Purrls of Wisdom – Thoughts from the Cocoon – Part 2!

Updated: June 25, 2013

In yesterday’s Part 1 blog, I spoke about my panic attack when the thought of returning to my work was just around the corner and I wasn’t ready.  I knew there was more I had to uncover about my feelings and what was next in my life.  But not go back to work?  I couldn’t wrap my head around that concept.

I never do what I do just to make money. It’s not that kind of a job. If that’s what motivates me on any given day, if I’m driven to make a decision based on financial insecurity, I take a break and find my center until I show up clean. That’s how it’s got to be for me.

But not working brings up a lot of crud as I am not a one woman show- I have a lot of mouths to feed, and I rely on others to help me make what I do accessible to you guys. I have a bag lady goblin that hangs out with me once in a while that I have to soothe when she gets wacky. And no… the sky is never falling Chicken Little- it’s just raining.

But all that set aside I needed to get empty and stay empty, wait for the well to be filled and I knew that meant I still had to “stay down!” for a bit. Yep Speedy, you’re not even allowed to put the key in the ignition here let alone get in first gear!

You know what I’m talking about right? It’s undeniable the sense of surrender that even one teeny weeny step back into the old way of doing things shoves a huge STOP sign in you’re the face of all your vibrating cells.

The three questions that define my work and my message are what I’m immersed in daily. These are the foundations of the IN-Vizion® process- Where Am I? When Am I? Who Am I listening to? When navigating the map of my life I’ve seen, and fully known at the core of my being, that I was going in the direction that I’ve felt guided towards by a higher force. (although I wish the force didn’t have to put a granite post in front of my Harley)

Here I am right back at the amazing life-altering feeling just before I got sober on Jan. 2, 1986- not knowing who or what I would become, not having a clue how my life would turn out, just sure with every cell of my being I could never go back to the life I led or the person I was. I knew nothing other than that and the fact that I was depleted, finally teachable and that the currency of my life was bankrupt.

It is so free to be empty.

“When am I?” I’m lead back to experience a quality of my past only from a new, higher, whole vision perch.  I’m here to know the spiral has indeed brought me to the extraordinary magical powerful gift of emptiness. The deep truth is it’s time to see from a different layer of life and maturity, and vulnerability and courage resounds within me like music. I have been here before and I know what has to happen now- intimately.

In this cocoon I get to take a breath. So do you if you’re in one. You don’t have to know exactly what the next step is. We’re not used to being empty – our modern culture rushes at breakneck speed. But the world will not leave us behind if we breathe in new, and allow the in-between time to change us in its own time.

From this place “getting back to normal” can never ever be. A new normal has to coalesce; a new story gets to be written on the transparent layers of coming to be.

I’m lucky because I’ve been here before and I know that letting go of my old ideas isn’t an option- it’s the necessary force of strength I will accumulate for when it’s my turn to break open the cocoon.

One day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time, remaining mindful of the quality of openness. I still see where I’m going but with such extraordinary clarity and trust.

Do I waver? Yes. (I have some pretty interesting flawed characters in my rich imagination that keep me on my toes)

Not for long though, not for long.

So dear tribe of mine, if you’re experiencing the shift, know you will be more than OK.

Love to hear your stories. Are you in this place too? Have you known surrender and did it lead to miracles? What was it like getting empty?

Have you ever been reminded of a time in your life when you made a big change and as a result navigated the next level on the spiral with greater clarity?

What was it like for you? Who were you, and who have you become? Have you changed so much that your old friends don’t recognize you?  Hope you join the conversation.

Sending all my love and purrls of wisdom and joy to you from the ocean inside my cocoon.

Colette Baron Reid

The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

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  • Cindy

    It makes since now…yes I too have been down that road…I broke free once only to be down but this time its different…I was injured on the job..back in March of last year…and am still fighting the fight there…but I was in a relationship…whom was never there for me…and until recently just figured out he was kind of like my first husband (which of bad)..I am like really I will not go back down that road again. I want to thank you , you are my light on this journey ..You give me hope! I respect you so much!! Please keep sharing ..it puts me at ease!!

  • Lisa Froman

    There is a verse in the Tao Te Ching that asks…Do you have the strength to do nothing until the mud settles? I love this. I believe there is a difference between being stuck and slowing down until the mud settles and you gain clarity. You are listening to your inner guidance and reminding us that our intuition is our best teacher. I learned to slow down after a dark night of the soul visited me in the form of a midlife divorce, job loss and move from my home…and comfort zone. I got quiet and embraced the opportunity for clarity. What was born from this clarity was this: I published a book last year called Tao Flashes, A Woman’s Way to Navigating the Midlife Journey with Integrity, Harmony and Grace. It’s a loose interpretation of the Tao Te Ching from a modern, midlife woman. This was my gift to myself…and maybe others. Thank you for your guidance. I saw you at a Hay House event in Las Vegas years ago during this period of transition; you have been one of my teachers.

  • Reba

    I too have been down that road when my husband died 11 1/2 years ago. I stayed in that hole for 5 years. Took another 2 to completely come out of it. I was doing so well and I now find myself back in the dark hole of life once more. I will be gone on a new journey of ,y life for the next days working on me inside and out. I need to find me again. Thanks Colette

  • Ronda

    I’m in a cocoon and getting ready to come out…I was unceremoniously fired from my last job four years ago. Good thing was I didn’t want it anyway. I had had a 20+ year career that was over. The business had changed and didn’t need me anymore. Good thing I saved every penny. I knew the rainy day would come and it did. I’ve been using my savings so that I could stay in my cocoon. I had an excessive work ethic that required me to always always be productive. Ugh. I worked from the time I was 14 and never stopped. I grew up with the value that if I weren’t helping and serving others constantly, I was worthless. That mentality nearly killed my spirit. I’m really grateful for the forced quiet time. I was forced to find value in myself that has nothing to do with serving others. If I never help another soul as long as I live, I will still have value and worth. This good feeling just makes me want to go out and help and serve others! Very funny magic trick.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I LOVE this !! and you most definitely are speaking to me and others here- that very funny magic trick of the Spiral Dancer.. we find ourselves renewed just when we think it’s all over, it returns in a new form unencumbered by the chains of the past. Freedom to serve is very difference than servitude

      • Ronda

        “Freedom to serve is very different than servitude”…what a PURRL that is for me. I easily and stealthfully slip into servitude. I will really be alert for that almost undetectable line…
        Thank you so much for sharing Colette. This story of the Boot of Shame and the Purrls have been oh so helpful for me as I try to emerge myself.
        During my forced quiet time, I was able to finish my screenplay, a life long dream that I kept ignoring. I had to first find the/a dream, mine were buried, long forgotten and not tended to. My garden of dreams looked like a dump. Digging for a dream was part of my cocoon process. I’ve really been doing a lot of gardening there and as the guilt wore off (the guilt from doing something self serving) little buds of new dreams have now started forming. I realize the importance of tending to our own gardens….

        • Jan

          Oh my. I’ve been reading the posts and my 2 x 4 upside the head happened in 2008. It was a brutal journey that involved so many layers of my life intertwined that I wouldn’t know where to begin in the story. One of the layers was my personal relationships and the other was releasing the job I hated, that I was trapped in, like the 10 x 10 cube I functioned out of. After the 2 x 4, in early 2009, I finally stepped into developing a design career that I had been talking about for since 2006. The slap was to shake me out of my complacency and move into my dream job, my soul work, which is still expanding. I know the ultimate result is not where I am, but I trust that I will be shown the path in divine timing.

          I worked with great diligence at the dream job from 2009 until September, 2011, always saying, I’m not ready to leave my full time job. In September, 2011, I was written up, second strike and I had only one to go. I made the decision to stay until June, 2012 in order to reach a milestone that I felt was critical to my existence. It just about killed me to do so. The depression, the anger, the hurt, the sorrow bubbled around me and in me every day. But I persevered and I did it. I walked away from corporate America in June 2012, milestone reached. As soon as I exited, my design business fast forwarded through November, 2012, and then it fell flat. Boom!!! Another smack!

          I was exhausted from pushing, pushing, pushing from 2009 to 2012, two jobs for the most part, simply too much energy into the financial reward I envisioned in the fall, which never appeared. We plan and God laughs. So true. I cocooned from December until mid-May. No new designs for market, just completely shut down. I worked almost daily with your cards, spirit always answered. Within the last few weeks I’m suddenly emerging from the cocoon and it all began with taking an art class which shifted my energy. I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was a little girl. I went, I played, I got my fingers dirty and I loved it. The teacher is an intuitive and was so much fun to play along side of. A kindred soul. With that expansion, the creativity came back into my other design work and today I just put together a retreat that I’ve been working on since last week. Bang!! Just like that, putting myself out there in a new venue.

          As soon as I posted everything on line and sent out all the emails, the panic set in. How am I going to pull this off with no resources, no workers bees, only honey. LOL Then I went to the cards and pulled:


          Field of Dreams.

          “Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are always engaging the vast field of pure potential.”


          This is the perfect time to harness the field of vast potential not yet realized in your life. Great abundance is yours if you’re willing to do the work alongside the Gentle Gardener.

          Be clear about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Concentrate on your best life regardless of the temporary outer conditions imposed upon you by the greater world, which has its own story to tell. You have a basket full of seeds that are quite powerful, for your talents are Divinely inspired and will indeed lead to a great harvest to be shared with others.

          You will reap what you have sown. Dream big, dream beautiful, take action, and tend to the garden of your life . . . and experience the extraordinary.


          I was reading the posts after pulling the card and came to the above string, also about dreams and gardening. Total peace washed over me. I’m completely supported and on path. There may be detours along the way, but I can do it. I am, afterall, an artist. 😉

          With blessings to you, dear Colette. I’ve wandered through your card decks for years, at times completely confused and now with great confidence in the messages from Spirit. I am an empowered woman, I am an artist, I am a writer, and I am capable of creating the life I love and deserve,

  • Emily

    I have been in that ‘Cacooning’ place ever since I decided to stop taking pain pills & all in all get healthier. It’s been very ‘stormy’ at times . Most of my old acquaintances & I don’t even come into contact with one another. Which has made me feel so alone at times. It’s comforting to know that others are feeling this, as well. All throughout my 20s ‘a big granite stone’ would get thrown in front of my ‘motorcycle’, so to say, as if the universe were saying “slow down”. & I believe it was. When i got pregnant a lt of friends disappeared, it seems, or we just grew apart. Im still being emptied, of the old, but it’s definitely a long process, ‘ baby steps are definitely required. It gets so ‘sticky’ sometimes, but If I sit & calm down, find my center, Spirit shows me the next step, even when unsure of my footing. Blessings to u, Colette. U have done so much good in this world. I agree with the person that said if u never did anythin else to help the puvlic, youve still done enough for SO many. Thank you. With <3. Xoxoxo

  • Cindy Lequereux

    Wow Colette!! I’ve been there, in the emptiness and found it very difficult to sit there. My predominant world doesn’t like that I just sit with myself either and hence found myself fighting for that moment too. It’s where I asked myself the what, where, and why!! Thank you for being so open and candid:)! I’ve moved along but have this yearning for more of who it is I am and whether its a huge awakening or small shifts, I suppose that is part if my path. Thank you for the moment you really did see me when we did cross paths about 3.5 years ago, I’ve never forgotten that as it had a poignant impact on me! Infinite Love & Gratitude to you Colette in your unfoldment. Love you.

  • Ping Xu

    This is so beautiful Colette! <3 ~~~ Breathing along with you in my cocoon…

    I especially resonate with you on "getting back to the normal" will never ever be ! 🙂 I guess when we announce this, we are already standing at the entrance of the new reality.

    I have been resting from an energetic crash a month ago. If I looked back, I have been feeling tired and telling myself and others that I need to rest, while not really doing it since last winter…So, now I am really resting, let all my plans be aside, simply be with every seemingly ordinary moment , be not only okay with it, but appreciate it and love it:)

    I find that the stillness gives depth to everything. I always Thought I was grateful and humble, while it is until when I am slowing down, I deeply Feel that sense of gratitude, humility and the joy of being arising from that, which requires nothing from outside.

    Much love and smiles from a golden purple cocoon, like a ametrine 🙂 XOXO Ping

  • Diana Boles

    The viewpoint from which we pray needs the mind, body and feeling alignment. Without it, the ripples created by the vibration of life disturb each other. With all layered together the vibrations carry the prayer so that we can BE the prayer. This is what the cocooning days are for.
    There is such a SHIFT occurring throughout the circle around the sun. Not only are you aware of that disturbance in the force, you have your own shifting to consider. Colette, you have a major body healing to attend to. Of course you need to take time for the cocoon.
    I am surrounded by many people—each with opinions and values and aspirations. But not one of them truly understand being the prayer. Being the change you want to see. Being in a place to see anothers perspective yet not be able to explain yours for it falls on deaf ears. It often makes me feel as if I am a pretender. This ability to perceive what makes them who they are makes me the outsider for they are unaware of the understanding I give them.
    I really refer to my cocoon as “the Moon Lodge”. I start each day there, so I do not misplace the oneness of the three while trying to make sense of the vibrations of others. From there I begin life in the public world as the “Pink Hawk Moth”. ( there really is one, gorgeous)
    Don’t forget the cocoon is about observation. Begin there for you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I know exactly what you’re talking about. You’re no pretender 😉 I get it. xooxox

      • Diana Boles

        I knew you’d get it. I DEFINATELY feel in good company even through your blogs. Your books have resonated with me.
        More on the perimeter of lunatic behavior, I spent the greater part of the 60’s-70’s searching for myself. Now that I am in my 60’s, I don’t have to look very far, ha!
        Heal, sista! I pray that for you.

  • Tricia Edwards

    Yes Colette!!! This is right where Im at. I cant possibly do what I used to…..I get all yucky feeling and stressed and get headaches when I try….trying to keep the income coming in during the transition…..but Im at that point where a new way is emerging. Where my creativity is starting to burst open the cocoon. I can feel it. Look forward to it. Its now as if I have to do the new and trust along the way. Where I was still before, now Im starting to be nudged forward.

    Thank you so much for these posts.

    Love you!!!!

  • Lynda Olin

    Hi Collette
    I have been reading your posts and your words are ringing very true for me right now. First, I’m so sorry to hear of your accident and your loss of Purrl. I hope you recover quickly and have a long, rewarding relationship with Purrl 2.

    As for how your words are resonating right now, I am also cocooning, albeit for a different reason. Last summer my husband and i moved back home to the Pacific Northwest from Phoenix. I took the first job that I could find in order to not have to stay in Phoenix any longer than necessary even though I loved the job I had there. While the new job got me “home”, it wasn’t a good fit. A couple of months ago I quit because of a horrible supervisor that made my work life miserable and the day she literally yelled at me after trapping me in my office so I could not get out was the last straw. I was not only humiliated, I felt threatened and terrorized. No one deserves to be yelled at for any reason in the workplace (or really anywhere for that matter). The issue was over a misunderstanding and she was not willing to discuss it without hostile confrontation. At that moment I decided to resign. I wrote a long letter to my colleagues about why I was leaving and received a huge outpouring of support from many of them. They understood why I left because they also had to deal with her and told me I was the best administrator they ever had. The supervisor was toxic and I had to get out but it took me several weeks to begin to recover. I am now cocooning and searching for work with the understanding that when the time is right, the Universe will put the right job in front of me. Next time, I am trusting the Universe to help me get it right.

    Thanks so much for purrls of wisdom and your cards posted daily on Facebook! Always inspirational and right on. Get well soon!

    Lynda O

  • Jamie

    Colette, Thank you so much for writing this blog! You bring hope and inspiration to me. I am definitely NOT where I want to be right now…still trying to find my way. I know where I want to be but life is definitely throwing me a curve ball and feels like i’m going in the exact opposite direction that I want to go in. My dream is to work with wild animals, be their voice and help species survive. The more I work towards that goal it seems the further life pushes me away from it. And with this disappointment I’m not dealing with it that well….

    I’m really glad that you are ok! and thanks again for writing this! 🙂

  • Vallen's Rose

    When you get hurt, at first it feels like nothing has changed, you think you will find a way to get to work and everything else, right? But then you start to realize, after a little while, that you really are injured and those injuries must be priority. You let go of everything else because you are forced to do so. And after awhile you just let healing happen and if you are in luck it will. You’re gonna learn and you’re gonna change whether you like it or not. Maybe on a soul level this confinement was something you needed to “stop the world; I wanna get off.” You will begin to see who really loves you, who really cares about you, who will really stand by you thick and thin and the chaff will be blown away on the first wind that takes them. If you took on “mouths to feed” then it is time they learned to feed on somebody else. This is your time to heal. Take that time! Get it right the first time. Screw up and the problem gets worse. Do what the doctor says.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I just love this. This has been the most powerful joyous experience in years. Healing is more than happening and in multitudes of ways. Frankly ” the accident” was a HUGE gift! A no drama zone, a priority recalibration, a reconnection to old wonderful friends, letting go others, – not that I wish this on anyone but I have this awesome spiritual shredding machine by my bed that sings every time I give something over to my Higher Power, and discard the dysfunctional pieces, relationships, and concepts etc.
      One day at a time… I am floating in a sacred pool in no rush to get out of it. xooxox thanx for writing

  • Cheryl

    This is a moment of surrender for me… I don’t normally like to be ‘seen’ or have my presence felt … much of my life has been spent trying to ‘control’ my environment… which like most things eventually caught up to me and took a toll on my health. Nothing ‘diagnosable’ by conventional medicine but I could feel it in my body that something was going horribly wrong. I had to make a very dramatic choice… I could wait… and hope that when conventional medicine could finally catch what was going on that it would not be too late… or I could take radical responsibility for my body and my health (after all it was me that got me there to begin with). I began going for live blood cell analysis and seeing an acupuncturist… I also signed up to take distance education through the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition studying holistic nutrition. I recently completed a 60 day juicing cleanse (and continue to juice daily), staying with lots of green things and other things low on the glycemic index (mostly like an anti-fungal diet to cleanse a systemic yeast infection and increase my alkalinity). I also did Andreas Moritz’ liver and gallbladder flush. All these things had still not brought up my alkalinity levels, although I do feel my body slowly building strength and resistance… I felt very lost and despondent… what was I doing wrong? There have been many, many things in my life that have contributed to my present state and perhaps a culmination of all of them… but the one thing that kept gnawing at the back of my mind was a discovery I made last fall of having had an older sibling that somehow mysteriously disappeared from my life when I was a toddler. I have been ex-communicated from my family of origin for over 7 years now and had no one living 😉 to ask… there had been an enormous amount of energy put in by my family and extended family to completely erase all traces of my older sibling from our lives, including almost no pictures of me up to 2 years of age. Through a series of events however, because that’s how spirit works 😉 I got a copy of my live registration of birth, illustrating in my mother’s own hand writing the existence of an older sibling. I went through many, many emotions since the fall, but the absolute moment of surrender came recently… intuitively I understood that I needed to let go and forgive my past, (which I thought I had already done pretty well at up to this point… God knows I put in the time and a whole lot of energy and did the work), this was more about my childhood and my family of origin. I was guided to a book one day… it was not one I would normally read… but in it contained the ‘purrl’ of wisdom I needed and was ready for in this moment… it outlined a family in crisis and about the child being the one to start the healing process by being the first to forgive, that it was okay to be mad, but don’t hold on to it because it will ruin your health… that no one can ever truly know what went on in the life of the individual/s we perceive to have hurt us, leading them to make the choices they made and that if we don’t let go and forgive we keep an energetic cord connected to the event between us and the other/s preventing everyone from healing and moving on. I got it…. I finally got it in a deep and profound way… That day I wrote in a tiny blank card… “Dear Mom and Dad, I forgive you. Love, Cheryl” and I sent it along with a copy of my live registration of birth, letting them know that I know… and I let go… What a freeing feeling!!! I didn’t do it for them; I would say I didn’t do it for my older sibling although they were definitely instrumental in the process… I did it for me… to let go of all the toxicity that had clearly been held in my body. I did it to heal me and to finally be free. I gave it to God to deal with the rest…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      your story touches me so deeply Cheryl thank you for sharing this with us. I “felt” the shift. big blessings xooxoxoxoox

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    So amazing Colette and exciting for you for all of your tribe to experience. My first surrendering came in November of 1987. after months of working with my minister to determine my course of action to leave or not leave my husband and take a 180 degree turn from being stay at home wife and mother of four young children to heading back to University to get a business degree with the kids in tow, start my companies to facilitate positive changes on the planet and be fully on my spiritual path. I was slowly inching down the deep well into the cocoon until I received a book from a friends’ mother…messages from the Messiah and took the advice and did a tuck and plummeted into the deep dark well of my cocoon…I had made the choose to divorce my husband in November and on that day my parents called my minister and told him if I didn’t stay married to my husband, that my father had prepared to commit me to the local psychiatric ward…I was fortunate that my minister was a true believer in Spirit and told my father …good luck…you might be a powerful community leader but you will come through me to get at your daughter…I won’t let you hurt her as she is not crazy…just in pain because she has to tear her family apart to move forward on her next phase of her journey…They disowned me and I was an only child but rather than crush my spirit in their design to control me… it only pushed me forward…I set my intentions:…Achieve a business degree in four years, work in sales for two years to get the business experience and then start my companies. I had never worked outside of the home…so many thought I was crazy…who was this young woman of 32 with four young children, from a small town who believed she could do this….Fear and negativity…I refused to let any fear and negativity in or deter me. So long, long story short…My faith in the Creator, Spirit was such that with my intentions and goals set I crafted my action plan, my financial plan with the help of my minister from that deep dark well of a cocoon with only a small pin point of light shining…My minister worked with me on my personality traits to help me transition from stay at home mom to business woman, a spiritual entrepreneaur. So that in April 1992 I graduated from SFU with a degree in business administration with my four children at my side… I then worked for two years in advertising sales and in 1993 I found the Internet. In the late fall of 1994 I founded the first two of my six companies…C.N. Wylie Group Inc. and Strategic Profits Inc…and for the first time in my life I was creating the revenue to feed and house the five of us and creating the changes in my self and in business I wanted to see in the world. I love that Gandhi phrase…The metamorphisis for that journey was complete but always evolving…As I kicked back the darkness of that dark cocoon in the well and emerged into this new butterfly business mom… my gratitude to the Creator, Spirit never waivered as it was through that faith of being supported by Spirit in this metamorphisis that I was able to truly move forward…as so much of the time I couldn’t see past one foot in front of the other…I had to Trust my path was fully supported and I did…..All things are possible…faith and positive thoughts, actions and deeds were my saving Grace…so to all of you in your cocoons ..you are loved and boy are you going to have fun when you emerge and evolve …love to you all…and gratitude always to you Colette as you are such a great student, teacher and leader…

  • Monica Kander

    Dear Colette,
    You write so beautifully and with such clarity. SO very helpful. You mirror back in words.

    The moment is now..and it is so full.

    I so love your cards too by the way. I have them in the physical, as apps, and still go to your website to tap their wisdom there too. They so feed my soul!

    Just sending love to you…

  • Megan Hanlon

    this is not related to your question directly but as an intuitive healer myself – although my spiral is to actually stop working so much as an accountant and step into this healing business.

    Anyway – the point being – when you first wrote about the motorbike i had a sense of it not being right and accidents. then i convinced myself that you were completely okay, you were doing the training, you were sensible and you had lovely guides to look after you and even if something did go wrong it would be for a reason so i put it down to my fear and left it alone.

    Now that you have had this accident i realise that my fear was intuitive but i thought i would say – its gone now and the coast is clear. no more accidents for you. i feel such relief. So whilst im sure you are completely across this yourself – sometimes it is nice to have someone confirm it. So i though i would just practice stepping up and being intuitive.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      good for you! and GREAT to hear no more accidents for me cuz I am getting another bike as soon as I can ride but a smaller one. My last bike before the accident was the perfect size for me – I tried to buy it back but a woman was there just buying it when I hobbled in there. Another perfect one will come… in time.. now go do your healing service and be intuitive..

  • Jasmine Richmond

    I needed some insight today and went to your web site to pull a card. Your blog caught my eye and I discovered you were in an accident. I’m so sorry to hear this, Colette, and I know you are healing, but WOW! I used to live in New Hampshire and was at the seacoast often. Yes, I’ve also been going through immense changes that are not comfortable at all, starting shortly before Saturn went in Scorpio and right when I think I’ve got one thing “figured out”, another surprise comes. I can’t say “it’s all good” as the saying goes but so far the pain has been well worth what I’m continuing to discover. Stay in that cocoon, girl, as long as you need, and my heart goes out to you.

  • Karen W


    You asked, have you changed so much you friends don’t recognize you?

    Is it possible I have changed so much they don’t want to be around me?

    I feel like my “friends list” is morphing , big time! It hurts when they fall out of my life, but then a more precious friend arrives.

    Also, as I cocoon, and went off Facebook at the same time, I know now that I have a select few friends. Those are the ones that never wanted something from me or took advantage of me ( which I know I allowed ) . Those are the ones who have reached out to me , via phone, text , email. They don’t care that I am cocooning. They expect nothing from me. They just want to be my friend, no matter if I am able to help them or not.

    I am grateful for the chance to weed out the “users” and love up on the amazing ones!


  • Erin


    I read this the day you posted it, and immediately worried for my husband, who is a rider himself, on a brand-new white bike. Of course, I always worry about him riding, but I thought about how awful it would be for me to get the news of him having an accident.

    This morning, that news came. He was rear-ended by a car while he was on his bike. He was thrown, and according to witness reports, did two flips in the air, landed on the hood/windshield/roof of the car (he’s 6’3″) and then bounced onto the ground into oncoming traffic. And he walked away with, literally, a scratch on his elbow and a scratch on his back. He was wearing a helmet but nothing else protective whatsoever (because of the heat, he was only wearing a tshirt instead of his usual leather jacket).

    It’s truly a miracle. And even though it’s only been hours since this happened, I can tell that his spirituality has been taken to another level. He knows that he was protected by something, and that it just wasn’t his time to go, because, according to the cops and firemen, he should have died. Not only did he not die, he is COMPLETELY FINE.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have a feeling that my husband is now in the same spiritual path that you’ve been set on, for the same reasons.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow That is a wild story. Please tell your husband I know this must have been one of those miracle saves. He obviously had something trying to get his attention. sending many blessings thankyou for this letter. oxoxo

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