Easter in July – Why Not? (New Musings from Colette’s Clean and Tidy Cocoon)!

Updated: July 22, 2013


Dear Fabulous You,

Wherever you are in the world I do hope your experience this past week has been filled with peace, popsicles, and people who behave, as we’ve all been given the gift of closing the door on that wild and wooly “It who shall remain nameless” three-week cycle of planetary vomit.

In case the heat has melted your brain cells a tad – the hint is M—-ry R—– de.

That’s right don’t even mouth the words, just in case there was any residual “lessons” coming from it we might have missed.

All I’ve got to say is “eat my dust, planets” – I am recalibrating my focus and you forces of fate can do whatever you want. I am creating the solution now and that’s that.

The cocoon has been wiped clean, I’ve taken out the trash and I’m settling in tuned into a very different channel. How ‘bout you?

If you spent some time musing over the events of your life as of late, what, if anything do you notice shows up in your world when you expect to see it there?

I blogged about this last week when I talked about Echo U.  I discussed how the world echoes our deepest hidden expectations and reflects them back to us.

We all pretty much agree that we co-create our experience, or at the very least experience life according to our beliefs, thoughts, expectations and our reactions and responses to events.

It really is a delicate dance between two essential statements, both infused with responsibility, imagination, creativity, acceptance and detachment.

“I create my own reality” and “I must live life on life’s terms”

We’re also wired to look for what we come to know as familiar in the outer world.

I honestly think we can suffer from spiritual amnesia and forget we can choose to focus on the blessings when we get stuck on the hamster wheel only seeing the flaws and the disappointments.

Like a heat-seeking missile some of us, some of the time, others most of the time, will hone in on our anticipated target of a perceived, flawed reality so consistently that we can hear the noise like millions of chirping wild cicadas saying “see, see? told you so, told you so.”

Truth is, the Universe, God, Quantum Fred, Source, or whatever name you resonate with wants you to anticipate blessings and good awesome fabulosity, not reinforce your inner crap and projections of said crap onto others with such reinforced fervor whilst complaining about life.

That would be a no.

So, I’m going to invite you to play with me this week and do something super fun- having Easter in July. YAY !!!!!!

When I was a kid my favorite holiday came in the spring. Easter Sunday was the best, most powerful day in my years growing up, especially when I was little. Why was that? One would like to think it had something meaningful to do with the religious holiday, or, that I had discovered the secret of the Easter Bunny and his address, or at the very least, something mystical in my genetic code that got specially activated. DNA from the stars that might have sparkled a little extra enlightenment my way would have been cool but alas my story is not so magical.

Then again, maybe it is.

Easter Sunday was the day I went egg hunting. Colored eggs, chocolate eggs, sugar eggs, jelly bean eggs, chocolate eggs in sparkly paper, foil wrapped chocolate bunnies and teeny chicks made of bright yellow pipe cleaners were all hidden the night before by my resourceful parents for me to discover.

So it was that as soon as I awoke I went into full tilt hunt mode with my very special Easter basket to search all over the house and backyard for these awesome discoveries that I knew were there for me to find. I expected them to be there, and that my only reason for being alive in that moment was to find them all.

My dad took special pride in being the Voice behind the curtain saying “hot, hot, hot YES hotter NOOOO cold,cold getting colder yes, yes, hot, hot, YES!” according to how close or far away I got from my prizes that were hanging from chandeliers, perched along the edges of paintings, and often in the nooks and crannies of our antique dining table amongst other hiding spots.

The power of that pure unadulterated trusting energy that infused every cell of my body and soul was palpable. It’s the same feeling I get when I look into my world and decide that no matter what, I’m going to hunt for my blessings. When I become like a curious open child, and view the world with anticipation of finding sweet amazing things. I zero in on them pronto with just as much glee and wowza as when I was six.

So let’s assume the constant whiners and complainers and whoa-is-me-ers, the ones determined to cling to the notion that opportunities are always out of reach, etc. are also on a hunt.

They carry their little baskets into the world looking for smelly nasty ugly goblin turds that prove to them that indeed “life is hard, then you die” or “there are no good men”, or “shit happens, it’s all bad”, “my parents hurt me so now I can’t love anyone”, or “I never make enough money”, “ I’m never going to get that raise I deserve”, “I don’t have a college degree so I can’t get ahead”, “ It’s sooo hard to attract clients!”, “Someone stole all my ideas.” etc.

The difference is what you’ve been hunting for.

The Dude Abides (what my friend Pam Grout declares in her book E-Squared) is the principle that if you request to see a blessing then hunt for it, you will collect at least one for your basket in 48 hours, (more once you get the hang of it). The Dude, God, Source, Field, or Quantum Fred is going to show you something amazing hidden just for you if you ask to see it!

So the challenge this week is to peel your life off your face, (it really wasn’t meant to be suction-cupped on there anyway), and grab a basket, put on some childlike wonder, listen for Big Daddy’s voice coming through your intuition and the signs and omens around you and hunt for your sweet eggs that were hidden just for you.

Do NOT put any turds in the basket, even if they feel hypnotic and say things like “here I am you know me pick me pick me”.

Put your fingers in your ears and go “lalalallalallalalla”.

New beginnings bring new life, an attitude adjustment and Ta-Da your basket will be full. Ask for a blessing, no matter what is happening in your life, EXPECT to see it just like when you were six and could hardly wait to see the pretty colors hiding behind the door!

Write me about your blessings!  I will not be reading any posts or mail that trumpets about what’s wrong with the world and your difficult life, even though I am compassionate, and I get that life will bring its challenges, this week we’re not doing that.

Share the good stuff in the comments section so others can be inspired! The kind of stories you just can’t make up! Ask for a blessing, an undeniable billboard of a blessing to show up in your life in the next 48 hours and then come tell us.

Bring the good vibe to share with my tribe!!

‘Til next time

I send you tons of Love (I always have extra for you.)


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  • Barb Parcells

    I am currently reading E-Squared and did that experiment. I asked for a blessing from an unexpected source. I didn’t know what to expect but when it came it blew me away. It was a conversation with someone very close to me, my oldest daughter who lives out of state. She did not want to burden me with her problem when what I wanted most of all was to be the mother I knew she needed. She doesn’t like to admit that she can’t handle something but this was serious and it was manifesting as some very strange and erratic behavior when all she needed was to talk to someone who loved her that she trusted. When we got off the phone I cried in gratitude. That was a blessing and a half!

  • Karen Malone

    Dear Colette…

    After reading your suggestion (obviously I too was impacted by recent Stars & Moons)… I am putting on my Bunny Ears… Brushing the webs off my Easter Basket… and Hopping into a week full of Miracles and Messages from the “Big Bunny”…

    Thanks for your wonderful inspirations and Happy July Easter Sister!

  • Donna Harding Lee

    I can so relate to the Basket and the goodies and have my basket ready. I will let you know what happens, but things have really picked up and I feel a sense of happiness and anticipation for many good things.

  • Cynthia

    I was seeking some inspiration for where I should go to receive inspiring direction. So I did myself a three-card reading from your ‘Wisdom of the Hidden Realms’ deck. My first card was the Sisters of the Seasons (I wanted to know if I was going at the right speed for my growth in what I am currently going for in my new direction in life), the second card was The Lady of the Mirror (I remembered what you told me when I chose it at CYL Sedona 2012), and my third card was The Desert Prince. Ta Da!!!! Then I read your Easter in July blog and knew I was going to have an awesome and spiritually blessed week with lots of nuggets for my basket!! I am so excited to ‘see’ what the universe holds for me in the remaining of my week!! God tells us that if we are to seek the gates of heaven we are to become like that of a child. With your insightful gift of story telling a direct point you have reminded me HOW to be like that of a child and still be in the fullness of my womanhood. Thank you! Lots of love and giggles!

    • Helen

      Love your perspective on this very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

  • Trisha

    Hi Colette,

    Just like Barb, I’m reading Pam G’s E squared and asked the universe to send me a sign about someone interested in buying my boyfriend’s land and new clients. I’ll wait here expecting great surprises within the next 48 hours. I’ll let you know what happens.

    Cheers, Trisha.

  • Kelly

    I too am reading E squared. Last night began my 48 hours of discovering gifts and blessings. This blog was the first gift of the day…showing me that everything is in alignmnent. Another blessing showed up in an opportunity to help out with a spiritual conference coming up this fall. I had been wanting to attend, but didn’t have the funds to make it happen this year. This afternoon I received an email about volunteering to help out with this conference. I am beyond excited. Cant wait to see what shows up tomorrow 🙂

  • Liz

    Thank you so much Colette!! I will be sending all of my friends on a fabulous egg hunt of their blessings! It’s a good boost for the moral! I did read E2 and withing 1 hour, I had a phone message from my son saying “Mom, I have a surprise for you!” How amazing! Thank you for all of your fabulous work, you are a strong and positive influence for me! …..I noticed my basket was already full, I’ll have to get a bigger one and open my arms to the Universe…and maybe meet you one day!!!…………..Namasté

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE IT !!! the glass is full and miracles are right in front of our nose we really do just need to ask for them!

      • Liz

        Wowza!! ” Your life goes where your eyes go!”
        I am now creating a wall of appreciation in one of my rooms! I write inspirationnal words of wisdom and all that is good in my life on paper hearts! Lovely!
        Take care!
        ps: I’m making a heart of appreciation with your name on it!

  • Bonnie

    In April I took a photography class, the instructor shared a photo of a waterfall that he took. It was beautiful. Unfortunately he did not tell us where it was taken. I am taking a vacation with my kids camping, and looking up sites to visit I saw that very same waterfall I wanted to see. It was like something magical happened I cannot explain. I wanted to take a photograph of that very same waterfall and now I will have that opportunity to do so. I would say this is one very large beautiful egg to add to the basket! Oh, I should add I drew a card and it was a waterfall as well just shortly before finding the location of the waterfall….

  • Helen Grygo

    Helen – July 23, 2013

    I have been contemplating relocating, but I am not sure where. I am going to Colorado in a couple of weeks for a vacation. I have never been there before,but the photos I have seen from a friend living in Steamboat Springs are amazing. I asked Jesus to send me a ladybug in my bedroom window if moving there would be the place for me. Within 24 hours there was the ladybug on the inside of my bedroom window. I was blown away. Signs are so amazing. Seek and you shall find. Thank you Jesus.

  • Wanda

    OMG…or OMAD(!) I needed this SO much today Collette!! Are you a mind reader? LOL I love, love, love your enthusiasm and message…you have made me very excited to look for my ‘eggs’!! THANK YOU for this message today!! Lots of Love and Light Lady!!!

    • Wanda

      Sorry for misspelling your name…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so fun yes? seek and ye shall find em and they will be sweet!

  • Sarah K

    Speaking of spelling, didn’t you mean “woe-is-me” instead of “whoa-is-me”? Though the latter is a pretty good pun.

    Blessings noticed today: Husband, plant oxygen, and Colette Baron-Reid.

  • Bette

    Hi Colette,

    My blessing was that someone I really wanted to see and talk with came by today. We had a recent falling out and he said some hateful things, however, I am still attracted to him. I asked that he would come by and he did.

    For this I feel blessed and today my basket is full. 🙂

    Now if we could just get back and continue building on what could have been…

  • helen

    …… life isn’t meant to be suction-cupped to your face….
    …. put your fingers in your ears and go lalalallalallalalla……

    ha ha ha haha ha..snort snort.. ha ha ha ha ha snort ha ha ha…. 🙂
    i am putting this up in big letters over my sink…
    brilliant! just brilliant… and i just did that very thing this weekend.. la la la la
    snort ha ha ha
    love you!

  • Mya Davis

    Hi Colette !
    I thought I would give you and your friends One of my fav eggs in my basket : )))
    Check out Dynamo magician impossible levetating in Rio. This guy has been deliberatly visualising since he was eleven earth years … he is pretty good at it now : )))
    Much Warmth to ALL XXX

  • Halina Ratulowski

    I tend to forget about that me–y re—de you talk about. Sometimes too slow to connect the dots. Lately i Couldn’t figure out why I needed an attitude adjustment but knew I needed one. Today I armed my car with motivational CDs. Began with one that talks about “you” (each one of us) being the gift. On the road i stopped at timmys and simply paid $1.60 for the guys coffee behind me. It was an awesome way to start the day. Guaranteed attitude realignment for the cheap price of $1.60

    Will be on the lookout for blessings and how I can make the world a better place and share my gift.
    I’m on that hunt. Basket in hand.
    This note today from you is no coincidence in moving me along my path.

  • Michelle

    Colette I saw the interview of you and Pam it was great, but I have question who is the man you described in your interview a chinese guy you saw and stated that he was teaching how to change the alcohol into something different except you tried it with cranberry juice? I”ve been reading Pam’s blogs and they certainly are cracking me up as I am also reading her book but much obliged for suggesting it!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      the Chi Gong healer I was referring to was the amazing Robert Peng. I had an incredible healing with him when he zapped me with energy during a healing session. I promptly went to study with him for a weekend and was awestruck by what was accomplished there. His website is http://www.robertpeng.com

      • Michelle

        Thank You! 🙂

  • ruth

    I had my Easter Magic last night. I took my dog out to see the full moon. I saw
    that someone lit a Chinese lantern. I watched it then just next to the lantern
    I saw a shooting star. thanks for reminding me of the Easter Magic.

  • Diana Boles

    I’m almost afraid to ask for another blessing. Why? Well, I’m already feeling so very blessed just as things are. This joy-ney that i have been on for 64 years. I do not want to seem ungrateful for what I already have. I only want to improve my be-ing. So all I could think of blessing were my BLESS-INGS so that i do not loose sight of where i have been and how i found my way to this place that i BE. Please, just a little sign that I will be always able to keep on keep-in on. I had those thoughts at 2pm today. At 3:30. I walked out back to pick tomatoes. Now, I must tell that animal totems are very important and symbolic to me. As I approached my veggie patch, I stopped mid step and gasped aloud with eyes popping wide. There, in the zinnia patch, flitted a humming bird. The symbol of joy. The symbol of love. It can fly in every direction and appear motionless. It has been 2 years since I have been able to catch a glimpse of one flying around in my yard. This day, this bird even landed on one of the tomato cages and rested for a minute. She stopped to spend time with me. There was my sign. Keeping on keep-in on—-in faith, in gratitude, in happiness and in loving those on this joy-ney with me—–us. Sisters and brothers of Colette’s tribe—-of the world——namaste

  • christy

    Holy guacamole!!!
    I asked for my big billboard of a blessing in 48 hours and I got it.
    My boss just handed me a huge bonus to take on my vacation next week,
    AND told me that he is sorry that I haven’t gotten a raise in a while, so he’ll
    look into that, AND that he really appreciates me!!!!!!!!!
    This all came totally unexpected ( except for the intention of a blessing part 😉 )
    and I am truly grateful.
    Thank you!!

    • Trisha

      well, this is what happened. I asked for certain things and I had this idea to start making my own “bling” dreamcatchers via mom. All of a sudden, I felt the need to start creating them. So, maybe this is how I’m gonna get more clients???

      Never heard of anyone looking for my boyfriend’s property yet….anywho this is great!

      Thanks, Colette, for introducing Pam Grout’s E squared principles to us!

      Hugs, Trisha

  • Trisha

    Something else happened. Hmm..this is a little woo woo. I asked to have more clients and I had an offer to take a level 1 training with Sonia Choquette in November. I really want to go! I’ll just trust this blessing.

    Hugs, Trisha.

  • Tillie

    I get the underlying message here. Really. It’s a lovely way to explain something I find myself struggling with almost everyday- faith. I am coming to the understanding that I need to believe in the guiding force as always 100% supporting me. The gifts are there waiting for me to claim. Attuning myself to this belief is the cornerstone that shifts ego and victimization into the wisdom of faith. Wow, just writing this down has power.

    Thank you.

  • Reply

    Finally realising how I’ve been taking things waay too personall&, reacting out of anger, & a ‘victim consciousness’, & seeing life through a ‘shame filter’. When really, my basket is full every time that I actually ‘look into it”, at least it’s ‘half full’ most of the time, as long as I ‘ask’ 🙂 .
    Just a shift in perception was needed; my life is beautiful. Even though I feel sometimes that the community is ‘against’ me; I’m remembering that I’ve been an intuitive my whole life; my whole life. When I was 9 or 11, I asked the ‘spirit guides’ to go away. I heard Angels singing in celestial voices outside of my cracked window when I was 11, near the river that runs through my parents’ yard. I have dreams about the river constantly. One of my first memories of easter was being next door at around 3 or 4 yrs old. We were at my great grandparents’ house that came here by boat from Sicily. I was wondering if my husband & I were at least on somewhat of the ‘right path’ lately (for I’ve been more than a bit confused lately; technology is not my forefront, & all this ‘tweeting, instagram, & facebook publicity, is not the ‘publicity’ that nourishes our family. (been feeling like ‘notorious B.I.G., lately.)
    So, I asked Spirit (the Angels & animals have been ‘speaking’ to me most of my life), to send me a message, & when on the phone with my mother-in-law & I saw a snail on the BBQ wheel outside my back door; just like the one that my grandmother gave me from my great grandmother from Sicily (that I have on the kitchen shelf above the sink)… where I also painted a pink heart. Perfect sign! Reminds of the “Slow & Steady” card from your “The Enchanted Map Deck”. & describes the feeling of being ‘roasted on facebook, etc.! lol
    Been hearing the owls a lot lately, too. Great blog. & my mother says she’s going to print out the “4 Agreements” from Miguel Ruiz’s book, so I can place them above the sink (where I told her previously, I was going to paint them! Perfect timing. Blessings to you, Colette! & your Tribe! xoxoxo

  • Cynthia

    Yesterday I was talking with someone about the canopy of trees we live under and how the canopy keeps the sun from shining through and makes it dark. I correlated this with the events, people, and ‘stuff’ that come into our life and how we have to “BE” the light amongst the darkness that would take us if we let it. Today I read a card from you and it spoke of the Owl and the wisdom “in the dark”. This was my egg yesterday, letting me know I already possess everything God needs me to possess and to have faith in that. Loves!

  • Trisha

    I really enjoy your blogs and often sift through the comments to find my own “eggs” of wisdom. After reading some pages in Pam Grout’s E-squared, I thought about getting new clients for my budding intuitive business and had to envision my intention of getting this off the ground. One morning, I began to see my new clients, then, I took action. I had this feeling to head to the local pow-wow and boom, synchronicity began to take shape. Met one person then another afterwards, I got permission to be “intuitive and practice my craft.” I had 2-3 clients a day thanks to reviving this manifesting tool. It’s nice to be supported and reminded that we all have gifts to share. Even when some of us are taught by our parents and so on that this “woo-woo” stuff is scary and sacrilege. I took a risk and “outed” myself as an intuitive. Feels so much better helping others.

    Thank you for your work, Colette. You’re a beautiful guide and spirit! Hugs!

  • Liz

    Colette, what you said in this post is SO correct – we get what we look for and expect. I love your blog.

    I did the 48h experiment from the Pam Grout book about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been looking for a job for a while now. We’ve got a caravan that we hire out and we got a call to say someone had broken the toilet seat. Didn’t really think this was a blessing at the time, as it was a 5 hour round trip to change it. However when we got there it happened that on the caravan park 2 members of staff had just left and they were needing a new member of staff to start ASAP. I asked if they’d consider me and now I’m hired! I’m now living in the most beautiful area doing a job that I love.

    I have to laugh at the Big Dude’s sense of humour though – who would have thought a broken toilet seat would be a blessing ? 🙂

  • Jocelyne

    Well thank you Miss Colette! Right on sistah! (Don’t know where that came from, but the spirit moved me!) your posts are delightfully arse-kicking for me. I am back tracking from your D alphabet post and spiritual amnesia is the ailment of the moment for me, how very clever of you to tune into my weaknesses! Right now I am stamping my pricess foot and asking , nay demanding, to be brought a blessing which might just be being thrust back into my spiritual body. Amen Fred, can’t wait! Are you my soul sister by any chance lol 😉

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