’ tendon which forced me to look at myself, my life, what I wanted and what I didn’t want .. The down time found me searching the ‘net for something which bought me to my Path … That was my silver lining … And, honestly, I thank the Universe every day because I love my life, my Path and myself now … X

  • Laurel

    Colette – I have to comment here. I had a funny feeling when I saw you on that motorcycle in the picture a few weeks ago that something was going to happen. Intuitively, I’ve been having very strong “premonitory feelings” about people the last few months. I hear the story, I pick up on thing, but don’t say anything because I’ve learned unsolicited advice is not always a good thing to give out. It’s either good or bad, but do you run into this? How do you handle it? I wish I’d said something to you. At least you would have been aware of even a small glimpse of something.. not that I could have changed the result.

    I know that is not the smack in the face you may be suggesting above, but seeing things that are going to happen to people and not at least saying something and then watching them come true all the time doesn’t seem like a good thing either. It’s caused me to slow down. It seems my gift has “increased” or something, as i would only get this once in a while. Hmmm. I hope you continue to heal and feel better.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I probably wouldn’t have shared this post as its so easy to say after the fact but hindsight is 20/20 for all of us. I’m not suggesting you are one of those because I don;t know you but the only people who have said they “saw” me or had a “premonition” that I would have an accident are people who were afraid of motorcycles for themselves or just didn’t like ’em period. No one close to me would have believed it but I honor your comment as I had a sense that I could not connect with this bike and so was not surprised really that in the end I did have the accident which in the biggest scheme of things happened in the most extraordinary timing as I’m tearing down the foundations of my brand and rebuilding for a launch in the fall that helps me serve with greater clarity and depth. The timing was indeed perfect.
      as for you.. trust your vibes but it’s a hard call to make to tell someone you see them having an accident when they didn’t ask for your take. You could not have prevented this honey. We can’t rewrite history. Thanx for being brave enough to write that 😉 xooxox

      • Grace

        Hello Collette,

        Thanks for your amazing insights and now sharing your story. Like Laurel, when I saw that picture of you on the bike, I didn’t get a good feeling. I felt something was going to happen and that feeling was coming from the bike, not you. My husband also rides and I always encourage him to go take it out, as I know how much he loves it. I know you will go out again. Just be sure to get that “connection”. Blessings 🙂

        • Laurel

          Colette –

          I’m not one of those ‘after facters’ lol, though I do see your point. I have no issues with motorcycles minus the one’s that cut me off in traffic, as I don’t want to hit them. 🙂 I would love to learn to drive one safely one day. After writing this, I think I will find a way to talk with those I pick up on that I know about it and pray for those I do not know, that I’ve picked up on. I’m obviously “seeing” things for a reason.

          I’ve had my own big mirror life experience but am still working through the post trauma they’ve caused. Most recently – I screamed at a friend and lost my marbles from being overworked, underpaid, and over tired (I’d had insomnia for a month). I realized right after that I was having one of those STOP NOW experiences. Not a huge drama, but I still don’t know how to make things right with my friend and that really upsets me. There was no reason for me to act like my abusive mother towards her. I was triggered. Makes you stop and go, WHOA. I had been going at a break neck pace since January to not deal with something. Last night I had the same feelings as I had before my out burst and I stopped – I took a breath, went for a long walk with calming music, and went to bed. Had I not slowed down, I’m sure I would have had some issues with someone else and caused further problems. Not the same as your accident, but definitely as sign to slow down!

          I feel connected with you, though I know we really don’t know each other, because of an intensive you had that I attended which was life altering. I am so grateful. I really appreciate you and your realness, your authenticity. Thank you for sharing “you” with us. Heal well and have many safer riding experiences in the future..

          ok.. I’m done now. I could talk the wool off a lamb! 🙂

  • Laura

    Wow – I was shocked when I read about your accident, knowing how long and hard you worked to become a rider. You were my inspiration to take riding classes myself and consider moving from the back seat to the front last month. Do you know, from the minute I got on the bike in class, I felt like I was in over my head? I kept telling myself it was just my having spent too long in my comfort zone, and I’d conquered many worse things than this, and blah blah blah…ignoring both my intuition and my carpal tunnel (in both wrists), screaming at me after 4 hours on the bike.
    Well, needless to say, before class was over, I’d laid the bike down. Nothing serious, but I took the wake-up call. Maybe I’m just fine on the back of the bike as a passenger (which makes sense, given that I have serious trust issues in relationships – and being a passenger has always represented a willingness to trust in my world)? Maybe I don’t have anything to prove – to myself or anyone else – at the moment? Or maybe, I should adjust my expectations and consider a three-wheeler (more stable, less to do while trying not to get killed)?
    In any case, I took the hint – and retreated to regroup instead of running out to purchase my summer toy. If I had not, I have no doubt I’d be in the “boot of shame” (LOVE that!) right there beside you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      here’s the truth Laurel I plan to get right back on that bike, or a new bike when I’m able. I refuse to let this break me. Even the most proficient rider can have an accident. Skiing breaks more bones, footballers get concussions, but yes when we go down well .. you find yourself in bed with one leg that will take another month to be normal and the broken foot well read tomorrow’s blog and you’ll find out that the boot of shame came a week later!
      I still consider myself a rider and the accident was not about whether I should ride or not. It was what all of this brought up for me in the big picture of my life- so much deeper.
      I ride for so many different reasons but not to show the world, not to impress someone else or prove myself to my husband . It’s cuz I love the freedom and the power and the rebel inside me owns that I am different and don’t have to fit in. I had a horrible time in motorcycle school by the way I was the worst. When I took the safety class for advanced riders the next year I aced it. I rode behind Home Depot a whole summer before I took a bike out on the road in the fall. When I did wow I was ready! I started small, then moved up to a bigger bike then again. I think riders that just get their licence need more off road practice before they go out there anyway. But once you get the confidence it’s pretty awesome.
      Gotta say tho.. I honor and respect your choice not to continue. BIG BIG HUG !

    • Carolan Ivey

      Laura, for what it’s worth, it took me three tries to get through the MSF class. 🙂 The first time they put me on a Honda Rebel with a cranky clutch, and after an hour of struggling with it I bowed out and sat on the sidelines the rest of the day to watch. The instructor said he’d never had a “washout” stay to watch before, and he encouraged me to try again, but maybe start off with a scooter until I got the basics down. I took two giant steps back and got a 50cc scooter, then graduated to a 150cc on which I got my license. Then, looking around at the superscooters out there, I decided I didn’t want to deal with a clutch, period, and got a 400cc Piaggio. I am in heaven!

      I’ve tried to never let my rheumatoid arthritis stop me from doing anything I really wanted to do, but reality says that a clutch and my RA hands will never get along. So, a Harley will never be in my future, which doesn’t make me sad, just a little wistful. I adore my Piaggio, and it’ll keep up with my husband’s Harley, and even beat him off the line and in the twisties. Ha!

      Never give up, if it’s what you dream of doing.

  • Victoria

    In 2009 my 4 year old daughter and I were in a head on collision where the other driver lost his life. I was brought to my knees in grief and I’ve been detached and lost since trying to answer many questions. Since that time I’ve witnessed many deaths including one that ended up in the news. I’m leaving out details because of a lawsuit involving the 2009 car accident. I know this journey has a purpose but I’m still searching and trying to understand how and why I can turn my suffering into a lesson and keep the faith that something much bigger than me is in control guiding me to my highest good. Healing blessings and love to you and all who read this.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      i Think the lesson is to be grateful for every teeny moment of our boring life experiences. It’s the little things we have not the big things we lose that really remind us that living is messy dirty nasty and o so miraculous too. That’t the lesson. I have not been able to get out of bed for more than a few minutes for the past 2 weeks my right leg is still contorted and I cried for the first 10 days trying to sit on the toilet because I can’t really bend it.
      I get lawsuits and deaths etc- have had my share, senseless losses for my parents and others, horrible crap that had my family go from riches to filthy rags. In the big story though these are what makes life life. The small miracles are awesome. Today I was able to walk up and down the hall twice without my walker even though it hurt like hell. That was amazing- and I saw a crow eating bird food. That made my day. Not my failures .. they just help me to be grateful .. love to you

      • Lessons

        This is so true Collette – I wish you a speedy recovery and feel you will achieve this as what you have said is the truth. ie “the lesson is to be grateful for every teeny moment of our boring life experiences. It’s the little things we have not the big things we lose that really remind us that living is messy dirty nasty and o so miraculous too.”

        We lost everything financially and that has been our focus for the last 10 years however time has given perspective and the ability to see that what we really lost was time in enjoying our children and what life ives at each and every moment rather than worrying about money – we can regain the money, not the life experiences- they are what is precious. I would like others to be aware of what can happen – so look at I also wrote a book entitled “Lessons from a Conman” detaling the many amazing lessons we learnt.

        Best Wishes to you

  • Dana Rouse

    I know Spirit intervened in my life. I was wasting too much time on making sure everything around me was getting done and going fine all while asking myself “what is my passion?”. This went on for a while until I ended up hurting my knee and had to slow things down. I realized I was not giving myself the time and care needed for my spiritual self. Since, I’ve been meditating and really taking care of my spirit. I’m now recovering from surgery and I made sure I thanked my knee and Spirit for this time. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what I needed to get me more on my spiritual path and I’m enjoying it.

  • MaryAnn Fry

    I honor your sharing. Thank you. While I’ve not had an accident (which I think is about velocity), I have had the reflective moments in the mirror, and they changed the course of my life. I feel really good about something here, and bless your healing and knowing.

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Hi Colette..At first I thought the post said “Book of Shame”..and wasn’t sure what was coming..In considering the question, initially thought.. no I’ve never had that kind of accident ( a couple of self-imposed knee injuries/surgeries from an addiction to high-impact aerobics many years ago).. but then I remembered that shortly before my Dad died of cancer, and was literally on his last leg.. I was driving my car home from Sunday brunch.. with 3 friends in it, I was 23,when the setting winter sun blinded me for a split second. At that moment a 91 yr old woman walked off of a curb into my car. I never saw her, only something dark (her coat) that came up on my windshield, shattering it. My friends never saw anything at all. I got out of the car, knowing something bad had happened. I still wasn’t able to see a person, only a covered figure on the street. Within seconds, somehow boys from my college (out of state) were right next to me.. they’d been at a bar across the street and heard my tires screech. I guess I was in shock.. was taken to the police station and questioned.. My Dad who was so ill had to pick me up. The woman died immediately, leaving only a nephew. I am not sure I ever totally “cleared” it…it was so mixed in with my father being terminally ill, my guilt and fear and trying to survive everything that was happening. That was 33 yrs ago and it is uncharacteristic of me to not have found meaning in the event. At the time I was spinning out and so disconnected. Thinking about it now does make me wonder, how did it change me, did it, can I find a way this many years later to weave some kind of blessing into it.
    Thank you for opening such a powerful discussion, and sending you love and blessings for your big heart and brave spirit.. Lisa

  • Trish Guglielmo

    Career changes can be just as catastrophic as an auto accident! I never doubted the path I was placed on, I trusted the light at the end of the tunnel that flickered and showed me the way. I look back now on that path I traveled, and see colorful mountains and lush hills and it all seems to be a well traveled road I am glad I was thrown on. Can’t wait to read part two tomorrow! The boot of shame picture is soo comical and that is what will keep you going for sure!

  • lorlei

    ty for sharing it seems like my life story my accident happened 10 years ago that has lead me threw the most incredable awaking of my life threw the most powerful healing i could embark on

  • Josephine Saccheri

    Hello beautiful,
    My husband a few years back got a very loud visit from the Universe. He always complained about his job and how he wanted to drive trucks instead but was to afraid to take some time off to get his CDL license…the complaining went on for YEARS but was to afraid of change. One day while cutting down a tree at my folks house a rather large branch fell on him breaking 6 ribs, punctured his lunch, broken collar bone and broke his arm and of course bruised his ego that he did not move in time. It took him about 6 mos of recovery and during this time he went to school to learn how to drive a big ass truck, got his CDL license and has been happy ever since, me too btw, the bitching stopped LOL

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      omg that made me laugh so hard – isn’t it true though ? I also kept saying ” I wish I could take the summer off!” Oh oh

      • Josephine Saccheri

        LOL well you know the universe gives you exactly what you ask for!! Glad you can laugh about it now 🙂

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          it actually only occurred to me after reading your comment! I had completely forgotten that I kept saying I wanted to get to a place where I could take a month off. Now that is pretty freaking hilarious. What a journey xoxo

          • Josephine Saccheri

            You gotta love how the universe works and all of its beauty!! Love to you, enjoy your summer!!!

          • Kerry

            This scenario also happened to me….I had been facing a major decision that had a deadline. I very much wanted more time and longed to go within and get away from it all to get clear about my decision. I thought this and said it. A week after I made the decision, I had an accident at work that took off my fingertip. When I was at home the first couple of days, I realized that I had gotten what I wanted and asked for ….just after the fact. I then had a month to think about the decision I had made. It seems like there is truth in being careful for what you wish for and being mindful of our thoughts and statements.

      • Liliana

        About three years ago I had major surgery that left me recovering for about six weeks. My time off was so difficult because it forced me to face one of my biggest fears–being off work and not being able to pay my bills. My fear was misplaced and just sucked up energy because in the end the bills got paid. This time off also forced me to put into practice my faith in God and myself. It allowed me to open up to my family and let them in instead of keeping them at arms length. It was also the fork in road for me; both roads were for me, but which one would make happy and make me a better person or which one serve a greater purpose and give me a sense of accomplishment and peace. I hope you recover soon and everyone who is walking in shoes at this moment…may Sacred Spirit guide you to what your soul is in search of. Lots of love.

  • Liz Jansen

    Kudos to you for not letting this lesson stop you from riding and thank you for being such a positive role model. This isn’t about motorcycling. I’ve been riding for 43 years now, ride extensively and am an instructor. In 2008 I was catapulted over the handlebars of a small dirt bike while taking a course to improve my on-road skills. It happened so fast and there I was – sitting in the woods, unable to move my right arm. As i was soon to learn, my shoulder was broken. I knew immediately it was a lesson for me. As you know, your right arm controls the throttle and front brake – primary controls on the motorcycle. My work involves women, motorcycles and personal power. I heard God saying…You think you know about power and control. I’m going to give that arm a rest for a while so you can think about where it really comes from and what’s really important. I had ignored warning signs (including a little speeding ticket) to slow down; now I had to. I couldn’t ride – that was the worst. It was a really dark time for me, but also one of transformation. I was riding again in 3 months, my life and work took on new meaning and focus. I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Liz I am so happy you wrote – it is a dark time which I tend to couch in humor. Do you have a book out? I think I have something with your name on it? Unless I am predicting it ahhaah

      • Liz Jansen

        Thanks Colette. My book was released 1 1/2 years ago. Maybe you saw my next one! 🙂

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          the red one yes?? I have it and just bought it again on Kindle and will read it this weekend -it’s exactly what I need and yes.. the next book is blue…

          • Liz Jansen

            Yes the red one! Thank you Colette – on both counts/colors.

  • Kristi Brower

    When I was 20 years old I moved to another state to attend college on a music scholarship. Before my semester started I was in a car wreck and injured my neck and right shoulder. I was a Clarinet player, and couldn’t even hold the instrument up for a year. I moved home and my life totally changed direction. I ended up studying Social Work in college. While healing from my injuries I started learning about energy healing and really got in touch with my intuition. That accident put me squarely on my path and changed my life forever. I am so glad you are ok and finding joy in this journey!

  • Alena Michaels

    Hi Colette,
    I’m sorry to hear about your “little hick up” on the road but hey – life would be boring if we sailed smoothly all the time, right?
    I have a good friend who had a motorcycle accident on major FL highway. He rode without a helmet and almost didn’t make it. After 6 months of intensive care, surgeries, therapy, energy healing and any other alternative medicine, he was released from the hospital. Now, we are talking few major surgeries and removing a part of his brain that was damaged. We all knew that he got a second chance from the Universe. Well, almost exactly 6 months after he was released from the hospital, he rode his bike (no more motorcycle) and got hit by a car. He made it again. But this time it felt like Universe said “I won’t be giving you any more chances”. He’s had some major work to do and it seems that he’s accepted that finally because there has been no more accidents. It’s been difficult for his close relatives and friends but I have a feeling he’s slowly but surely discovering his own self and changes people around him without being aware of it. My 8 yo daughter at that time for instance wrote to the governor of FL asking to establish the law of wearing helmets when riding motorcycles. She received a response, not a positive one, but it was a rewarding to her for taking action, And yes, sometimes one accident won’t help, it will take 2… All the best to you and use that time off for your greatest benefit!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that’s terrible . I live in a no helmet state too. The motto of New Hampshire is “live free or die”.People ride here with tshirts no helmets etc. I wear the whole shebang – helmet safety gear etc.
      I say live free- don’t die- NEVER ride without full safety gear!

  • Naomi Digby

    Thanks for sharing Colette! I had a near-death experience where I nearly drowned to death in the ocean….Due to that incident, that same year I developed awful panic attacks at night, petrified at the thought of dying and being dead.

    I was crying and freaking out every single night – I must have been driving my spirit guides NUTS because of my desperate pleas for help to ease the attacks. But one night, I actually saw my guide (or an angel maybe?) show up in my bedroom! I had a feeling that if he/she said something it would have been “UGH SHUT UP WE HEAR YOU. Now you have proof so go back to sleep!” Hahaha

    I had a feeling I was meant to go through the suffering for so many different reasons….Now I understand and sympathize people who suffer from mental pains, AND I have discovered that there’s a whole gang up on “the otherside” who’s looking out for us…Even if we can’t see them 🙂

  • Brenda

    I too have just experienced a slight accident..i put a chain/saw/grinder into my arm..5 years of using the same tool and it took one sec to drag it across 3 inches…i remember seeing blood spurt hand quickly grasped the open wound..i felt NO was strange indeed to be scared to see what actually happened underneath my glove, as i lifted my hand off the torn flesh….8 stitches later and it was so weird but still no pain…i think the learning process was to not be living in fear of doing something for just this reason that things happen unexpectedly..your accident is just a small bump into the healing process allowing the miracle of moving forward now with more speed bumps and we now must take the time to do things with a bit more care as we are slower…when someone said to me “question why did you do this to yourself?” i was instantly angry but soon realized that indeed it was not carelessness and surely no one else’s fault but just a time to take clear notice of every detail that surrounds are environment..not only the sheer feeling that things could have been worse but sheer joy of recovery and gratitude..i love the fact that the healing process has excelled each day with the joy of seeing everything around me in a new view…in my thoughts as i write this i know i can over come everything and everything is perfect..glad your doing great!

  • Marie Knapp

    Colette, Love the nail polish color. Boot duty is never fun and hopefully you will heal well so you can get back on your metal horse and ride. I’m grateful everyday that your words acknowledged my suffering and set me on the path of freedom. Many lessons have been learned from you and all your followers. Bless all of you!

  • Janice Delphin-Alleyne

    Dearest Colette:

    I hope you are feeling better day by day. While the circumstances may, at first glance, appear to be negative, I definitely believe in the silver lining being draped around every seemingly unfortunate situation. I don’t believe that this is really about the motorcycle and whether or not you should continue to ride. The accident is merely the circumstance which has invited you to engage in the inquiry of the message Spirit may have for you. Perhaps Spirit is simply reminding you that in the hustle and bustle of all that you are doing to find time to slow down a little from time to time. Spirit may be reminding you that it can be difficult to be fully present when the pace of life is too fast for too long. Spirit may be inviting you to lead a more balanced life. Perhaps a more balanced life would encompass continuing to offer all that you do and more while also enjoying more down time, play time, time for family and friends and such. The circumstance could also be a wonderful reminder to persevere, especially since it could be so easy to buy into the fear and walk away from riding altogether. I am certain that as you use this time to heal and commune with your soul, all that is meant to be revealed, will be.

    Sending you light, love and healing energy,

    Janice xoxo ❤

  • Kristine

    Colette, my whole life has changed in the past few years. A few years ago I would have said that I have “lost” everything, but thankfully today I can honestly say that I have allowed all of the “old energy” to dissipate and shift out of my life, and I have moved and allowed myself to move into the “new”… My marriage ended, my best friend transitioned along with my cat, I moved from a beautiful home and property to an apartment, changed my job, along with many other things and situations that I won’t go into now.

    My “new home” felt like I’d always lived here the moment we moved in. (my daughter and myself). My “new job” is amazing and allows me to move into my creative self. My 13 yr. old dog made the changes with us but I know he willing be leaving us soon but I am just so grateful to have had him as my best friend for all of these years.

    So although we will face many challenges in our lives here upon this Earth, if we look at them with gratitude for the gifts they really are in helping us to move forward on our journey, and helping us in “letting go and allowing” which enables us to be at “peace” with ourselves even when we are facing chaos in our lives, we will find ourselves loving who we are and will know and believe that all is perfect plan and Divine order. Everything happens “for” us and not “to” us, although we can’t always see or know the reasons at the time. I can honestly say that I now am at “peace” within most of the time and happier than I’ve ever been. I am so thankful that you are still with us. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.

  • Beth

    I wonder if the temptation to change my name or edit my settings as I comment here reflects some degree of shame? Lol.. I know they it does. In ’07, as I finally gathered myself and steamed ahead with big dreams… I was hot! And I knew it! One night I proudly filled my fridge, and set out on cooking dinner. I burned it. There wasn’t enough water to go around that night. I tentatively asked my sister- 3rd in line to shower- if she thought I was out of balance. Did I go to the sauna too much? Was I too tan? I felt the abundance of fire in my constitution… No, no. You’re being silly. That very night, as everyone slept, I exited the shower at 11pm. I could smell smoke, a little. I could hear a faint alarm. It got louder. I had taken steps to ensure my normally night-life loving sister was home, so I woke her up. As she opens the back door the word “no… Don’t…” Started to fall out of my mouth, but alas too late… The smoke swirled in thick and we ran for the kids, woke the neighbors.. My little haven was on its way up in flames and I had very efficiently escorted everyone out, called 911, put on underwear, and grabbed my keys, wallet phone. I handled the aftermath equally “efficiently”. Too bad I was devastated, beneath it all. I just wanted to know how all the working and scrimping and saving, all the memories, could be gone. The. I felt so ashamed for missing my new curtains, my favorite coffee mugs, my art stuff, cd’s. I decided to start living by the “Fukitol” method. That got REALLY messy. I rebuilt the life of my dreams, with that attitude. I bet you know what happened to that… It crumbled. I retreated. Moved in with my parents. One more time, with an extra child in tow and 2 new drug habits hooked and dumped. I tried, but like you said, there was something missing. When the family home burned down too, I was really ashamed. Not just ruined your life, but your whole family’s too! Great! It took a long time in isolation to even try to recover even one dream I had, and even longer to get up the nerve to reach for it. It’s been struggle, tumbled in humble moments of joy, but I really think I’m ready. I know if I want my life back this time it’s gonna take me rebuilding… It feels like I got toothpicks to work with, but it’s coming along. Finally learned their ain’t no shame in trying… Especially when you keep begging for just one more chance. You did ask for it and you sure got it.. More than I’ve even described in this short novel. Every time this stuff happened, I had heard warnings of what I was manifesting from months to minutes before “the clearing of the path”. Don’t be ashamed you didn’t listen. Nobody wants to believe that this disaster is what they wanted or what they asked for. I promise.

  • Eileen Navarro

    I have been forced to stop and slow downing times. I would say that three things occurred that set the stage for total transformation. The first one would be enduring a car accident that completely totaled our car with only one year left till payoff. That accident was okay but three months after that first accident we endured another car accident that nearly totaled that car. Needless to say it woke me up to living the dream instead of saying one day. It propelled me into fulfilling my dreams and moving towards my next venture. Fast forward 5 years and I’m living it up and so happy then bam, knee down and surgery bound. It required me to focus on my purpose and really look at what I wanted in life. Then a year after that next knee down and surgery bound. This time I was forced to focus on my health and well being. I look back on it now and I can say I’m extremely grateful. Without those experiences I wouldn’t be right here reading your blog. I think sometimes you have to be vulnerable in order to grow.

  • CelticSeer


    Maybe the universe is trying to tell you to slow down a little and smell the roses….sorry it happened in such a dramatic fashion. Thank you for your generosity and insights. Wishing you full recovery. 🙂

  • Judy

    Wishing you a Speedy recovery…………..hmmmmm……….let’s leave the speedy out for now!! I’m having an emotional “crash”. I moved in w/my Dad for the last 7months of his life. He died March 2012…I came home, within 2 months, my parrot I had for over 25 years died(Aug 2012)… blind dog 7yrs old got cancer and had to be put down(Jan 2013) my daughter moved to SC where my son and grkids live (April 2013) Stepdaughter moved to FL (May 2013)………..I have “lost” all the things in my life that I love, and I feel so alone. I’ve cried more in the last year than I have in the last 8. I guess it means it time for me to be alone w/me and figure out what I want/need to do. Sorta like riding a bike…where do you “plan” to go? Don’t you just get on and ride wherever? I don’t think you pull out a map and draw lines, and call ahead for detours etc. etc. Am I supposed to plan?…..just go w/the wind?…..wait for a sign?……or finish cleansing/crying then maybe have “clearer” sight for my future? These are not questions for you to answer or help me with…….I own them. I just saw parallels w/ your situation. I’m immobile right now……I look in the mirror and wonder why I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. Am I at this point in my life because I’ve always been so busy taking care of everyone/thing, that I didn’t take time to follow my passion or even figure out what it is ? I don’t know. I’m going to take the time I’ve been given…(PLENTY of it) to heal…like you….I’m going to write my feelings down…like you……and I do appreciate all life holds for me….like you. Good luck Colette.

  • Unicole

    I hope you enjoy your holiday!! Its truly deserved! its a shame you wont be able to ride on your holiday!! Maybe grab a few good book huh? heheh!
    Hope you are feeling better C !!!
    Sending all my love & healing energy!!
    xxxxx <3

  • Eileen OToole

    Why do I think that your accident happened ages ago? Did you have a difficult time learning how to drive a bike? Was there something with your instructor? Some shaming or something?
    Odd.. I could have sworn you broke a foot ages ago….nevertheless, get well soon

    All the best
    Eileen in Ireland

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      3 years ago the first day I got on my very first motorcycle i drove it right into some trash cans, and yes there was the story of the nasty instructor who yelled at me the whole time. Don’t blame him today however he’s an ex marine who had no idea how to handle a feisty gal like me who bucks authority. Never broken a thing in 55 years! I’d say I’ve done pretty good so far.

  • donna

    So sorry to hear of your accident Colette, hope you are on the mend. Yes i do think you need to slow down.
    I slipped on a wet floor at work and after having one major hip operation, i am now recovering from the 2nd operation. I have just had a total hip replacement. At the age of 51 this is total devastation! I have to go to court to fight work-care and i have no clue where and when this will all end. i’m guessing my job is also in jeopardy. What was i suppose to learn.
    Donna 21st, November 1961.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Donna… only you can soul search this one. Lessons aren’t integrated when someone else tells you. You need to go within and slowly the answers will come. Rarely do we have it all figured out while it’s all happening. xoox

  • Gloria Ramsay

    In 2007 I had a really minor accident, followed by surgical misadventure and 2 years later in 2009 I had a fall that damaged my lower back. Prior to the first accident I’d been working 55 hours a week in a corporate management role and had said to a friend just 2 hours before the first accident happened that I was really ready to make a change in my career once I finished my studies. I had been studying for a Diploma in Family therapy, but still had two years to go. The rug was completely pulled out from under me and I was unable to continue in the work I was doing as I lost the use of my right hand and arm. Losing my power of choice, my absolute control, after being incapacitated by an accident was a huge shock to my ego and took me to places I thought I had long since left behind which added to the shock. Grief returned ( I’d been widowed 9 years earlier) and with that the disbelief, this can’t be happening, then questioning Why?? frustration as independence was lost, I couldn’t drive, cook, shower unaided etc. Anger visited, Pity visited, Fear, Panic, Stress, Worry and in the middle of this was all of the physical pain! I was on an emotional roller coaster which I realized eventually with the help of an awesome specialist, was a totally normal reaction. Eventually I came to realize that all I could really do is roll with it, show myself compassion, not judge or blame myself or the surgeon and eventually shift into acceptance of what I could do, let go and hand over what I couldn’t do, and let my healing really begin. I re read Eckhart’s Power of Now, started to notice the little daily miracles that had never stopped going on around me, and became grateful again for this wonderful gift of life. I’m now a coach and intuitive healer and love it. Go gently and take it easy on yourself as you heal, beautiful Goddess Colette! You will have even more treasures to share with us after this journey.

  • klynn

    Well, how timely. I wasn’t going to read this email from you but decided to anyway. One week ago today I had a car accident. Because I rear-ended the car in front of me, it’s my fault according to the law. My inattention did cause it, but there was another factor – a HUGE farm fertilizer truck driving on the shoulder of the road with no signaling to merge with the highway traffic that was going 80 and 90 kmh!! I thought the car in front of me was signalling left to go past him when, too late, I realized it was TURNING left. By the grace of God, everyone was ok. The truck left the scene but we tracked him down later. I have been under a lot of relationship stress lately, but this had abated somewhat. But that morning as I left for the one hour drive to my appointment, I had a thought enter my head “Something doesn’t feel right”, but dismissed it. I had just left my Kundalini yoga class and attribute my relaxed feeling to that. I have spent the last week in a fog, feeling ashamed for causing grief to another human being, but trying to be thankful for my life. I realize how very lucky I am. There had been a fatal accident in the same place the week before. Now that the symptoms of post-traumatic stress are starting to subside, I will be more likely to ponder what this means to my life. And thankyou for writing this because I may not have thought to look twice at this life event. I wish you much love and light, and a speedy recovery! Thank God for your life!

  • Veronica whiteside

    Dear Colette i think the universe was tell ing you to slow down, i use to be rushing around like a loon now i cant even get out of bed , never mind a motorcycle , have not seen you for a few years we met on 2 cruises, one with Gordon Smith and 1 with Sylvia Browne, keep well ,stay Safe, from Veronica in Liverpool England xxx

  • Karen Wessling

    Good Morning ~ I bet you look outside every morning and say, “oh well, its still raining, I couldn’t have ridden today anyway” ??

    I was not going to write, as a matter of fact , when I went into Staples on Tuesday, I was thinking, perhaps I will run into Colette again and give her my thoughts on her accident, hee hee. But you asked , so here goes….

    Almost 2 years ago, I was running at warp speed. I was spending more time taking care of my clients, teaching workshops, blah blah….. you know how it goes. So I thought perhaps I’d go in the paddock and spend time with my 2 Belgian drafts. I think they had a plan. I was hugging on Madeline, the youngest mare, when I zigged and she zagged. The front hoof of her 2000 lb body landed on my left foot. I was taken to my knees.

    After a few short weeks, I decided it was time for me to relinquish the “boot” and go back to warp speed. I then fell down the stairs and broke it better, if there is such a thing.
    Lesson learned , you’d think? As you know, there is still a LOT we can do from our perch these days with technology, so really , I didn’t slow down very much. Workshops can be Skyped, and so on………

    But I eventually took it a bit easier, and convinced the Universe I had learned!!

    Fast forward a year. Back to warp speed for me! One morning, I could not even walk when I got out of bed in the morning. Severe Plantar Faciitis !! BOTH FEET!

    As I sit here on the bed with my feet elevated, I say to you, please take your time getting back to warp speed, so you at least have one good foot to hobble on!!

    And…………… because I ran into “someone” at the PawsWalk in Stratham on Sunday, I chuckle as the Universe seems to be saying to MANY of us … *wink* “….slow down, or I breaka you foot” ! (done in my best Marlin Brando, or whoever that was)

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      OMG wink and we know who that person is.. he broke his foot in the same hour I broke mine haahhahaah. What extraordinary lessons! My good foot is connected to the wrecked leg from the motorcycle accident. The broken foot was the original ” good foot”. But it’s forcing my bad leg to heal quicker. Fascinating stuff. Sorry you’re having the Plantar Faciitus. Dr Darren Weissman took me through a Lifeline technique once over the phone and he unravelled , or rather my body unraveled the tendons right then and there and I was able to heal in no time. YOu might consider that. The foot is all about fear of moving forward. hmmmm. oxoxoxoxo

      • Kim Hollon

        Collette, I follow you on Twitter (step-daughter of Mama Sharon).

        Wow, what a story – parts 1 & 2. i love your spirit and honesty. I cant believe I happened to see your link to this story (and how close I feel it is to my own experiences of late, the way you rush about etc and what happened as a result) …and that I’d end up reading all the comments and find the line you wrote about feet as an analogy for fear of moving forward?

        I’m going through changes, loss of the love of my life (so far) and I can’t accept it is over and that this frees me up for something new and exiting, problems on the home front. Contemplating a change of job, first in 17 years. Current job that I put in 50+ hours a week at, am obsessed with, as a substitute for life? My body is all out of balance, torn rotator cuff, vertigo, and now a ‘popped’ knee cap …and weeks of foot and leg cramps??!! Wow.

        I’m not where I can only hope I am meant to end up, but thank you for the food for thought. As my mama, my spiritual guide says, I’m being shoved along …your story is helping with the push.


      • Karen Wessling

        He tried to explain that part to me, I just wasn’t ‘getting’ it, but I do now. Also *pup* was anxious to keep moving , so he was telling me while walking away . xoxox

  • Sheri-Lynne Hinton

    Hi Colette,

    In the fall of 1981, I was a passenger in a motorcycle accident. Luckily, we had minor injuries and we healed well. It’s not the accident or the injuries that stands out, but where it happened. We were traveling down a curvy road (Elwyn Road in Portsmouth) and, as we were going around the curve by what is now the Urban Forestry Center, the bike laid down and slid off the road. We, luckily, landed between a tree and a telephone pole. Long story short, after I got home from the emergency room with a casted sprained and chipped ankle I found out that Teddy, “the boy next door” to where I grew up, walked the bike back to my parents house.

    March 30, 2010. Teddy, the boy who left his trucks and GI Joes in my front yard not realizing “my” tree was a house on a deserted island like the Swiss Family Robinson when we were 8, my first boyfriend that walked hand in hand with me on warm summer evenings when we 14, who took me to my senior prom because no one else wanted to take me, had a motorcycle accident just yards away from where mine had been. He passed a few days later.

    I could “feel” him the day he passed. The days that followed filled me with guilt, for he had been going through a rough (self-imposed – but that is a story for another time) time. He had tried to reach out to me after he and his wife had split up. I had not reached back.

    The turning point for me was the night he showed up in my dreams, as some others have before, to tell me not to worry and that he knows I love him as the dear friend that he was. I had not been focusing on the intuitive side of my life and his visit was a beautiful reminder.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I know it added another curve to my “turning point.”

    Sending light and healing thoughts,

  • Susan

    Colette- your story certainly resonated with me as I’m doing physical therapy for an ankle break at the end of March that required surgery & a metal plate and 6 screws. A simple case of missing the last step outside my house and not wanting to fall on my 20 lb dog who was I front of me. I pondered what the lessons might be – hmmm… I had been in a pretty good place emotionally, my intuition having blossomed 2 years earlier, having learned reiki I/II last fall, etc. For me, my ‘ahas’ included it is easier for me to give love than receive, and the ankle break imcluded me needing to be kind to myself and receive the love and help from others. I lived with my mom for 2 months as I couldn’t navigate my staircase while I was In the cast and not allowed to put any weight on my foot. I also had to rely on co-workers to drive me to work since it was my right ankle. Enough about me – I send you encouragement. Take each day one at a time and celebrate the little milestones as it sounds like you are with your recent walk. I’m doing well with my healing and of course you will also. Thank you for sharing and I’m learning through others’ posts too.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sending you a hug and healing ( and everyone else here too!) I know it’s amazing I had no idea people would respond to this story so much and you guys haven’t even got Part 2 yet !! YOu all think I broke my foot on the motorcycle ,.. wait til you read what happened next after the accident! xooxoxox

  • Nancy Lambert

    Thank you for sharing your feelings with us ! I send you energy healing to a fast recovery . How lucky you are not to have been in a worse condition ?
    My life story at this stag in my life of the young age of 61 is this year I was told I have an uncommon auto immune disease call Myasthenia Gravis which effects all your muscles . This has changed my life 100% . There is no cure for this so the doctor tells me ,but I plan on showing him different . There are treatments to help you get in remission but my issue is I’m allergic to most of the medications for this . As I sit in a hospital bed extremely sick from Meds it dawns on me that this journey is to teach me lessons and the doctors lessons that its the Body ,Mind , and Soul that heal our human body . As the doctors watch me I turn to meditation music to help me over being sick and accept the drugs I have to have for this condition . I will help teach them of the spirit and soul in the healing process and they will teach me of the body and being more grounded . I do need this body to live hear in this plain of what we call earth . I’m sure as you know it is very challenging at times in keeping our faith strong but it’s worth it so in some small chance you can help someone else face their own challenges and lessons of life . My doctor wants me to write a book LOL I’ll see I would call it living in the Inbetween place . I wish is to help people in showing them how to use meditation as a guide to help with sickness and pain and not just drugs .
    Thank you so much for being you !
    Love and Blessings
    Nancy from Maine

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Nancy it’s true living in between is where the miracles come…

    • Alena Michaels

      Nancy, I read your inspiring post and just wanted to send you many blessings! It’s that energy and faith you hold that manifests the miracles! Sending you so much love and light!

  • Kim

    Dear Colette,
    Sending you prayers of fast healing and strength. I recently quit a high stress job whic paid very well. I was losing my focus and passion for life as I was on this path for five years. After several months of planning, I paid my mortgage several months ahead and jumped from my current position with the plans of rebalancing my life over the summer. First time I have not been working in many, many years!

    I dreamed of having a position where I could help people, mostly children. I don’t have children of my own, but love the vision that children have. I also dreamed that I could create my own schedule and work from my home office. (My sanctuary is my back yard, when I traveled I often would invision being there listening to the birds, taking in the beauty of the flowers and just coming aware of who I was.)

    Today I am having lunch with a nonprofit called Nourish (only four years old). I am accepting the position of Food Justice Director (newly created). I will be working with seven organic farms and our local chefs to bring better menu selections to our schools. In addition creating educational programs on creating healthy meals for families on a fixed income. (my previous life I created educational symposiums for orthodontists.)

    All is amazingly beautiful to me. Yes, my income will be different; but in turn I will be different. At the end of the day, I can say I made a difference. That is my dream.

    I want to truly thank you Colette as I was introduced to you in Lombard a couple of summers ago during the peak of my stress. I was volunteer for a couple of your programs. My coach was able to open my eyes and my heart which was completely shut down.

    It’s been quite the journey, I’m anxious now to begin my weight loss journey. Being in a great space emotionally, I know that I can now become focused on my health and well being.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your gifts.


  • Anne

    Between April and May this year, I lost what I thought was my dream job, filed for divorce after many long years of trying to make a marriage work and developed a super painful case of shingles! Wake-up call. I am reading these beautiful comments and trying to figure out what these ‘accidents’ (LOL) mean and how I should/could rebuild my life. It is a daunting assignment. I know iI have said to myself these last several years that I was working too hard, wanted to spend more time with my kids, finish the book I’ve drafted and recreate myself but it is not like the answers are appearing so easily. So my intuition is saying ‘slow down, let your heart and mind be patient, it will come to you this time,’. The lessons of patience and trust in self and universe are scary…….it is raw and messy and I panic a good amount but i am here and hopeful that my new life will unfold just as it is supposed to. I lookforward to having the hindsight to know what all means! Anne

  • Betsy F

    Hi Colette. My husband and I have 50 cc scooters that we bought two years ago. I am 63 years old and am having the time of my life with them and so is my husband. From day one I have said that we should be wearing helmets though Delaware ha no helmet law. I know how great the wind feels whipping through my hair. But I wear glasses and the wind in my eyes makes it very hard to see when my eyes tear up. So I bought two helmets, one for me and one for hubby. He refuses to wear one..purely out of vanity as he thinks it’s unattractive, I on the other hand know what can happen when a person’s head can hit the ground. My father had a traumatic brain injury at age 90, and “lived” for 5 years more. I saw all the patients in the rehab hospital who had been in motor cycle accidents…some with half their skull missing. I have begged my husband to wear one but he remains stubborn. I have a “feeling” that he will have an accident. I am not psychic but I do have flashes of intuition at times. I told him not so kindly that if he has a bad crash and ends up a vegetable, I refuse to take care of him. (I really would take care of him) I told him if he gets brain damage, that he better hope he dies, as he wouldn’t be able to tolerate life if he were brain damaged. My gut feeling is that it is only a matter of time before one of us has either a close call or an accident, and so I bought a full face motorcycle helmet in bubble gum pink so that I can be easily seen. Is it a fashion horror? Yup, but I do feel more secure wearing it. I won’t stop prompting him to wear one, but in the meantime every time we go riding, I worry about him and this sense of impending danger I express only makes him roll his eyes at me….this is nothing new.
    I guess if my intuition were more believable or I had a track record of precognitive feelings coming true, then maybe he would listen. Till then, I will nag away, and pray that I am way off base.

  • Hillary K. Maley

    I have to say that I too, had a strange feeling about you & that bike. I know it’s silly & not the topic @ hand… But as a dirt bike rider AND street rider in the mountains of Colorado (gnarly riding!) I know how to ride. & the truth is, comfort & ease in the saddle nets confidence. & as we all know when we are a bit trembly (nervous/fearful) we attract from that place. When I was learning to ride back in the 80s my boyfriend @ the time said something to me that was hard for me to fathom…. He said, “Speed is your friend. It will get you out of bad situations. Hesitate & you’re down.” What he meant by that & what I later came to literally understand when riding, is the trepidation & hesitancy in the milliseconds leading up to a bump, accident, or tricky situation is what makes or breaks you. Accelerating through will generally save you… (the momentum keeps the bike upright = physics) The moment of hesitancy can cause the accident. If you really are serious about getting back on the ‘horse’ (Harley.) 😉 I urge you to choose a smaller more agile bike that responds to you quicker. It’s like comparing slalom skis to GS skis. One is quick, extremely responsive, very easy to maneuver, & the other is slow & for big sweeping turns & arduous to maneuver on a dime. Get a bike which is easy to maneuver. You could learn on a dirt bike, (which is what I did,) gain confidence & agility & then go to the rd. (It is soooo much easier learning w/out the fear & distractions of all that the rd entails. ie. motorists, traffic, noise, etc. I will say that there are EASIER & GENTLER ways for you to experience the wind in your hair & the open road. 1st-get a female instructor who understands your trepidation & can relate to you on your level. 2nd~how about a dirt bike to start & learning on some trails or open areas outside of Conn. There is literally an entire infrastructure for dirt biking back east… & it is GLORIOUS! Talk about one w/ nature! BEAUTIFUL! I would recommend a 350 Honda which is soooooooooooo easy to navigate. 3rd when going into a street bike, choose one which is smaller & more snappy/responsive. WE LOVE YOU!!! We want you to be safe!!! I will add (which is relevant to your request) 🙂 that my entire life has been one hind site “Oh damn” after another! Accidents, wake up calls. It’s not that my life has been so busy… It’s just that I haven’t trusted my intuition & that little voice which said, “Not a good idea.” OR, “STOP!” Hellooo, 6 skiing related injuries/accidents which netted major surgery! I knew each time before hand. Those were the stop-drop-&-roll times in my life. Nothing like being non weight bearing & unable to literally move, to turn one IN. 🙂 YOU-I LOVE w/ all my heart! So grateful for you & your work. You were AWESOME on the Hay House World Summit!!! XXXOOO

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for writing fellow rider! I was super confident on the Harley’s I test drove and I rode a DEluxe softtail for 2 years. I am going to test drive some other bikes regardless but I have an awesome instructor who teaches the police courses out here who will take me out on the back of his bike for a while til I get the feel of it. I’m not afraid to get back on – I wasn’t confident on that exact bike.I think she served the divine purpose in the end though -plus I didn’t slow down enough when I made the turn to accelerate. The sand on the road.. but true if I had been on a smaller bike I bet I could have zipped outta there. O well this is what happened. OY VEY. I so appreciate you for writing it’s important for me to connect with other women riders – sisters of the wind!

  • Laura

    Hi Colette, my moment came with an unplanned
    Pregnancy with my long term boyfriend. I was on
    A road to disaster, personal life was a mess, we
    Weathered a very rocky 6 months of pregnancy
    Together fraught with weekly trips to the hospital
    From placenta bleeding before giving birth to
    Our beautiful baby girl. She passed over and through
    Her and our grief of losing her we came together and
    Got back on our path and went on to have 2 more
    Beautiful children and get married. That all happened
    18 years ago and we have both come so far spiritually
    So you just needed some time to take stock and
    Sending good juju beans!!!!!

  • Reply

    Thank you for your letter
    I’m sorry about what happened, and I’m also happy for the miraculous salvation which it certainly is blessing and protection of God, I can not help you, hopefully always protected him. For answers to questions? Can, if there is a will and keep trying.
    Best Hug

  • Lynn

    Thank you for sharing your experience Collette .. It’s amazing .. & what is so true for me in your sharing is that there’s not necessarily some big bad nasty woo woo energy in what happened .. You’ve not bought into fear, blame or ‘should.’, you have been real, authentic & human! I love that & admire you the more for it. It feels as though you have come out of it stronger & wiser in listening to your intuition …. on a more personal note for me, I’ve had an experience in late April when I was on my way, by myself, to Peru to go deeper into the Munay-ki Rites ..I literally fell flat onto my face, knocked out for ?? Minutes .. Felt & ‘saw’ the ‘thwack’ as I hit the concrete ramp, came to with all these lovely Spanish speaking folk holding me, blood everywhere & one of my upper front teeth ‘gone’ .. I have no physical underlying health issues that may have caused it .. No medications etc, I don’t drink alcohol or do any kind of drugs .. Was it the Long haul flights from Oz … Big waits on Tarmac in planes without a/c going or water given to passengers .. Happened twice (Sydney & Auckland) .. Who knows?. What I do know without any doubt is that when I energetically asked for help from the other realms, angel people came in to help me, a non Spanish speaker, at the airport, in the ambulance, at the hospital in two separate visits, at the hotel when my travel insurer demanded heaps of paperwork but offered no practical support .. Over & over angel folk were there for me & I really really got that I was never alone .. That I only need ask & then help arrived in the most kind & unexpected ways .. & continued even when I was flown home & got ill on board the plane from all the facial swelling …

    Collette, I have also found this huge strength & support in telling the simple of truth of what happened .. No frills, no trying to figure it out .. Lovely kind wonderful folk have reached out .. & some great folk are asking when. Am planning on going to Peru cause they want to come with me 😉 .. How cool is that! …

    Collette we are truly blessed .. We are not alone …. I woke up being now able to feel the rotational spin of the Earth, know when there’s solar flares & my telempathy is becoming clearer .. & I feel lighter & stronger now that I have grounded, reconnected with myself & been still … Somehow our ‘adventures’ are part of the awakening ..we ask for help healing & it’s rapid .. Only a few days ago I read that another author whim I also admire .. Nicki Scully, had a fall & broke her hip .. Her recovery is rapid & remarkable .. Energy healing has done wonders ..

    These are amazing times .. Blessings to you Collette, & thank you for your honesty & courage Lynn

  • Laura

    Your story hit a ‘nerve’ with me, Colette. Glad you are ok now.
    Two years ago the company that I had worked at for 15 yrs went through a buy out. My job as a nurse went through many changes. In the process many of the people I had worked with for years either quit or were fired, we moved to a new office building, changed computer systems twice and on and on and on.
    Bottom line is after about a year of constant change with this new company I got shingles. I couldn’t work or care for patients while I had the shingles and was forced to stay home. I realized at that point this new company did not have the same values I did and I was beginning to face my ‘identity death’ – a nurse at this practice.
    I eventually quit and now I have started my own company practicing reflexology. I intend to go back to school for massage therapy and energy healing and to practice that as well.
    Thank you for sharing your stories, you have been a big help to me through my own transition.


  • Tracy

    Well I’m pretty insightful and I’ve found that sometimes my guides will let things happen to me that they know I can handle to avert something I couldn’t handle. I bet you learned something when you went down… like the weight of that bike and at what angle you lost the ability to maneuver it.

    I wanted to get a scooter since gas got so expensive. I thought I would use it for around town stuff. My guides showed me out on the road that I would not be seen. I’ve met you and you do shine with will. I hope you ask your guides next purchase what bike you have the best chance on. My experience in healing… Reiki is pretty amazing. And for protection while driving… rune & reiki symbols work nicely.

  • Kate

    I was in an accident Saturday morning that involved my 99 Mazda Protege slamming into a Subaru Forester–I think you can guess which vehicle was able to drive away from that accident. The other car (the Forester) turned left in front of me and I could not stop in time. About 5-10 seconds before the accident, I heard one of my guides say “you’re going to have an accident now. but it’s going to be ok.”. I responded by saying “ok.” I am a long-time yoga and Pilates student–I also rode horses as a kid. This brief warning allowed me to engage my core and when I was thrown forward by the crash, slowed myself to the point where I only tapped the windshield with almost no impact. (My air bag did not go off) I walked away with a small scratch on my arm, some small bruises on my knees. I was able to work out most of the soreness and muscle trauma on the yoga mat. The people I hit were wonderful. She is a doctor in integrative medicine and was quite interested that I do Reiki. Her husband was driving and felt terrible–he was crying when I got out of my car to check on them. Not because he was injured, but because he felt so bad. None of us were substantially injured–rattled to be sure. The amazing thing was that we all acted with such love–there was no blame, no shouting, no overt anger. The police took 40 minutes to get there and by that time the husband and I were sitting in his car chatting–the officer was quite puzzled by it all. The miracles went on–the tow truck driver showed up and to take my car and I started crying. He was a big guy, with a soft heart and didn’t know what to do. He told me the car was likely totaled and he could take it to his lot to wait for the insurance company–then, he gave me a ride to my apartment, tow truck and all and helped me unload several years of personal possessions out of the car. Just yesterday, he called to see if it was ok if the insurance company salvaged the car and was also asking if I was ok, if I was able to get a settlement. I had left the house without my phone, or my insurance card. The wife loaned me her phone to call my insurance company, the tow truck driver went out of his way–when I first crashed I felt very sad and alone. But I only thought I was in it alone–and maybe (other than slow down) that is one of the important lessons. I am supported and cared for regardless of circumstance, regardless of whether or not I can reach my friends, or whether I am single or attached. There are more tiny miracles within this that I have not mentioned and I suspect there are some yet to unfold but I have rambled on enough I think. I am so grateful that you survived the accident with minimal injury. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing your readers to see this very human side of you.

  • Lori Briggs

    I can relate my horse rolled on me at a dead gallop…at that time in my life ..8 years ago now I was going the wrong way in life…it was in hindsight a true wake up call that sent me to a place of soul searching and awaking from my ego slumber…now as a yourself I clearly understand why the universe halted me….now I’m w a twin flame partner who races motocross and ride bikes…our sec date a yr ago he won his race and almost stroked out…when this happened I knew he was gonna shift…it’s was very odd seeing the same kick in the pants happen to my beloved…it was a message to stop! Listen and become conscious …now I get messages before hand to remind me not to loose my balance…which is still a wake up call in a much kinder manor…thank you for all you do you are much appreciated!

  • Mamazander

    Dear Colette,
    How often are “accidents” not accidents at all but carefully orchestrated chaos, masterfully conducted by ourselves? Whether we realize it at the time or not. Hindsight is after all, 20/20 vision. As in your “aha” moment when you realized you had been desiring a month off. Voila.

    How many of us have expressed desires, subconsciously or not, only to have them granted and then we find ourselves surprised and unprepared?

    It appears your post and the outpouring of support/comments may prove to be an important catalyst in my recovery from an “accident of circumstances” I have squarely situated myself in (now going on 3+ years….) That mirror you talk about is now showing me I’ve been living life as “Joe Btfsplk” from Li’l Abner. Certainly not the look I’ve been aiming for, nor the role model I wish to be….

    I am looking forward to your sharing Part 2, and sharing my silver lining (when I find it).

    Big hugs…Mamazander

  • Marie Opsahl

    Hi ! 8-D I hope you get fast recovery !! In 1986 I was almost killed crossing street not watching only listening …….I was before the accident very unhappy with myself and full of anxiety and sorrow . My father was a psycopat and i am very sensitive like person , but it,s good that i am because i need it in my profession ( I,m a Violinist and Violist ) This accident opened my eyes ;an d I started to change my life ……..Probably things happens for a reason …I wish you all the best and I simply love your daily WISE ADVICES” . I have missed them for some time now , and through this article I see why …look forward to get them again ! Friendly hallo Marie (Opsahl) Norway Oslo

  • Lorraine Allen

    Yes! Collete… there has been moments in my life of very close to death situations and It’s no fun It can be very, very scary too. I just try to always remember to be thankful.. to God and my wonderful Angels, spirit guides along with my passed loved ones that have crossed over to be with God and of coarse… Mother God Azna, she really does answer prayers…so always know that we charted in this life and we can ask mother Azna to to surround with the Whitelight of God’s holy spirit to protect and guide us through this life… to protect us from any , hurt , harm or danger.In other wordsInstead of a head on collsion.. make it a fender bender and learn the lessson…Alway be thankfl to God live and be a light is this lonely dessertand love and be loved… Blessed Be @ Yes.. I’m in your tribe!!!
    Blessed Be.. always Love!

  • Chikako

    I can really relate. I injured my foot last winter and had to have surgery. For more than a month I couldn’t drive, so I had to cancel all the engagements. I believe this injury happened because I wasn’t spending enough time and energy on what was most important in my life at this time (launching a new business) and instead taking in too many things that should have given a lower priority. I was so frustrated that I didn’t get my new business rolling. I felt overwhelmed all the time and wasn’t taking care of myself very well. While I had to deal with a lot of pain and inconvenience during my recovery period, my injury was also a blessing because it gave me an opportunity to realize what’s most important to me in my life and give the highest priority to the activities related to that while having the courage to drop unimportant matters no matter what other people think of me. I was stuck in my house for a long time, but I enjoyed having extra time for myself without worrying about what I have to do tomorrow day after day. I was also able to use this downtime to create a beautiful website for my new business.

    Collete, I hope you don’t have to deal with a lot of pain and discomfort. I pray for your smooth recovery.


  • Susan E King


    So sorry to hear about your accident.

    Sometimes we are dealt some things in life that is all about making changes when we least expect it. My life has been dotted with two major wake up calls, coming 27 years apart, both were surprising events, but wake up calls nonetheless.

    The first was an stoopid accident on a ski slope which cut me off at the knees for years. The second, however, was a surgical procedure gone awry. The first slowed me down, the second stopped me in my tracks as it nearly terminated my life.

    While I thought I had learned my lesson the first time, the second was more than just a hammer over the head!

    After both I did make life changing alterations to how I lived, worked and thought. Both events, in my case, were centered around work and ambition. Looking back, both came at a time when I was so busy and ensconced in my work and the need to succeed, I had forgotten how to LIVE!

    So, these events are really periods of time where it is suggested that we do a deep level gut check. Both for me were reinforcements that my gut was right and I was not LISTENING. Both were centered around ambition and work and am not I knew what was really important to ME!

    It has taken years to implement a new lifestyle after the last wake up call, but can honestly say I have LIVED more in the last year and a half than I have lived in my lifetime. I spent last winter living in paradise where every trip to the beach was used to throw a little bit more ambition out to the sea.

    While I am still following my passion and doing the work I love, there is time for me to travel and see things I have never seen, do things I have never done and am still learning how to just be, where ever that may be. I feel I have finally arrived. The balance is extraordinary. The need to live and enjoy the simple things in life is finally more important than the need to succeed! It has taken a lifetime to arrive in this place. And is not the destination any more. It is about the journey. And what a journey this has been!

    Stay well, take care and as I know you will, use this time for what it is intended, whatever that may be! My 2 cents!



  • Char

    Okay , don’t know if the Universe was playing with me this morning, if this message was for me or you , but i am going to share with you , as I was reading your message this morning a song keep playing through my head, “I’d Love To Lay You Down ” by Charlie Pride, so I googled it on you tube, and as I listened a big smile came to me , funny how the Universe works. If you listen to it hope it brings a smile to your face . take Care

  • Char

    Whoops so sorry , its Conway Twitty that
    sings that song, more universal play, lol, pride!

  • Char

    Okay , don’t know if the Universe was playing with me this morning, if this message was for me or you , but i am going to share with you , as I was reading your message this morning a song keep playing through my head, “I’d Love To Lay You Down ” by Conway Twitty, so I googled it on you tube, and as I listened a big smile came to me , funny how the Universe works. If you listen to it hope it brings a smile to your face . take Care

  • Linda


    Sending healing energy to you and your legs. Sorry to hear how life handed you the big mirror the hard way – and happy that you have accepted it. Yow – you had been pressing the pedal to the metal for awhile! But, as I always say, “it’s all good”.

    I got my mirror voluntarily. My fiance’ had been saying for years that he wanted a job that allowed him to use all his skills and talents. We had agreed to move together to wherever that was…as long as the job was right, and I felt I could live in that city. Well, he got a job that fulfills his wishes in a city 1200 miles from “home”. It’s a great city, and it’s taking some time to feel adjusted (hard to meet/make friends).

    Just prior to our move, I had been busting my butt for 4 months, designing and writing a major (read: multi-million dollar) grant. Well, as fate would have it, I received the grant, and one month later retired from that job in order to move. A perfect storm? Hard to know…

    I decided this was the time to figure out what my real purpose in life is, so I have been unemployed, and focusing on who my true self is. The mirror in hand, I’m confused about whether I should be doing work like I had been doing (I was on a roll), or change course altogether. My ‘mirror studies’ have uncovered some cool stuff about me that I have either undervalued or forgotten about, but I am still confused. Part of me tells me to go back into business and use my leadership skills as I had been, and part of me says to revisit the artist in me (which is what I was through my early 20’s). Seemingly a fork in the road, but my intuition tells me they’re related….hmmm

    Any advice on what to do next?

  • Krystene Du Maurier

    Oh Colette, I am chuckling to myself, for my 2-inches is right in the here and now! My ‘motorcycle’ is a monstrous sinusitis infection, there for months and I simply chose to ignore it, passing it to the Universe to ‘take care of’ as I simply didn’t have the time to go through the hoops and doctor appointments – yes, I went to a few in the earlier months but the antibiotics didn’t kick it all the way out, and I knew it. Break-neck speed – understatement. By last Thursday/Friday, I was completely out and unable to lift my head from my pillow, let alone open my eyes – I mean literally. Ah…hold the phone Krys, Source Energy is trying to get your attention love…my message was that of focus and where I needed to put my energy. It might as well have been a motorcycle accident, for the pain of it all was just ridiculous. I work as an intuitive, but my calling and direction is to work as an intuitive medium in a very deep way, clearings really around quick deaths/those not prepared for some reason, when needed. Time to write to book, get the data out there on my radio show, and basically ‘come fully out of the closet with my work. And literally 2 hours from now, that is exactly what I will be doing – on my show no less. Feeling lighter and lighter by the minute, focused in the ‘right’ way and allowing my own beautiful flow of my being to express itself – as it should be and simply, is. Love to you beautiful, and know that you are in my meditations and energy work on a fairly regular basis ♥

  • JAS

    My “crash accident” happened on 1000 lbs of real, live horse power I had been riding on for a few weeks: a thoroughbred horse named “Remington” — he was gorgeous, athletic, beautiful. I was “in love” with him and HAD to have him so I took him out for a “final test ride” before I purchased him. At the same time, I was also “head-over-heels” in love with a two-legged stallion (“Mr. Right”) who was not in love with me. I was clearly obsessed with both the horse and Mr. Right– (INSERT RED-WAVING NASCAR FLAGS HERE) — even though the Universe kept giving me signs that both the horse & Mr. Right were wrong for me…(INSERT UN-LIT LIGHTBULB OVER YELLOW SMILEY FACE HERE) — I was simply “not awake.” Long story short: “Remington” (horse) threw me off his back as he tried to join a bunch of other female horses (mares) he was hot for in the pasture we were riding along side of. Clearly, he didn’t want me on his back; clearly he was telling me we were not “a team.” Had I listened to the horse trainer who said: “I don’t like that horse. He’s no good.” before my riding accident??? Had I listened to my intuition telling me “something’s wrong” with Mr. Right? Can you guess how my story ends? (I didn’t buy the horse but I did “buy” into Mr. Right’s promise of marriage/love.) Twenty years of a “bucking bronco” relationship later… which included 12 years of marital therapy, with 8 marital therapists plus one beautiful son later… I sit on a “dead” two-legged stallion who never did want me on his back…in a dead, loveless marriage. As you can guess, I’m pretty much done with the two-legged stallions and I now only ride old, bomb-proof geldings at a slow walk on sandy beaches… LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INTUITION AND WARNINGS! Or ride at your own risk… and break a few things… most likely… your heart…

  • Giselle Melillo

    Hi Collette,

    I am so glad you are OK and are here to write this. That sounds like a very frightening accident.

    I have had a very rough year, in which I lost my mom to cancer in October, and then my father suddenly to a heart attack in February. It has been an incredibly painful year. There has also been lots of tension with my siblings as we deal with estate issues and I seem to struggle much more in letting go in terms of estate matters ( especially letting go of my parents’s cottage.) IT is not about money. It is about sentimetal value and holding on to the most profound connection to my parents. The balance of mourning and letting go is a hard balance for me. While I think I honour my grieving, I struggle with letting go of any connection with them, and especially my mom who was my best friend. And during times of extreme tension with some siblings, I am even more preoccuppied and sad.

    I feel like I am always rushing around whether in my teaching job or appointments to help me deal with personal health issues etc. In all of this, I seem to find myself more isolated and alone, which also saddens me. So I walk around sad, preoccupied and always seem to be rushing.

    One night after an appointment, I decided to go to a movie, to lighten my mood. After I was leaving the movie theatre and the credits were rolling, I started to leave. I walked down a few steps to exit the theatre, and because lighting was low, I misgaged the step and fell 5 steps. I fell hard and landed with a big clunk! I badly bruised my arms and knees. Needless to say, it was quite embarassing, and kind people offered to help me get up from the floor. I was shaken up. I have gone to movies so many times, why did I fall and fall so hard,and in such a public way? As I write this 3 days later, I am sore and stiff. Really I feel battered and bruised from the inside out! I have had other health challenges in the past, and a few recent scares, so the last thing I needed, was to get all banged up. Of course worse things could happen, but it was such a strange thing, that all I asked was, ” Why this? Why now?” Is it a message that I am rushing through things too much, moving through life the wrong way, not being aware of things I should be noticing, misgaging other things in my life?”

    Although this was not life threatening, I have had other life threatening events ( serious car accident, cancer) over the last several years, I feel like this was a milder wake up call of some kind. Did I not get the message in the other more serious scares? So I ask myself the questions above but I also ask,” What am I doing wrong?” ” How can I turn my life around to be more engaged, attract love and understanding, acheive health finally, and find light in my life again?”


  • Susan Miccile

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you for sharing your pure, honest soul! As I read your words and thought provoking questions, I am appreciative of the beauty our paths traveled! My purpose and passion collided in an awakening back in November 2012. I was given the gift of Lyme’s disease. My physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing was exhausted. I had nothing left in me. I remember thinking as I was driving home from work that if I died right now, I would be dying the most unhappiest person. I went home and days later left my job. I spent days resting to heal myself. One night as I lay in bed in utter fatigue, my mind bouncing with thoughts of ” What do I do now”?.. “Will I ever feel better’.. Worries about finances.. the list went on brought on anxiety. At that moment I surrendered! I told god that I do not know where I am going and who I am meant to be in this moment but that I trust that this is where I am meant to be on my journey. I laid there surrendering to What Is… A sense of quiet and peace came over me. I then began looking at nature photos that I had taken on the trails that I walk with my golden retrievers. I began noticing that in every picture there was a heart in the branches of the trees…A message was beginning to shine through… 5 months later.. to this present moment … Hope Hearts has been born. Hearts nature surround us in every step we take. Peace and joy come from the inner connection to heart. With deep inner connection to our hearts, our truth can be found. By living our truth with passion and purpose we live life awake, aware and alive!
    (This is actually a very short version of my story 🙂 ) Thank you for your beauty and for sharing your truth.

  • Monica Kander

    Dear Colette,
    First, I want to say “Thank you God/Goddess for keeping Colette safe!”. We love you Colette! Second, your “accident” is a gift on so many levels–and you always open up fully to Spirit–this blog, for example, which brings us all together even closer, thanks to your giving/sharing Spirit! I too want to share about me, per your invitation. That saying–it’s all about me–actually, it’s all about us! I have you to thank for that realization. I also want to say to you how much you have helped me to believe in my Divine Spirit. You are precious-dear!! (We met at the Wash. DC “I Can Do It” conference last fall–I had you pick out a pair of earrings…)

    Here’s my story of the not-too-distant past:
    On January 10th this year, on my way to work one cold, dark wintry evening (playing the role of an in-patient hospice nurse), I was in a car accident in an intersection. My Suburu Forester was totaled. I could feel my heart physically move in the impact, but I was not injured, other than a sore chest and PTSD-like for several weeks. I felt AA Michael protect me in the impact. My car also encased me and absorbed the impact rather than me. I am a walking miracle–though I was that before the accident! My whole life has come in to greater focus because of my brush with mortality. I was so conscious, and had I been called home, I would have done it consciously, calmly.

    Then, on February 7th, I missed the last step coming downstairs in my house. I had severely sprained my left ankle in a very bizarre accident 2 years ago and had been told that my ankle would be more vulnerable from there on. It so happened that I landed on the same foot, the ankle ligaments could not take the surprise impact, and the foot buckled. I heard a loud pop, and felt it too, collapsing on the floor on my back, screaming and crying in intense discomfort (pain). My 20 year old cat Meena, who is stone deaf at her age and sleeps most of the day upstairs, came running down to my aid, sitting right next to me, purring. I could feel her absorbing my pain. She would not leave my side. She is my baby.

    My husband was home too, and came running down the stairs. He thought I was crying out because I may have either discovered my kitty deceased, or that I may have heard word that maybe my Father may have died suddenly.

    Turns out I severely sprained that same ankle and sustained two parallel spiral fractures of the 5th metatarsal. A week later, I had surgery to have a screw placed to put the bones together. (As an aside, that night was intensely painful–it felt like a dragon had my foot in a tight squeeze with fire on top, without let-up. I bore witness to that.) I too was in the big ugly boot–though I love my boot! I could not put any weight on the foot for many weeks, was home with a walker, etc. I was in an altered state of consciousness for weeks.
    At 6 weeks, the x-rays showed not much bone healing. My beloved surgeon, Dr. P, said 6 more weeks in the boot. Where I work, they do not allow nurses to work with a boot; and if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. My husband was and has been so supportive on every level. He is my saving grace!
    2 weeks ago, I had the screw surgically removed since I could feel it, and my body was telling me it had to go, that it was blocking my energy flow and had served its purpose, but was now impeding healing.
    I am working again, am out of the boot, but wear a brace to protect the ankle and foot. The bone is still healing, it still hurts at times. The ankle needs PT, but has to wait for the bone to heal completely. I feel so much more energy, and embrace each new day with so much gratitude. I feel brand new in so many ways. I feel like your balance card, because it is a thin silk line of grace. I walk it mindfully in the here and now. I am so grateful for it all!
    So, my heart goes out to you Colette. I know you will embrace all the gifts of your healing. It is your personal and very sacred journey. I look forward to hobbling the trail with you in your and my healing, along with so many others. I look forward to reading your blog with so many chiming in. We are all so blessed to have this forum. Thank you God, Goddess, Angels, Guides, deceased loved ones, and thank you Colette! I send you so much healing love!!

    To all of our happiness, health, wealth and wisdom! Blessed be!

    p.s.–I know what you mean about not feeling connected to your new motorcycle. After the car accident, I had a few rental cars. One was a Cadillac SUV because it was the only car available at the time in that class size. It was too big and awkward. I had my husband take it back. I felt no connection to it.

  • Reply

    Collette, I hope you heal quickly- miss seeing you around in Toronto ( I am so proud of you and all your insights –really enjoy taking it all in. Would love to connect.

    Deborah K.

  • Trina M Hayes

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you so much for opening such an interesting dialogue. I don’t usually read my emails in bed but for some reason this morning I grabbed my iPad on my way back to bed for my early morning coffee and opened up my email to find your email. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of the posts and I was reminded of my own story of ‘be careful what you ask for.’

    Several years ago I was so busy, over the top tired running a new business, taking care of two small children and living in a very unhappy marriage unaware of a way out. I remember saying to God (no joke). “God please make a way for me to go in the hospital where I can be alone and no one to bother me, but please don’t let me be too sick.” Can you imagine how desperate I must have been? Wow! Well, prayer was answered in less than a month. My mom was dying of cancer and I spent a month In the hospital with her, washing her, dressing her and feeding her until her death. So, I got what I asked for…..just not in any way I could have imagined. And, I am so grateful that I had that time with her. Life has definitely taken many different twists and turns since then.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and to all the others who have shared their stories. I love sharing and reading others shares as well.
    With love and grace, Trina

  • Blair Thrall

    Dear Colette,
    When I opened your email this morning I thought the Universe was speaking to me personally. You see I too am in a boot. The boot is phase 2 of my recovery from a fall from my horse. I was in a cast for 7 weeks (broken ankle) and could put no weight on it at all. Now I am on crutches and can put a little weight ,going to physical Therapy. I know what its like when you struggle to do the smallest tasks and have to be dependent on others. ihave wrestled with thoughts as you mentioned of why and how did I manifest this? I think one lesson I learned is to listen to my intuition. I felt the horse tensing and even thought,”just walk don’t push him” But my other voice said no I have to make him canter now because I asked him to .I also think I was not being clear about the path we were taking and this upset him , after all I was the driver and as you know from motorcycle school you look where you want to go not at the obstacles. Anyway, I now struggle with the question of wether to keep my beautiful Arabian horse or not. I have also been looking in that mirror of my life and assessing what path am I on? Maybe I’ve been looking at the obstacles maybe I need to be a better driver,more in control with a clear path. I hired a trainer to ride my horse while I’m recouping and she says he’s great for her. So I may just keep him and take it very slow when I do decide to get back on. Yes it’s scary when you get a wake up call but I’m not ready to give up the game ,I got too much joy from it. Right now I’m trying to enjoy the flowers blooming in my yard, and looking forward to wearing two shoes again!

  • Ronda

    I’ve been in 2 major freeway accidents; my car spinning across the 101 hitting the meridian. Both times I went home, unharmed when I should have been dead or very seriously injured.
    The first one happened on the way home from a beautiful weekend in Santa Barbara. I was leaving SB but was driving past a little church that was open, I was feeling so much gratitude, I stopped in and sat in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary in a garden and expressed my deepest gratitude.. I then got on the freeway and Major Crash, nobody else was harmed either. A Miracle. I got a replacement car and put a medallion with the Virgin on my rear view mirror. I felt she’d really interceded that day. Accident 2: I get in the car, I feel an accident feeling, so I touched the medallion, ‘spirit guides, Mary, please keep me safe’. Moments after getting on the freeway, accident (neither my fault my ego wants to add). Again, safe! I go home! Car goes to car hospital. Now the 3rd time was 3 weeks ago and I’d wanted to post on Divination Dynamix but it was so multifaceted I opted not to. I get in my car to go to SB again and I get in and BAM ‘the feeling’ ugh. I touch the Mary medallion, please keep me safe today. I get there no problem, but on the way back about half way home, a voice in my head says ‘don’t drive behind this orange jeep in the fast lane, get in the middle lane behind the Prius. I HEAR this but I respond in my head ‘I want to get home I’m staying in the fast lane’. Two seconds later the orange jeep swerves into the middle lane and I front of me is a boulder flying 75 miles an hour towards my windshield, it was a perfectly round and larger than a bowling ball. It did not hit my windshield. Less than a second of time made the difference. What it did do was hit right in front of me and bounced under my car so hard it smashed in the underbelly. I drove it straight home where it smoked and leaked. I ran Into the house in a PTSD trauma shock and went to my 6 year boyfriend for help. “Honey! Something bad has happened I need your help!” From behind a locked door he says I’ll be out in a minute. The minute passed. He slowly opens his locked door, what? ‘Honey I was almost killed 20 minutes ago and my car is smoking and I need help’. Well I can’t fix a smoking car and you’re here, nothing’s wrong and I have a golf lesson and in have to take a shower.’ Door closes. My heart sinks. I’d taken the Divination Dynamix class because I am in a bad relationship with someone i love. Since then, I’ve not been the same. Do you know Colette, the card I picked that day was Rock Bottom! Spirit showed me so much in my rock bottom, life threatening day and the man I love, well, it was nothing to him. He never mentioned it. So, the accident, could it have been avoided? SHOULD it have? Or did spirit show me the kind of help I’ll receive if I stay with this man? Should I have listened to my Inner Warning? Was it all perfect? I still am pondering the layers of the experience.
    To you Colette I say, get another beautiful Harley and as my Harley riding, VietNam Veteran Green Beret father says when he is in his truck and sees other Harley lovers…he rolls down his window,raises his fist in the air triumphantly and says “Ride On my Brothers and Sisters Ride On!”

  • Jill

    Hi Collette,

    Thanks for this. I had my implosion roughly 2 years ago. Between rejection by a guy I thought liked me (thank God for small favors!), my younger brother expecting/getting married and a former friend who held me to account, it all went to hell in a hand basket. No accident, nothing dramatic.

    2 years of therapy and inner work later, I’ve got a ways to go but I’ve come SO far in the last 2 years it’s unreal. It’s largely willingness to do the work, look inside, feel the feelings, throw out the junk/other people’s stuff and heal.

    My mother asked me why this all took so long and why I didn’t do it sooner. Um…because I wasn’t ready. God has a plan. It’s all happening the way it’s supposed to and the saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear is so true, it’s kinda scary!

    I will say I am not where I desire to be but I’m much, much closer than I was! I love me and protect me.

    I’m sorry you got into the accident and that your Harley was totaled. They are gorgeous machines but I’m glad you’re relatively unscathed because you’re awesome and I appreciate your nuggets of wisdom.

  • Dayna

    My husband suffered a series of accidents and was completely disabled by 32 years old. We had three small children and an old home we had purchased to fix up. We had no support system outside of each other. I had to work three jobs as a nurse to support the family while he spent 10 years in a depression. I was born with a degenerative disease and my body finally gave out when our youngest (disabled) child was 7 years old. I know this is what we signed up for before we came to this life. I still find it amazing how we think we can deal with anything while still on the other side. The fact is we have dealt and continually learned our lessons daily. Instead of being bitter and angry we still help others. We have learned to live on intuition and faith and take each moment as it comes. Our children have lived unique lives because of this and we can only hope that it enriches their lives in the future.

  • izzy

    I was in the midst of desperately trying to build my coaching/wellness business, with appointments for new potential clients that morning – when on the way home form dropping off my kids at school (because they missed the bus) , while still in my PJ’s I was t-boned by another car, totaling my 1 year old new car! Luckily I escaped with just minor injuries. For the next 8 months, without wheels, I was forced to be home. Early on in this event I knew that there was a message, a lesson. Little did I know that this was leading me to an amazing job where everyday my skill as a coach is so appreciated, yielding unbelievable results for my clients and for future possibilities. This job is where I should have been all along. There were many signs before the accident, yet I chose to dismiss them. It was like spirit reached down and said, “ok Izzy you are heading in the wrong direction, and you won’t listen to us, so we’ll have to physically stop you”! Today I am so grateful, even for the poop I suffered and lingered in much too long……

  • Irene Piper

    Colette, I have been engrossed in college for the passed two years and right in the beginning, only after two semesters, and right at the beginning of the winter semester 2012 I managed to slip on black ice while going into the college for classes. I sat there on the road thinking, “what just happened”? I didn’t try to move my left ankle but somehow knew I was at a crossroads. I remember saying to Mother God that if I am meant to have a major injury that I would accept it and that there was a reason I was to be hurt at this time. College wasn’t hard but extremely challenging for someone in there early 60’s.

    My schooling came about because of a work related injury. When I was told that I was going to college by a Labor and Industry evaluator, I almost fell on the floor. Well, here I was, only into my third semester, two weeks into January 2012 and we have a week off because of ice and snow. My first day back and I am pulling my rolling book bag trying to negotiate a handicap ramp and down I go.

    This injury was not just a sprained ankle but I broke it and dislocated it too. My surgeon was shaking his head when he talked to me. I had to withdraw from the Winter 2012 semester, take one online class for the Spring 2012 semester, and I took two classes for the Summer 2012 semester. Earning 15 credits instead of the 45 I would have had if I had not injured myself on black ice.

    Why this happened, I really do not know. Everything happens for a reason, but this one, I really have yet to understand.

    To slow us down, maybe, and make us stop and think about the path we are on, also another “maybe”.

    Thank you and take care of yourself, it’s harder to heal the older we seem to get.

    Irene P.

  • White Dove


    I was moved by your story and connected with you at a deep level. Having moved to Columbus, GA in 1996, I longed to return to my tribe in California. Not listening to my intuition, awakened having hit the concrete dividing wall and was headed the wrong way back into oncoming traffic just out of Clyde, Texas. Lucky for me my Guides and Angels kept me or anyone else from being seriously injured. Upon limping to the side of the highway, I got out of my vehicle and called 911. A young couple heading toward Clyde from his expecting wife’s doctor appointment, made a U-turn and came to assist me. I had a flat tire and considerable damage to our truck. The sweet young man changed the tire, I told him how much I appreciated his help but did not have any money to pay him. He smiled and told me he was glad I had not been seriously injured and that it was his good deed for the day. Of course the Texas Troopers had arrived as I was getting ready to proceed with my trip. I received a ticket after a lengthy question and answer session. A little further down the highway I saw lights and heard sirens behind me, I pulled over the trooper came up and asked if I knew how fast I was going. Being honest I told him and stated in California you were allowed five miles over the posted speed limit. He said “well you are in Texas not California.” He asked for my license, proof of insurance and registration which I provided. He went to call and check out my information returned and told me that since I had already been given a citation, he was unable to give me anything but a warning. He then told me to proceed to the next town to get a room and some sleep before returning to my journey. Furthermore he would follow to make sure I did so. After calling to let my husband know I had an accident and would continue the trip after I got some sleep. He wadove19530ake sure I was ok and that I did not need to be seen by a doctor. I was able to continue my journey back to my tribe. The lessons for me were slow down, do not drive when tired, and do not try to fly faster than your angels ! <3

  • laura savidge

    Mine is not so much about an accident as an illness. I started to suffer with an eye illness beginning in mid 2006. As a photographer this was not in the plan. It took hold and the medical intervention was only medication drops that in the end caused cataracts, legal blindness, cataract surgery and eventual scar tissue build up so I now have vision that is even less clear that it was previously. Think looking through a dirty window constantly.
    During this period I fell into a depression, gained ALOT of weight because I felt trapped in my vision loss, and tried very hard to “see” why this was all happening.

    I’m still attempting to figure out the purpose in this and my purpose in life progressing forward….

  • Althea Treakle

    Well Collette,
    You asked to share so I’ll leave you with a little ditty. Having sight is wonderful, knowing how and when to use it – well, that takes careful attention and application. For me, having loved ones is a blessing, seeing loved ones in accidents – tough. Yet, even though I LOVE my family, I was guided to not share my knowing- aka to not stop the flow of events – but to allow.

    Case in point, long ago my husband was at breakneck speed with life, a little arrogant (spot light focus on work) in not wanting to be distracted with the bigger picture, and his guidance system was setting up a little road bump – an auto accident. Little mentions of slowing down from me turned into little snips by him. The day of his “auto accident” I was guided to ask him about his insurance papers. He was hurriedly walking out the door and couldn’t be bothered. Later, my cell phone rang…long story short, he acknowledged my knowing, admitted he needed to slow down, figured out that his insurance card had expired and realized that the lady he bumped (auto accident turned easy) was a by-the-books-kinda-gal who insisted the police be called to verify everything.

    In the grand scheme of life…no rights or wrongs, no good or bad…it just is. Were slowed down to see our mastery…how we play the game of life.

    Happy recovery and enjoy the shuffle…life is great.

  • Diane L. Caci

    I was in a monsoon in Sedona three years ago. My car was swept away and I grabbed onto a branch outside my car window to hold on until I was rescued by the fire police 30 minutes later. I called my husband to say goodbye he and my three children.
    What I learned was I am in control of my life. No one else. I was allowing other significant people to control me. I returned home to tell my parents I wanted to take over the family business or I was leaving it after many unsuccessful years of their leadership. I have since separated from my husband and I am still working on creating a circle of friends who lift me up in spirit not break me down.

    It is still a lesson I struggle with daily but I am blessed to be alive and the guidance to be able to recognize what has been offered. It was also on 9/11…Humm 911?

  • Randi

    I am glad to hear you are recovering and are looking at this accident with different lens then most people. My husband in a years time got five speeding tickets for only going over 35 mph and then got into a skiing accident and tore his ACL in his knee. Also, at work he was getting told constantly to slow down the way he spoke and his selling style. I know the accident was a lesson for him to slow down so that he can be more present.

  • Roxanne Livingston

    Hello Dear One

    I am so glad you are not more severely injured.

    I began to cry when you wrote about diving into the fear, anger shame and blame– and where is my self love?? I so identify with that. whatever happens I seem to take too much responsibility for it–I “try so hard” to stay in a connected trusting place of faith etc. Then, like yesterday, I get “hit” with something when a doctor told me I have COPD -(I ‘m thin, fit, never smoked etc etc) I felt myself moving right into anxiety, dread, stories about the future, and self blame for this, shame for having whatever I have. (After a day reflecting, I . in a way, doubt the diagnosis, but part of me still gives “authority and power” to MDs.–another issue) I had an injury 3 years ago –to my knee– am still not totally out of pain– from a massage of all things ( done with feet), and of course my initial internal response was” I should have known, I should have been more tuned in so I could stop the massage–it’s my fault”

    Anyway, what I so love about you is your realness, your vulnerability, and your humanness. That is the best lesson for me, to more and more accept this whole human trip, and while doing the best I can, remember there is so much I don’t and will never know in this realm
    Much love to you dear Collette.

  • KimH

    You lucky lucky lady!! I’ve not followed you in a few years so I didnt know about your bike.. but I personally love bikes… however.. I hate to say it, but I think there are very few Harley’s that are actually made for women.. We have a different center, stance, and body build than what most Harley Bikers are and we need to realize we need a bike to fit us.. not that we need to adapt to fit them. I do know that there have been some studies on this since a gal I used to know was part of it.. and a community of female riders that Harley was working with to create bikes & handlebars specifically for women… I have no clue what ever became of it if anything.. This was about 10 years ago..

    I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was about 7 or 8 years old.. dirt bikes & street bikes… and if there was a bike I didnt “click with” I wouldnt be on it.. Your life is in your hands out there on that bike.. If you dont “feel at one” with it… you’re asking for trouble.. I dont agree with someone saying you needed a few weeks breaking in time… If you dont feel it within a day… you probably arent gonna.. Just my 3 cents worth…

    Mostly, Im so glad that you’re ok.. albeit a little bumped & bruised..

    One day, many many years ago, I looked in a mirror… and I saw my Spirit looking back at me… and I knew my life needed to change & change immediately… Nothing bad happened, but it could have.. I took that cue & changed my life immediately… It was truly a blessing.. I had to go thru some rough patches afterwards, but in the end, it was the best thing I ever could have done…

  • Aline

    Dear Colette, I am so glad that you stayed alive after the accident and I wish you much courage and patience in healing your wounds. Thank you for sharing all this. I too fell in januari and broke my right arm and injured the hand. Won’t be able until the end of the year. I have tons of work to do everyday and there are few things one can do with one hand. But as I am getting over it, I realize how friends were waiting for years to be allowed to do something for me and help take some action in my life. My loving man in the first place. My right arm was always there to be the strongest and to control everything. Now I read books, I meditate, I study, I feel I am hitting a true and profound new experience. I feel also that I am finally receiving the love others have in themselves and that they are ready to pour this out to me. Amazing. There is exchange going on on a beautiful level.
    It is like you say, the important thing is how we deal with it and how we take life to our heart.
    Thank you for making your teachings so possible and strong, I love you for it and I send you a big hug.

  • Toni

    So happy to hear you are okay and on the mend.

    When you asked the question “have you ever experienced an “accident” that resulted in the mirror of your life being put two inches from your face with no escape until you took a real hard look at what was reflected back? ” I recalled a few years back when I was working 2 jobs, trying to make ends meet and worried about how I was going to afford Christmas. I was working so many hours and kept thinking to myself “you’d better slow down, everything will work out”. But I ignored my intuition as well as my daughter. I remember her asking me to please stop answering the phone and spend time with her. And I would just reply, I have to work Tyler, I have to make money, its only me and no one else is going to pay the bills. I started getting sick, my voice was hoarse from talking so much on the phone, I felt tired and not right, but kept going. Well 2 weeks before Christmas I got up one morning and thought to myself again, just rest Toni, take a day off. Well I ignored it and stepped into the shower and slipped and fell. I couldn’t move. I ended up in bed on my back for 2 weeks. I started laughing out loud when it happened because I knew it was the Universe stepping in. So now whenever I start to feel achy or out of sorts, I stop and listen to my body. I listen to my intuition! Everything did work out too! Someone gifted me with a check to use for Christmas so I was able to buy gifts, pay my bills and have a beautiful Christmas dinner.

  • Julie

    In my early thirties, I was working three jobs, going to school, and helping a friend launch a book. The big U. had other plans. Leaning over a drafting table for hours at a time in art class after only getting 2 hours sleep a night took its toll. My back literally broke. Right at the base chakra. Boom, suddenly I couldn’t walk. My hip flexors separated from my hip bones. Ouchie. And that ended the two extra jobs, school, and the book. It took six months to walk properly, and every now and again I have more back problems. I learned to say no, to gift myself with free time, and be still. What a gift! Thanks Big U.!

  • Dlorah Dahl

    I’m glad you are o.k. It would be a terrible thing to lose such a great gift that you have. I have talked to you many times , always a great experience. Sometimes things like this happen ( lesson who is talking I’m sure you know so much more than I) to slow us down Im only saying this because I have thought so many times lately it used to be easy to get in touch with you, book a reading. Seems you have so many things going I have no clue how to book a reading, it goes from one thing to another when trying. You have such a gift and have made a difference in so many lives ( including mine for sure) I hope you are not getting so busy and going in to many directions. please do not take what Im saying wrong I have great respect for you and the gift that you have.

  • Mary Seward

    I too have a motorcycle…a little single cylinder BMW F650. I was introduced to bikes by my boyfriend and found I liked riding so much that I needed my own.

    My accident taught me to listen to my gut.

    A completely green rider, I wanted to wait until I took the class I’d signed up for before attempting to ride but was pressured by my peers to attempt to learn as much on my own before the class started. As a result of ignoring my intuition which said “wait” and falling victim to my own stubborn pride, I practiced in the yard and ended up hitting a post. Being slammed onto the ground caused damage to the entire left side of my body from ankle to ribs. I was wearing armored riding gear but no helmet but luckily didn’t hit my head. On the flip side, it actually put my neck and back back into alignment for a few months…an unexpected bonus from an otherwise crappy situation. A year later I have recovered almost 100%.

    I was giddy despite the physical damage because I’d had my first accident and lived to tell the tale. It didn’t deter me from riding and now I’m not afraid of having an accident. Since then, I’ve been better about not letting someone else pressure me into doing something I know isn’t right for me. Six weeks after the incident I not only aced the written test, I passed the riding exam and got my license without having ridden at all between the accident and the class. It was also the first time I really called on my guides to help me process all the information I was taking in.

    I’m glad you are not letting you accident stop you from doing something you enjoy.

  • Ayn

    Hey Colette, I wish you fast healing. I read this just before I got on my bike today to head to work. (So I was extra, extra careful this morning.) I recently slowed down and am spending more time in nature and with myself, so I have averted my wake-up, slow down call.

    I don’t have a Harley, I have a Yamaha V-Star because I’m too short for any Harley’s. She’s actually my second bike, I ‘outgrew’ the first one! I had instant love and connection with her, where I didn’t with my first one. My Yamaha is purple, so I named her Purple Reign. She’s very princess-like and purrs like a very loud kitten. (Modified pipes so I’m nice and loud.)

    Hang in there, and get right back on a bike if you feel like it. Ride safe. Maybe you need one of the little guardian bells you attach to the bottom to scare away the Road Gremlins!


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you BET I am getting another bike.. but first I need to learn to walk on my right leg again and let the left broken foot heel and of course the throttle hand is also sprained….hahahaha! Love the Vstar.. nice ride. Be safe xooxo

  • Yair

    Hi Colette,
    I agree with you that the important thing is how we re­spond to sit­u­a­tions. It is not about accepting it but about being able to be graceful about it and to have compassion rather than feeling sorry for oneself. One of my great experiences of my life was when my wife decided to leave me!

  • Diana Boles

    He had the personality of a “tuff cookie” unless he chose to add a glass of milk. Then he would drink the milk himself and leave the tuff cookie on the plate for me. About ten years ago, my then husband performed what one could refer to as a “stupid man trick”. When he told me what he had done, there was so much kinetic energy in the room, my grandmothers 75 yr old clock started to tick……… had never run correctly in my lifetime……
    Needing time to think I waited for christmastide to be over and another month to pass. He was going to”Bike Week” in Daytona. With him away, I thought I could sort my feelings out.
    That week would also bring “spring break” for our son. He made last minute plans to go to St. Augustine with pals. To this I replied that I wish he wouldn’t go and that I had a bad feeling about it.
    Well, with only the pups to keep me company, I had plenty of space to think. I decided that when hubby returned I was going to bring up the subject of divorce.
    As fate would reassure my connected spiritual side, our son returned with an injury that could’ve had terrible consequences. He broke his neck. He hit a sandbar in what he thought would be deep water as he dove to rinse off the beach sand. He called me and told me that hethiought he’d hurt his neck, but said nothing to the family he was with. When he got home, three days later off to the emergency room we went. Yes, intervention is divine and once again, St Joseph to care of my boy when I could not. 2 surgeries, 3 plates, 10 screws and a titanium cage where the 5th vertebrae used to be and a fabulous doctor, whose name honestly sound like an archangel, repaired the damage
    I took this as a sign to forget about the “stupid man trick” and concentrate on family needs.
    Fast forward three years from that incident. The tuff cookie wasn’t changed by the blessing that we had experienced. He went on drinking the milk, so to speak, and I just knew the breaking point was near.
    As always, I turned to St. Joe! My go to guy on a daily basis. This time I told him I couldn’t take it anymore and whatever it was that was to happen, to just let it be so. Gods will and all of the verbiage that belongs there, but most importantly, not my will but Thine!
    And so tuff cookie performed his last stupid man trick. The end was divorce and tuff cookie tends to taking care of me as he was told to by the court. He thinks so differently than I do, but he honors that agreement, better than the marriage decree of so long ago.
    I lost my riding buddy in all of this. It was the one thing that we shared whole heartedly. My SSFT Harley sits in the garage most often. I start her up, but don’t care to ride alone. I haven’t ventured very far into the social realms. I fear the emotional pain of connection and separation, so meeting new people that ride has been difficult.
    Get back on that pony and ride——-it shall be my new mantra——–

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow this touched me so xoox

      • Diana Boles

        So, I neglected to mention how I enjoy your enthusiasm and zest. I was wondering why I hadn’t recieved your daily words of get-cha-movin-cha-cha-cha. So prayers of course for your speedy recovery. May your next iron horse have a saddle that fits the Goddess perfectly. (That’s how my Springer fits me.)……….wings of the Archangel Raphael heal those bumps and bruises and brakes. Namaste!

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          Diana thanx for writing – not sure how much cha cha cha is in me right now but I love the sentiment! Love the Springer. I’m going to see which bike calls me when I’m ready. I’m not in a rush and this time I am going to test ride the bike before I buy her. My confidence is shook a bit this morning as I was thinking about it but the only way to ride is to get back on the horse with more understanding than before. big hug xoox

        • Bonnie (blackwatertiger)


          Wow so many thoughts presented. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. It’s gonna be an amazing healing in many different ways I’m sure.

          Funny thing … my first experience with Dr Weissman was when he “took me through a Lifeline technique once over the phone and he unravelled , or rather my body unraveled the tendons right then and there and I was able to heal in no time.” I was actually able to put that foot on the ground and put weight on it for the first time in months just seconds after getting off the phone. That was on one of YOUR HayHouse shows. The foot has been perfect ever since. He did say that the foot thing was fear of moving forward. He was right. Your foot is actually broken. Maybe in your accident it was from moving forward too fast and you got into some unstable ground (sand). Now you get the summer off as requested. I know it is so NOT funny but I can’t help but be amused just a little. Currently my “accident” was telling the universe what I didn’t want to do anymore … request granted (by lengthy unemployment) lol. Went from $35 an hour to $35 a day. That’s a bit humbling. And since being unemployed AGAIN in April, I’m dealing with sciatica that goes from lower back (lack of support) to shoulders (too much responcibility) to numbness and pain in my hands (gotta let go of things cuz it hurts to hold on). Got angry the other day while driving because my hands hurt so bad. I growled at them and said “what do you want from me for crying out loud” as I let go of the steering wheel. Answer – You just gotta let go and the pain will stop. Then of course I got all the replay movies of all the past crap and history that I’m still holding on to. So ok I’ll work on all that. Louises book says sciatica is from fear of the future and fear of money …. well DUHHHH. Again NOT funny but definately amuzing.

          Not sure where I’m going from here. I left California and came back to Arizona because I feel like I belong here. Staying with friends in the western desert but I think I’m still in the wrong part of the state. Time will tell. I wanna come home to the pine forest. Was in Williams Saturday and OMG it felt so so good.

          I’ve been involved with bikes and riding all my life. Came home from the hospital in the sidecar my dad had on his old Triumph. Dad and his buddy used to drag race Harleys on the quarter mile. Love the Harleys they have so much heart and personality. Absolutely you need to do the test drive though. That’s the ONLY way to find the right HD. If it doesn’t grab you by the hand and wrap itself completely around your heart … keep looking. By the way, just a feeling but it feels like the next one might be a “he”. He’s waiting and will protect you from now on. Got that riding bell for you whenever you decide to get back on. But you must know there are no skinny he Harleys lol. Also between Flag and Phoenix there are a ton of ladies who ride. Route 66 Roadhouse in Bellemont on route 40 is a good place to start to find some of the gals. Especially when they have special events. Harley store right next door too.

          Diana please get your girl out of that garage. You’re both riding alone when your not on her. Don’t let stupid man tricks steal your rides in the sun. You both deserve better!!!!

          With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

  • Paul Andruszewski

    Hi Colette,

    Your story feels like a Déjà vu. I fell in December and ruptured the tendons in both quadriceps and I’m on the mend. It’s funny how sometimes when something “bad” happens we look for reasons why it happened, do we ask “why did this happen?” when something “good” happens? I’m choosing to think of my experience not as a lesson but simply as an experience because for me the word lesson implies judgement. If I ask, “did you get the math lesson?” or “did you get the math experience?” feel the difference? In an experience like this if there is a lesson/judgement, who is judging? Not the Divine. Love your questions “Can we love ourselves enough? Can we still have faith?” Sending hugs and healing your way.

  • Amanda Booth

    Hi Colette,

    First of all I want to commend you on your wonderful book, “Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much.” I connect and relate to everything you write and I definitely consider myself a highly sensitive feeler/empathic young woman.

    Last May I severely broke my left ankle and leg after hitting a huge and falling off a jet ski at top speed. My fiance and I were on a jet ski tour while vacationing in Key West, Florida. After reflection I really feel like it was the universe giving me signs to slow down, step back and take a look at my life.

    At the time I was going through some major dissatisfaction in my career and I am still struggling in that area. I feel like I am being called to be a healer or teacher, I just have not overcome my fears of possibly not being financially secure and trusting myself.

    I never really connected my jet ski accident with some of my deepest fears and desires in my life. I know overcoming my deepest fears takes much time, energy, and healing. I really want to create a career that makes my heart sing, yet I am still feeling stuck with my fears. In the meantime I will continue my daily salt baths, positive affirmations, journaling, and meditation!

  • Kitty Musser

    When we don’t slow down, life intervenes doesn’t it, whether literally or in reality. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for having such an intense desire to share your gift and teach. I attended one of your workshops while you were still with Hay House and so enjoyed your spirit and your medium-ship skills. I, too, have had many stumbling blocks to hurdle but who doesn’t? We are all so together in this. The worst for me being the loss of my son. Now that is a wound to the heart that involves intense introspection to mend. If one were to attempt to describe where that injury of the heart lands you it would be in ICU. Do get back on that pony and ride so that you can continue to shine your light but do so taking very special care of YOU and heeding those signs….You are loved, prayers coming at you! Speedy mend….

  • colleen

    Dear Colette,

    I send you all of my love and healing energy due to this incident, as well as amazing grace and gratitude for the incredible information you have freely shared. Who would have suspected that a soul of your level of awareness would not have foreseen this…yet, you know, there is always a silver lining. You surely have one!

    To share my own story as requested, in 1987 I fell slipped and fell on ice in the work parking lot and suffered a dehabilitating work injury. The choices were surgery or holistic – laying flat for as much as possible for two to three months. I chose the holistic….even though it meant financial loss. I immediately was drawn to begin to read spiritual books with this newly found free time…beginning with Rudolph Steiner’s “Attainment of Knowledge in the Higher Realms.” By the way, I could not even comprehend much of his sharing, but knew deep within that I would someday. So many books followed and still continue to be discovered and read….and that includes all the well-known of Hayes House and also many not known at all. Some written long ago and many new ones.

    That led me to a path of incredible spiritual journeys and seeking of more and more spiritual knowledge. I ended up travelling to Sedona and experiencing a parallel life and its ending, helping to open portals of new cities of light by listening to the calls, meeting up with incredible groups of soul families I was destined to work with here on Earth, joining groups online with hundreds and thousands of others all over the world, and even living in different states which were much more open than where I grew up. Examining family ties that were not in my highest good. Yes.

    In short, that injury, now well healed, started me on an incredible path that I am still travelling on today. Some may have life threatening or even life-ending and coming back incidents which promptly opened all of their gifts…..but some souls may have chosen a gentler life impact which starts their exploration of all things unknown. It is all perfect. Thank you, my dear soul sister, Colette. And many blessings for a full and complete recovery………and much more exploration and discovery within your own silver lining!!!!!!

    Love and joy,

  • claudia machiella

    Colette, glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery.

    It never ceases to amaze me how the universe chooses to speak to us. Over the last decade, and with your help I have learned to listen to messages from spirit (lol, no pun intended). I haven’t had a physical accident but lets just say my early thirties, were a nightmare and it seemed as though I got hit by a mack truck. I never thought that it would end and I never imagined that my life would be as wonderful and fulfilled as it is today.

    I try not to think about the past and if I do I definitely try not to relive the horrible guilt I felt (and secretly talk myself out of ) that I was the total cause of my hardship and my circumstances. You taught me that my experience would enlighten me for what was to come. That I needed to hit that rock bottom feeling in order to climb out of that well of depression and fear and self – mutilation.

    I have come a long way spiritually and feel blessed and grateful everyday for all the graces that spirit has shown me. However, instead of panicking over my life circumstances, I began to live in fear of when it would end. When would the feeling of peace and abundance go out the front door and misery and anxiety enter from the back door. Well, I am learning to retrain my mind, go against my fiber and believe in the magic of spirit and of course heed the warning signs that are around us everywhere. I am learning to take a negative situation and see it for the positive that will rise from it.

    So if you are wondering how my story relates to yours, well, its real simple. I am learning that when I get sick with a terrible flu, or I am stuck in traffic or my day seems it can`t get worse, I just remind myself that being sick in bed did in fact give me the opportunity to rest and recharge, or that being in traffic was an opportunity to pray or listen to music. Then I realize my day wasn’t so bad.

    With that tool for healing myself under my belt I know that I never have to visit that dark, lonely place again. I just keep moving on with my wonderful life and enjoy it with gratitude. (can u tell I have been reading your books)

    As always, lots of love to you too Colette,


  • Zachary Smith

    Indeed I have, in 2009 after transferring massage therapy schools (to add a skill to my toolbox since not many folks know about, understand or are open to energy healing) i moved from St. Louis a pretty diverse town to NW Arkansas very conservative for a bit all i could see was the religious fanatics, feel the fear of being open as not only as a gay male but very different Spiritual beliefs where only 2 places one more so than the other cater to my spiritual needs and interests. Graduation was coming up in fall i had been in a very unhealthy relationship started out good then turns out my ex was verbally abusive putting me down telling me id never be good at massage from if anyone messes with you i’ll kick their butt..i finally left him the need to leave was sped up when the abuse got to physical level. i had developed sciatica it would seem from sitting on hard chairs at class and at my ex’s i barely graduated which seems ironic since massage is supposed to help that. Well i decided to take a break from everything and take my sweet time studying for my license exam my transfer schedule made the flow of classes hectic i was exhausted needed to have some time for things i couldn’t do while i was in school and get re-psyched about massage.
    When I did begin to get motivated to study for my license exam i knew just getting out there would help my confidence but male massage therapist have a few challenges there is a higher demand for female therapists it would seem and more lawsuits whether real cases or someone trying to get some money. Then there was the fact i was gay and i actually prefer to work on females for various reasons. then i kept having a reoccurring vision that i was working on some guy who was homophobic or up to something and as i worked on him it seemed he made some sexual move that led me to wanting to end the session and was assaulted. Now the first time this vision occured i was like eeks need to work on some things, then the second what is going on here i thought i was working on this then the third thats it i will just be strict on who i work on. Now perhaps it was a few incidents in town that sparked some of this or i was picking up on the fear energy of the whole gay community but the vision was enough to throw me off for a bit and wonder if this was really the direction i wanted to go with healing work.
    After I went to take my license exam and i passed 🙂 i decided i’d take a road trip and enjoy a bit of time visiting my hometown family and friends before i pursued work and who knew when id be able to travel, right? well my phone was on the fritz so i borrowed my moms which wasnt much better my sister happened to be visiting at the same time and had some extra phones i could try to get to work and use. She had been at a wine tasting and as she had been in New York trying to get herself established somewhere in the fashion arena so i hadnt seen her in a while. In her excitement of seeing me i was at the sidewalk starting to walk down the concrete path to the front door she decided to run towards me then jump and give me a hug which threw me off balance i tried to get to the grass but had to fall and she fell with landing on my right side. thus resulting in further aggravation of sciatica and extreme pain I was on the bottom i hit the concrete hard i really thought i broke something but had no energy for ER i barely made it back to where i was staying and my whole right side went numb from sleeping on it and couldnt move it took me a few weeks to be able to hold a coffee cup without two hands even longer to be able to drive. I was stuck there for quite some time till my aunt was able to help get me back home 5 months.
    Though now i look back i feel i was saved from the massage room incident and through recent events i do feel massage though i should keep it as a tool if i do get back in order for CEU classes is not the direction for me ..However i do feel i should continue with healing work but the universe Divine Source, Faeries Angels Guides seemed to have put a red flag up on my thoughts and in this my focus on what i really desired returned to focus on healing work learning new modalities..and though i have procrastinated during this (which i recently figured out after some much overdue self work) to focus on writing & doing some healing work on the side, advance and learn new things. Yes i am writer cant you tell lol i do tend to have trouble with short and simple i like details lol however now i have had a similar thing occur with my relationship trying to take hold i feel its a matter of what energy to feed, yes my partner relapsed on alcohol thats created some trouble i do feel he will try to get sober and some other issues i just feel lots has been put aside during everything financially his mothers health being in and out of hospital then her death recently i have felt put on hold. Luckily i am learning how to deal with this and focus on myself and in it i see more hope that things will get better between he and I. OH and yes the Ego and fears dont like that i have figured this out some days it takes all day to get myself to focus and not be affected to really see what to do.
    Thats all I have to share for now, off to play with the Faeries now, Love, Light & a dash of Faerie Magick ~ Zach

  • Brenda

    Dear Colette,
    I send you love and healing thoughts as its not easy to endure some of the life lessons your going through, feels like we don’t heal like we used to.

    This last year I’ve had 4 surgeries and problems and it has stopped my whole life in its tracks finally. I’ve been married from the age of 16, my husband got shot 6 weeks later in a hunting accident. Thought I would loose him at least three times, he had a temp. Colostomy bag before they put his stomach back together his weight went down to 89 lbs. when he got an infection he almost lost his life with. We found out while going through this we were expecting our first child. Talk about being two scared children having life’s big lessons thrown at us so fast we were in survival mode, but learned very early life can change in an instant, and how fast life can end without notice. So each day each moment is important.

    My husband and I both worked two jobs to be able to live and pay all the medical bills we had to face, and we did it with pride and made it happen. I lived in p,aces most wouldn’t have and worked so hard I didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself. My husband went to work on the railroad and was a maintenance man at the apartments we lived at,to,put a roof over our head. I worked at the local cable company and did all the cleaning and upkeep at the apartments. With a baby intow.

    10 years living in Price, Utah I had become an area manager for the cable company but when D&RGW railroad was bought by Mr. anshultz. My husband was laid off and on for 2 years. So he went west to California to find work. In the mean time we had had a second child born premature. My husband being a man’s man could not handle that I was supporting us more in Utah than he could. He talked me into moving to California, cashing in my stock in the cable company and we bought a backhoe and dump truck and went into business for ourself’s. As soon as we started the business of course no insurance we found out we would be blessed with our third child a little girl finally after 2 sons. But what timing!

    We worked together in our business you can see us and get an idea at We worked together and both our boys worked with us for over 25 years now. I knew the last ten years I had to much stress with all this and had horrible anxiety issues. But I just kept pushing myself doing for my family my children and our business. Well 2006 I had to have back surgery due to my sciatic nerve hurting so bad I could barely sit at my desk and work. I several accidents with my back that finally now it stopped me. Then I lost my mom suddenly in 2007 and my grandmother 1 year to the day in 2008. We Barried them both on St. Patrick’s day 1 year apart. After this I went into major depression and the anxiety got even worse. Of course the doctors treated me with anti depressants and anxiety meds. But I just kept going because everyone relied on me to take care of my responsibilities not only with my family but especially with the business.

    Well by 2011-2012 I had stomach issues that boiled over, I told doctors for 7years I had a hernia and I felt like it was tying up my intestines but repeatedly was told no ultrasounds found nothing, I had no idea a cat scan was necessary to diagnose and find the problems. So after gallbladder attacks that finally hospitalized me they finally removed it in Feb. 2011, then on March 8th (exactly 5years on the same day as what took my mother life). The hernia I didn’t have strangulated my bowls and sent me to the hospital for emergency surgery. My mom had experienced the same problem but after her hernia surgery she came home and the following morning my dad could not wake her but she was still breathing shallow. After 5 days on life support we had to make the decision to take her off because she had suffered oxegyn depravation her oxegyn levels were low in the hospital but Medicare didn’t want to pay for her to stay in the hospital. So as you can imagine I was scared to death when I found myself facing the same surgery for my hernia strangulation. I got through it i tookand came home and was I thought on the road to recovery.

    When I just could not get feeling better , I was also going through complete menopause so I went to the family doctor and he sent me to a gynecologist for help trying to understand why I had no energy, chronic fatigue and now depression and anxiety again horrible. He without doing test prescribed a pharmisutical hormone therapy with estrogen and a progesteron. But had me go in for a mammogram when they discovered several cysts and masses in my right breast so I was scheduled for a needle guided biopsy the day of my 50th birthday. It was one of the most horrific painful things I have endured. They were able to remove everything, and all tested negative for cancer. I took myself off of the hormones the gynecologist prescribed and went back to family GP to tell him why I feared this treatment so because I was feeling worse than ever he scheduled blood test and pallet counts came back pretty high, so I was scheduled for a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Turns out 9 Polyps in the area of where the bowls kept thing up in the hernia. All came back as cancer and when back in for second colonoscopy to mark area (tattoo from inside out) more was found and colon wall,tested positive. So I was scheduled emmediatly for colon resection. I underwent a hemi (1/2) colonectomy the end of Sept. 2012. Thank god it was caught before it breached the colon wall. Had I still not been having digestive problem and insisted on testing I would not have caught it in time.

    I could not return to work and I had to decide my health was the most moorland thing to me now, I have never been a selfish person, I have always taken care of everyone and done more than I could manage. So I had to make the decision to stop, simplify and work on my health. My husband and I had to make hard decisions, our business had struggled for the last three years with the economy so although we had made a good living and provided good jobs for our sons, we had kept it all going by using allot of what we had saved for retirement. My husband felt he could not keep it all going without me there to do all that I had always done. So we sold rental properties we had, even at a loss. We sold our equipment and construction business for a,fraction of what we could have three or four years ago. But we have done the best we could to deal with what we have been dealt again. We are truly still blessed more than most, I am thankful every day for what we have been able to accomplish and the beautiful life we share with our children and family.

    It has been very difficult to do all this while still not feeling good physically, I am facing testing now because the surgeon thinks part of the colon resection area where it was rejoined did not regain blood supply soon enough and part of it has died. I was scheduled for the colonoscopy to get in and check what is going on, when on Memorial Day I jumped off our family boat and lit on a sharp rock that split my right foot open so bad it required ER visit, tetnis shots and then further treatment for infection from the water we were in lake Havasu AZ. I could not even walk for over 7 days as every time I got up my foot swelled so bad I could not chance even making it worse. So I spent 7 days laying down and two rounds of antibiotics to clear the infection. The infection has cleared up, I can now walk on it finally and although not completely healed it is on its way. So the colonoscopy is scheduled for this Monday, not looking forward to it, but praying for a good outcome and the bleeding in my stool to stop.

    I have often been told I should write a book about surviving life in this human existence because if I told you all the accidents and things we’ve been through you would be amazed what we have indured. But I truly do have so much to be thankful for, this August we will celebrate our 35th anniversary. We have three beautiful loving giving children and our family and friends are so loving and good how could I not feel totally blessed. I will get through this and my heart is full of love.

    Thank you collette for the work that you do and everything that hay house has led me too to realize how grateful I am and helping me realize I need to value myself, or I can’t or won’t be here for the ones I love.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a brave extraordinary tenacious amazing wonderful woman you are – a true teacher for all of us. To have concluded your story without an ounce of self pity makes you my HERO. We will all pray for you for your MOnday colonoscopy and know this that your sharing humbles me and I’m sure touches everyone who reads it. BIG BIG blessings to you for writing in xooxoxoxox

  • sarah

    I have also been stopped in my tracks but for a different reason… about two years ago I began having crashes (collapsing) and doctors and specialists alike could not find anything wrong! They told me it was all in my head … I could hardly walk, bathe or hang out a load of washing. I was very blessed to come by a doctor who checked my heart rate and not long after diagnosed me with POTs syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome. I wish you a speedy recovery and would also like to say I use your Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards everyday and really enjoy them

    sarah 🙂

  • Stephen Lesavich, PhD

    So I too was getting signs I was being spread too thin and needed to slow down. Last night I was out running in a county park near my house. It is a heavily wooded area with large mature trees and steep hills. I was running on a path through the woods that is very hilly. As I approached the crest of a very steep and muddy hill on the path there were two mountain bikers screaming downhill and just missed me by inches. I was wearing a high-visibility fluorescent green running shirt. It is probably the only reason why I did not have an “accident.” That and Spirit was screaming in my ear right before the event and I was ever so slight more aware. However, I got the message. Time to re-balance and re-focus.


  • Debbie Gibbs

    Ok a story where life lessons were learned. I had a tubal done in 2005, why because I am 10 years older than hubby and I didn’t want him to go through any pain. 1st lesson right there 🙂 When I had issues and asked the doctor jokingly if she left any metal in there she replied nothing more than the metal clips. When I responded with a what, in shock, and said I thought she was just going to cut and cauterize, she replied quite quickly that she could cut me open and take them out if I wanted. I replied no, I mean I am a healer I can harmonize to these clips I thought! Lesson 2….It took 6 years to get a referral to a surgeon to have the clips removed over this time I had leg cramps that were so bad they would fracture the bones in my legs and rip the muscles. I went on a vacation to Phenix and we drove up to Sedona for the day, spirit said, take it easy don’t go on any hikes, but did I listen, heck no. That night I had the worst bout ever in a long time and found true surrender. I think my lessons could have came another way if I had made different choices but it was my nature to make them this way and so it was the nature to learn them this way. Hind sight is only useful if it guides our future! I know that I am allergic to titanium and 9% of the population is, so good info, I will never let titanium enter my body again. I learned humility and I learned to slow down, I learned a deeper respect for my body and it’s ability, I learned that in surrender it doesn’t mean it takes the problem away it takes the blame away, I learned that often Spirit is talking and I am not listening, I learned that being a martor doesn’t serve me, I learned putting myself in a dangerous situation to save another isn’t the best choice, I learned you can be as spiritual as can be and you will still get hurt and have pain, I learned that trying to heal yourself can be a lot like trying to do your own dental work when you have an attachment to the outcome. Yes, these are important life lessons that have made my current life spectacular and all came with the willingness to courageously look into the mirror, openly ask the questions of why and love myself no matter what. I remember beating my head into the corner of my shower stall one night during my leg cramping and I was praying for them to stop, and I heard this nasty little voice that said, you deserve it. It took a lot of pain to uncover that one, but there was also this knowing that now that it had been heard it could go away. One of the lessons I learned above was about arrogance, I made a decision even though I knew in my heart it wasn’t right, why because I thought I was all that and could create the alchemy I desired. Boy did I learn…and now I listen 🙂 Love you Colette and all you share, get feelin better!

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