The ABC’s of Creating Wealth for Spiritual Amnesiacs!

Updated: July 29, 2013

Or “How to avoid being a surprise cast member in Gone with The Wind”

 Have you noticed that once in a while you seem to forget everything you’ve learned about how you co-create reality?

Do you start your day with the thought of “Today is an awesome day and I am prosperous beyond my wildest dreams! Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly.” etc., etc.?

So ,what happens in between? After a few days?

Sure you got dragonflies to visit, songs on the radio that spoke right at you, weird colored cars that no one ever sees, that all totally prove Quantum Fred (Source/ Goddess/ Universe) Big Daddy, etc. was in cahoots to give you proof He/She/It was listening.

Did you look at all the things you want to create and do, like finally have the guts to leave your desk job and launch your coaching or sweet potato pie business, then wonder who will come anyway, and how will you be able to add at least one zero on the end of your teeny bank balance before your hair turns white?

Imagine saying to the bank, “I would like more zeros in my account please.” After all how hard is that to come up with “zero”??

Then your mind chimes in. “How are YOU gonna do THAT?” or like Scarlett O’Hara you cry, “O Rhett what’ll I do?” The curtains are looking pretty good about now.

And kaboom, the Great Forgetting smokes you out of your faith.

Sometimes it seems this strange state of self-centered fear hides behind the bushes right in the middle of your Field of Dreams and then blows some smoke on you and your vision gets blurred. From the sureness of knowing that you have a co-creative partner and building your foundations in a lush abundance, to kneeling like Scarlett O’Hara gagging in the dust shoving dirt and a raw turnip in your mouth. WTF?

You DID begin with an awesome sense of wonder (we practiced last week-remember the Easter egg blessings hunt?) yet mid-point you went into tilt mode. From a wide spectacular open vision where you can see for miles and miles, to your life and dreams being swapped out for the most embarrassing parts of Gone with The Wind. “I don’t know nothing ‘bout birthin’ babies”.

What just happened?

You may have just suffered a temporary bout of spiritual amnesia!

In brief:

You forgot who you are and who your real partner is in the business of Life.

You have undeniable symptoms: Inspiration is unplugged, Creativity is running low, Fear is rising, The Ego has taken over the ship.

You break out in scarcity, and gloom spots, time becomes limited and energy is leaking.

You’re caught wandering the halls in your head muttering “nothing is working” and also on the phone.

The illness seeks to reinforce itself by repetition to the afflicted and to others susceptible to said affliction.

The only Cure:

Go back to what you KNOW

Face it, we all get it once in a while, some people are there most of the time, but they won’t be reading this. You, on the other hand may fall prey to the smoke, at least temporarily, some of the time.  Usually when you least expect it.

The only antidote however cannot be found by the eyes you normally look through.

Nope. You need to scramble on back inside yourself to find another pair of eyes to shift your perspective and perception so that you can remember who you are and WHO is working with you to create the whole wealth of the life you want to be part of.

Go Back to what you KNOW. You are a spiritual being in a material universe. You have a Higher Power that has everything you could possibly need and want waiting for you when you ask for it.

You live in a playground for wealth creation.

You will SEE what you believe. (or that you ask to see)

So Let’s talk wealth.

Wealth needs to be defined by you not by the trap society has placed for you, and although money is important, as an exchange of energy, it’s not first on the list at all. (hence the zeros)

Wealth is about meaning, purpose, value, and creativity, and being able to make your mark with gratitude, wonder and awe at what’s possible.

We do that in a partnership with each other but all of us are connected to a much Greater Source than ourselves that works through us and for us if we get out of our own way.

It’s about flow—not flailing, faith—not fog, freedom—not fear.

We all need to remember when we get a bout of spiritual amnesia the cure is simple.

We are always connected to a Power Greater, just like electricity we need to stay plugged in.

You get it right? One romp around the house with an Easter basket looking for blessings and doing the 48-hour experiment is NOT enough. We must reinforce, repeat, and redo, to realize this awesome Truth.

But we know the small “I” is a tricky mix of voices we need to tune out in order to stay tapped in.

To make it easy since I’ve gained tons of experience about this especially through my own personal and business experience I’ve compiled an A to Z list of ideas to keep us all out of the amnesia trap!

Over the next few weeks I will go through the list, or you can really immerse yourself in the whole enchilada by joining in my Wealth Energetix® intensive!

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering: today we’ll start with A (but you’ll have to read next weeks B/C, D/E to get more!)

A is for Awareness (also)- art, attitude, ability, allow, awesome and in case you forgot already amnesia.

We all need to remember that we are co-creating, not all by ourselves. We are really the instruments of invisible electric POWER that moves through us, inspires us, etc.

Wealth, as is all aspects of Life is based on the creative principle. Human beings have the ability to create new things, and improve and better others, just because.  We need to become aware a day at a time that the partnership is real, hence the Easter basket look for blessings exercise. It may not take you to immediate “millions” but you will become consistently aware of the awesomeness of the Partnership.

Awareness shows the undeniable regardless of temporary circumstances.

B is for Believe (also) being, bridge, benevolent, blessing,

C is for Collaboration (also) communicate, commitment, co-creation, connection, creativity, community

Love to hear from you about how you can go in and out of spiritual amnesia and how your Awareness brought you back to your Belief in your Blessing and super-charged Collaboration.


‘Til next we connect

Oodles of love


The InVision Project
Founder, CEO


If you’re ready to make some real shifts in the way you see wealth manifest in your life, come join me for a powerful class. Wealth Energetix® starts August 8th. We’ll be addressing aspects of overall wealth and well-being but also your personal relationship to the energy of money!  Click here for details.


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  • Tara Fries

    Dear Creative Collette,
    Thanks for the reinforcement! Is it the planets this week? I started to go into fear when I had some unforeseen expenses this week. After that I got cheap, real cheap. trying not to spend too much on groceries for my family. Gosh they eat a lot and I’m the only one with s steady income right now. Spirit was trying to wake me up when I chose to watch Life of Pi last night. Didn’t Pi go through enough in that ship sinking…but of course he found that God was there every time he let go. Did you see the movie? Terrific.
    thanks for your witty newsletter. It brings a lot of wisdom and joy.- sorry you had to be laid up to write it. I guess there’s silver in every cloud’s lining. – with affection, Tara fries

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well we all fall prey to the smoke monster once in a while! MOvies are like oracles yes? Just when we need to remember .. they show us. xoox

  • Shaneild West

    Thanks Corlette,

    Wonderful Blog, came at the right time for me. Shifting my perspective and choosing to find another pair of eyes to see that the universe is working with me to co-create this beautiful life of mine is Awesome.

    In Gratitude,
    Shaneild 🙂

  • Sacha

    Perfect timing! Last night I had an epic dream where I was brought back to a moment when I was living based on debilitating shame. In the dream I looked at the world and asked, does everyone feel this way too? Of course they don’t! But it is so great to have the reminder that we all experience this “spiritual amnesia”. I signed up for your Wealth Energetix…super excited to learn and grow (and add some 0’s) and am reading your book The Map until “classes” start. Thanks Colette!

  • Barb Parcells

    I was cruising right along with that E-Squared book – got the blessing from an unexpected place, 22 sunset beige cars and 8 butterflies – but got stuck when I tried to manifest a futon. Okay, so a futon seems like a silly thing to want to manifest but it was the first time I was trying to manifest something tangible for myself, sort of a starting point before moving on to bigger, more important things. It has been two weeks now and still no futon. I mean, really, how hard can this be? It’s just a piece of furniture (I’ll even take a second hand one if it’s in good shape). It’s not the futon, it’s feeling like I’m failing the test. So I am taking your advice and going back to the basics. Wish me luck.

  • Maggie Schreiber

    Thank you Colette,
    I came here today to pull a card to ground myself and made a pit stop at this “perfect blog post”. I had just sent an email to a friend with this quote from Scarlet “Fiddly dee, tomorrow is another day”. After reading your amusing and right on post I am upgrading that quote to “Fiddly dee, today is another day and I just have to go back to the A B C’s”.
    Thank you for the grounding and support. Now off to pull my card.
    Maggie Schreiber

  • Remika

    Love this; definitely have been experiencing spiritual amnesia for awhile. I tried this experiment last night – pictured myself and awesome Source planting a garden. In my hand I had white seeds which represented all of my dreams and desires, in the other hand, black seeds that represented blocks (i.e. fear, sadness, defeat, etc). Every time I went to “plant” a dream seed, I brought my awareness to how I was feeling about it (i.e. overwhelming fears of dread about quitting my job, etc) and I pictured Source saying to me – do you really want to throw in a black seed with that dream? It forced me to confront what I was truly fearing about what I wanted to manifest, and helped me to get back on track in terms of what would make me happy.

    The garden imagery also gave me the perspective of letting go. Being the control freak that I am I would always worry about how the dream would be manifested, down to every detail. Basically giving God a blue print instead of trusting that He/She knows what He/She is doing wayyyyyyyyy better than me. “Seeing” the seeds planted in this way reminded me that I’ve done the work that I needed to. Now I just need to let Source take care of the rest – continue to nurture my dreams (i.e. stop trying to dig them up or throw in black “block” seeds) but now truly let go.

    We’ll see what comes my way 🙂 thank you for the reminder!!!

  • Dlorah Dahl

    Just the message I needed. thank you

  • bonnie

    My dear sister Collette,

    Interesting thing to me about manifesting is that it never quite comes the way “I” thought it should. When I asked for one thing (job) I got what I asked for and then discovered my heart wasn’t in it. Rats. Start over. So I decided if “what should I be doing and please give me a really big sign so I won’t miss it” which incidently was answered within 5 minutes of asking years ago by a huge billboard for Target pharmacy that said simply “HELLO KITTY HEALER” . That would make absolutely no sense to anyone but me. I even took a picture of it. Instant amnesia set in. So I kept asking. I can imagine Quantum Fred shaking his head and saying ” geesh that was a really big sign”. So I lost the job,moved to Arizona, got another that brought more clarity to what my true dreams are. Smoke is starting to clear and I realized I already know the what. So if what is not the question then what is the right question? In my spiritual moment of clarity I heard it. The real question is where do I need to be for the dream to manifest and be successful … show me. Next day a job showed upin Cornville Arizona. Cornville? Really? Where in blue blazes is that? So I asked a friend who had lived in AZ before. She got super excited. Thats right where she had lived and informed me that I would absolutely love it. She was so convinced that she gave me the financial help I needed to land the job and move. So here I am and I DO love it. I am in the right place at the right time and oh my gosh the smoke is really trying to swirl. I struggle to keep sight of all the good and perfect that has manifested and to trust that Fred has my back. I created a few events to really rock the boat and incite serious doubt. Colette thanks so much for your insight,compassion, strength, and timely reminder about who’s who in this game. Its so easy to forget sometimes.

  • Cindy

    My Dearest Colette…..Its the rut feelin …but the awww feelin ..that hey I’m breathin again today!! Maybe I’ll get it right today. I once thought I had it figured out…But who was I tryin to kid myself..(lol) My kids use me …the man whom I thought Might be my soulmate did or did he…or was I takin my anger out on him..Did realize one thing …I have a little boy ..whom God has trusted me with…at my age wow really thought my days of raisin kids were over….But that’s it ….Life can spin on a dime…sometimes you get change back , sometimes you don’t….Its a Gift….Treasure it….it might not be here tomorrow…Just Hope I get it right!! You are so BEAUTIFUL….Can’t wait to hear more!! Sendin ..Love and Light!! to All!!

  • Donna

    Oh Colette,

    When will we stop asking the questions, when do we stop searching for answers, when do we just “know” that it is what it is and is meant to be that way for this second that you are thinking about it.. Yes, I thought my intentions manifested this past weekend when I sat at a slot machine in Atlantic City…set my intentions ” I am going to make the intention that I will manifest $500.00 with this machine”. After spending $100.00 (a gift from my mom, then another $20 , comped by the casino) on a Wheel of Fortune Machine that at the time I was just about to say, “guess it’s not this machine”, I hit the Wheel for $400.00! (Add this with the other minor wheels that came up on this machine and I was over $500.00.. hmm maybe this intention thing does work, but how and when, how do you know when it will work). Well, the next day I tried this “Intention” at other machines, lol I am glad I limited myself to $100.00! , the machines all took their turns eating my money and thanked me very much for donating 🙂 So It’s hit or miss, I guess if you never set the intention, or if you never ask, you will never know….

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      The main ingredient that we have to have is detachment and patience. The minute we place our ” wants” on something we actually get its opposite a lovely lesson. It’s like Quantum Fred stands there sayin’ Um ” That would be a NO”

  • Shaine

    Since I started following you (and Doug) I am beginning to question myself a lot. I am the ultimate pity party thrower LOL. But now with this little boy and life being so challenging I had to regroup. Sometimes I feel AWESOME and in less than 48 hours all my fears rear their ugly heads and I head into a spiral of depression. The good news is I don’t stay there long as I look for a thread of light that always pull me out. Right now I have to move and I don’t know how, when and where. I have no means and no prospects as my job ended a month ago. But, regardless to everyone telling me what to do, I sit still and listen to me. I picture myself turning a key into MY new apt door. And with that image in mind I focus. Sure some days I laugh at myself as if picturing that door is a fantasy and lie I am telling myself as the days to leave get shorter and I panic. But I hold onto it.

    Its sad that happiness seems to be more difficult to sustain than sadness when in reality its vice versa. How we are conditioned to always believe less than and fight to believe possibility and miracles. Well Colette, you are right!!! Its Spiritual Amnesia cause we do forget the miracles we had before and we let our Faith slide. We use our senses in such a basic way that they almost fault us for being so naive. We never see without our eyes or try to use our other senses in a different way. We are conditioned!!

    Well my birthday is tomorrow and I will be 42. If I do not work on me now I do not know when it will ever happen. This is a big BIG life change for me that I am going through. So I will continue to focus on turning the key into my NEW apartment door…14 days left till that happens and I will settle for less. I know who my Partner is 🙂

    Thanks Colette <3

    • Shaine

      Oops: Correction: I will NOT settle for less!!!

  • BJ Northouse

    Wow, got thru M_____R______., tuff but made it thru…Everyday is a blessing found out today that my unborn Grandson (due Oct 17) is healthy, perfect, just small like his Grandma!…LOL…Life is good I will be making the flight to stay with her during her C-section so I can take care of my little girl too!..Thank you Colette for always sharing your gift with all of us…I was on a cruise with you back in 2008. would love to attend your seminars but distance is keeping me from attending…Just to let you know I’m always there in spirit….Have a great day!……

  • Elaine

    I enjoyed your Easter in July news letter. I followed your instructions about gathering my blessings in my basket and praying or expecting huge blessings. It was fun noticing and collecting the blessings all around me that week. What really blew me away was one day that week while on an errend I saw multiple different make cars in a strange copper metalic orange color! I thought this is kind of weird, is the universe trying to tell me something? So when I read the part in your letter about seeing weird colored cars my jaw dropped open and I was so stunned!

    I too am guilty of spiritual amnesia, I have to get out my basket again, it really works!!!

    Thank you so much for your spiritual wisdom Colette!

  • Oh, gosh, Quantuum Fred? lol. Emily grace

    Dearest Colette & friends
    Oh, my… So, can I get this message ‘through’… Hmm…
    I’ve been following all of your blogs lately, & must say that I’m more than ‘flattered’,
    that ‘you’, or anyone that you are associated with, would even ‘look’ or ‘even ‘breathe” in ‘our’ direction. I am, definitely, guilty of ‘spiritual amnesia’.
    & the 1st message that he sent me, was so right-on the ‘mark’.. is that with a ‘k’, or ‘c’?! lol! So, I’m reading through my Dr. Douglas Baker/Rising sign/Soul’s Purpose astrology works (taken me yrs to get the 1st lesson mostly completed–thank you, Charlene Rose Johnson & Joe Hayes, you, Doug, etc for your immense patience, btw.)
    So, I ‘volunteered’ to be ‘studied’ in your MICI program, didn’t I? When I emailed Mar(c) Lindman? (hope I spelled that correctly.)
    So, I’m reading Douglas Baker’s “Virgo Rising” , book (out of 100s that he wrote), & realise that Virgo is the esoteric ruler of the Moon & Cancer is the orthodox ruler of the moon. & it’s describes as a ‘decaying corpse, but more importantly, as Madame Blavatsky points out, a pressing point for Truth that Humanity always is looking to for spiritual guidance. Wow. “Priestess of Avalon”, YOU blow me away–in a positive sense! (there is an astrological school in ,Gville, Fl called “Avalon”, but I’m so glad to have met Charlene Rose Johnson & to be in “Claregate’s online school that Dr. Douglas Baker founded, working alongside Charlene, as his only one-on-one student. Wow! talk about ‘real people’~you are all so beautiful & wow. umm..
    So, at first when my husband lost his job, we both were a little more than upset, having a an almost 2 yr old to raise, & wondering how in the heck are we gonna pay our bills, support our daughter, etc. Then, after working on my Sacred Box (originally my “God Box”, but now bc of the awesome newsletter u put out on July 31st, it’s now my “‘Surrendering tot he Sacred’ Box”), & writing down everything that I could, even in the dark! (literally I wrote some of it it outside in the dark), my mom put in a call to her massage therapist, & now my husband has a job already!!
    We still have much ‘progressing’ to do, as a family, as a community, etc.
    But, I can now, honestly say,
    “The Enchanted Map” book that you wrote, & the cards, are changing my life, as long as I take your advice.
    Yesterday, as if by Magick?, “The Moon” card from the “The Map” was ‘stuck’ to the back of the “Compass” card! I found it! wo! Now, time for ‘bridging’, more!
    & will contact “Chester Spellman” in Tallahassee, the main supervisor for “Americorps” park services, (in my original Soul’s Purpose astrology chart, attainable at or ), Charlene speaks of how it would be probably best if I looked into being a part time park ranger–one of my ”favourite places to BE–in parks, & my husband’s name on facebook is “Chester Spelling”…. now that’s just too funny!!! lol! ~(working on sending a better ‘mssg’ & on ‘humbling thyself’,–our daughter is napping at the moment, & must go ‘chop wood, carry water’! & chillax on my ‘resting tree’, etc.. It’s a “Fine Line” , ‘very fine’,
    for sure, Beautiful YOU!! (would anyone like to come to “Gnalingon” with me??) details coming soon, hopefully!! lol. 🙂

  • Marjolaine HOhberger

    True you keep amazingme Thank YOU

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