How to SNAP OUT of Spiritual Amnesia: Exploring D/E/F of ABCs of Wealth Creation!

Updated: August 6, 2013


Dear wonderful YOU!

Here we are in August already! Ay-ay-ay does it seem like the time just flies by? Or maybe it’s just me because I’ve been in turtle mode that everything else seems to whiz by. Of course the best part of practicing turtle magic is there’s plenty of time for ideas, and weeding and planting in my manifestation garden. Even though I’ve gotten ambushed a few times in there myself by those pesky DOUBT creatures, all is generally well in my world.

I also want to thank you all for the awesome letters and responses to my blogs this summer. I’m having a ball writing them.

Straight up with a chaser of truth and a pinch of cheeky.I’m doing what I tell all of you to do-claiming all of me, uncensored, unapologetic, uncompromising Moi.

I’m ready to Dive in and Dance my life!  How about you?  Hope you’ve been managing to avoid the smoke monster lurking in the bushes in your field of dreams.

Last week I began my alphabet coaching to keep us all from ending up with permanent memory loss in the reality creation department.

If you read the blog you were invited to pay attention to how you fall prey to spiritual amnesia magically landing on your butt somewhere dressed as Prissy in Gone with The Wind.  From one minute knowing you’re manifesting a Fabulous life to being transported to another place totally inappropriate to your plans.

This is spiritual amnesia. We can forget who we are instantly.

Fear and Doubt are nasty smelly things ready to smoke us out of our Fabulosity and Faith. They steal all our Fun!

So what’ll we do? What’s the plan this week? Time to implement the Daily Drill to stay awake!

What’s that you say? There’s a Drill?

Yep! Let’s start with D!

D is for Dare, Deliberate, Define, Defy, Deep, Divine, Delicious, Desire and ta-DA (not really but I like ta-Da)

So…I Dare you right now & right here to Deliberately Defy your poverty consciousness thoughts, Dig in and find your Diamonds and wake up to your Delicious Dream life!

Do this Daily- no matter what the temporary conditions are! You know Deep Down there is a spiritual truth vibrating in your heart and soul that says your greatest Desire has yet to be realized.

Why is that? Is it because the Doubt creatures have held you hostage with the constraints of conformity and fear of shining brightly? Have you been suppressing those BIG DREAMS because you don’t know how they could ever happen?

It’s not our job to know the Exact plan. That’s for God/the Universe, Goddess, Zeus/ the Field or Quantum Fred to decide! We just need to be Deliberate about our Dream and take action. One step towards the gods (or Fred!) and they/He/ She/It will take 10 steps towards you! (Sorry Joseph Campbell for messing with your quote).

E is for Expect.

Do you expect to be disappointed? Are you afraid to expect good things? Is it easier to see only what is familiar? Especially if you don’t know what the life you Desire Deep Down actually feels like? Act as if You do! First action in the Daily Drill!

E is for Energy, Expectation and Epiphany!

If you’ve been following my weekly blogs you know the whole tribe here is geared up to look for daily blessings.

If you do what you did you’ll get what you got. Yes? (Did you get an Ah-Ha?) So look for blessings Daily. Remember everything is Energy (including you!). If your vibe is to be disappointed you will be! If your vibe is high and you expect something awesome you’ll get it!

Expect to see awesome.

Deliberately Defy Doubt

Dream Big.

Dig for the Diamonds in your heart. They’re the product of time and pressure and the difficulties in your life that brought you into a conscious relationship with a power greater than you. The true Desire to be the best version of you and live a fulfilled life will magnetically bring all those elements together for you.

That magical power is found deep inside you, not outside you. Surrender to it and you cannot fail to Fulfill your Dreams.

F is for Faith, Freedom, Fulfillment and Fabulosity.

When you practice the Daily Drill, you’re set free to create the life you’re meant to live regardless of temporary conditions.

With Faith in a higher power, surrendering to your collaborative partnership, trusting with all your heart no matter what, expecting blessings, you will be set free and your wishes will be fulfilled.

So what if you fall on your face once in a while and wake up wearing weird clothes?

That’s the way of being human and the strange cross we all bear. We all need to strive to stay awake on a daily basis. If we’re awake and aware for most of it, well then we’ve entered the realm of miracles! That’s when you can jump for joy and fly your Fabulosity Flag high! Just remember UBU. Everyone else is taken.

So tell me a story about what happens when you do the Daily Drill.

Love to hear what happens when you expect miracles and you look for them!

This week choose something specific and see how it shows up in your life!

‘Til next we connect
Oodles of love

The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

P. S. Wealth Creation works best in groups. Energy is exponentially increased when a group gets together to get down and dirty, deep and delicious about their wealth defining mining and deliberately moving forward.

So it’s last chance for romance! Join me, and a small number of participants in my uber fabulous class Wealth Energetix® this Thursday August 8th.

Over 6 weeks you’ll have access to four coach calls each week with me and my Master Trainers, deeply defining exercises to get you off your butt and on the path to creating the prosperous life you Desire!  Join here. Spots are limited.

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  • Mary Louise Ardam

    Wow! Thank you, Colette, again. You said it, exactly how I felt. Wake up Mary Louise!! Stay focused, dam it. Your Blog is a blessing. It always snaps me out of it. Thank You, again. Love, Mary Louise

  • Connie

    Colette, Been loving your blogs! They have been fun & laughable funny, we all need more fun in our lives! Today the word AWESOME stuck out to me in your blog. Up went a daily sticky note to say everyday: I AM AWESOME, I expect to be awesome everyday, I expect to see awesome everyday! A few months ago I would of never been able to say that and really mean it – but today I can! I Loved the easter egg hunt and stated my intention and looked for my eggs. By the end of day I had 6! Nothing huge just things like butterflies, a dragonfly landing next to me, comments, a cupcake given to me, etc. But the next morning (still within the 24 hours) was the biggest egg of all. I woke up and was staring out the window, there is only like a 3″ spot I can see clearly out the window. There was a cloud that caught my eye. It was big white fluffy and it had a hole in it the shape of a rectangle. It was the shape of a door in the middle of the cloud, perfect straight lines. As I stared at it, the door shape turned into a perfect heart! There was a perfect heart shape in the middle of this cloud that I could see the blue sky behind! Now thats an easter egg! Keep up the fun blogs! Thanks!

  • Lindsey

    Thank you! Your style resonates so much with me. Yesterday I reflected that my day was filled with far too many negative thoughts. I decided to focus on it more, and I came up with the visual/analogy of a statistic from televised soccer games. At intervals throughout the match they post a stat re: possession – how long each team keeps possession of the ball. Many games are 50% 50%, 40% 60%, but some games are 80% 20%. I deceided I am going to make an effort for the (+) team to maintain possession (of my brain,self, etc) throught the game (my day, week, life). Thank you for your wonderful contribution to so many people! We all need to stack our teams with great players like you – that will help our possession game! (Sorry, I’m a soccer-nerd!!)

  • Auset

    Interesting imagery. Just wondering what made you think of Prissy from Gone with the Wind?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      aha! Well remember that part in Gone with The Wind when Prissy says ” I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ babies” she was wandering around singing and lolligagging rather that helping Miss Melanie give birth after appearing to be very knowledgeable. It was an analogy of how we forget who we are or what we commit to. If you read the last blog this one will make more sense. I happen to love that character.I also suggestted we might be many characters in that film.. read the last blog you’ll totally get the gist. Thanx for writing and asking! xoox

  • Barb Parcells

    This is right in line with the latest experiment I’m doing from the E-Squared book. I asked the Universe for guidance about whether to quit my part-time job. I want to concentrate on finishing my book and enjoying my retirement full-time. The money is the issue, of course, so I’m thinking doing The Drill is going to help me see and hear the guidance more clearly. I’ll let you know what happens!

  • Bridgett

    I clicked on one of your oracle cards the other day. I can’t remember which card or even what it looked like because one sentence was flashing at me – “Remember what you know” – these blogs in a nutshell.
    That’s my mantra right now.
    Thank you.

  • Shaneild West

    Colette thank you as always for your timely words of wisdom. My daily drills regarding seeing my new apartment brought about some awesome results. After going through a season of losses & disappointments, I needed some new tools to assist me in shifting and creating the authentic life I was meant to have. On Aug 10, I’ll be getting the keys to the apartment that I had envisioned. I feel blessed and grateful for wonderful & gifted teachers like you.

    Thanks Again,
    Shaneild 🙂

  • Shaine

    Shaneild…you just gave me hope. I, too, am looking for an apartment. I have been envisioning what it looks like and have been having dreams of turning the keys in the door and FINALLY I was able to enter it also and walk around the many rooms. So I PRAY I, too, get the apartment I want soon.

    Colette, you are such a breath of life. You always seem to know what to say that get people to stand up and take ownership of their lives. Today I will continue to envision my apartment, and be open to miracles……What a Blessing and Miracle this blog is <3

  • Diana Boles

    Oh that smoke! It makes me pass out sometimes. Ok, like I can never seem to hold on to money for long. Just when I think I can break even, someone in need asks for the extra I have. The extra is what is really necessary to make me break even, so IT AINT EXTRA! And that is only for a week or two. And I cannot say no because its my adult son. The one who broke his neck and back in April, flipped over the handlebars of his peddle bike and broke both arms. He couldn’t work for 8 weeks. So when he asks, I have to give. And just when I thought he was done asking and I earned a chunk to fill the hole left by the last request, he asks for the same amount I just recieved. Aauuurrrggghhh! Smoke moster blind me—–poke me in the eye with the sticks from the bush and beat me till I bleed! I can’t say no. He is just coming out of his big slump and needs this bill paid. So, amnesia numbed me, couldn’t remember my name. I mowed the lawn and let the sweat and sunblock burn in my eyes instead of tears. Head spinning the next morning, I took a deep breath. Sat in the lodge and tried to beseech as I normally do. Focus was near impossible. Off to work. Busy but in solitude. Occupied, I could ignore the angst-remember how to put in order-dig in patterns the diamonds held deep within-pull them to the surface and bask in the dazzling light that makes counting the wealth of blessings so much easier. Funny how it’s harder to hear the voices that support you when your busy rubbing your eyes because of the burning. So often I hear only the voice that says no — but if I sit still long enough I begin to hear the voice of memory—-pulling me back

  • Rachael

    Epiphany, I just had one after watching you on tour talking, I looked at my journal book and thought its got such a lovely cover and there sold as blank books and can be found for a little more money in many shop in the uk, wow I thought all you need is a great creative idea, then i read the above and thought maybe i can go to college to do art, i have every excuse you can think of I’ve put off going to college because I think …….well my dad thinks there’s know jobs in it, how can I have a career in it, but there’s many ideas I have at using it to help others also! So I’m going to research this slowly as I have a tendency to go hell to leather or completely static, lol! It’s expecting to succeed which has really struck me, the seeds of doubt that I just realised we all get, but I’m going to defy them, I am a rebel so why not.? 🙂

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