The Hidden Secrets of the Alphabet: Back-to-School Edition (Letters N & O)!

Updated: September 3, 2013


Hello Wonderful You,

Hope your Labor Day weekend was filled with laughter and gratitude, as we say an official goodbye to summer holidays and hello to “Back to School”!

I love this time of year and I have so many good memories of the clean smell of paper and fresh pencils and all the new things to prepare for the first day of school.

For me, the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year,have always been a great and wonderful relay race, as one hands off the torch to the other.

Yes I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait for the first day of school usually on the Tuesday after Labor Day Monday. I still go into paroxysms of joy when I pass the Back-to-School aisle and invariably stop and buy some notepads and pens I don’t really need just in case I might learn something new!

The last long weekend of summer has always been about the big send off, with the sparkle and pop of fireworks inside of me and at the parks and beaches.

Although I’ve been immersed in working on the final touches of my coach training class IN-Vizion®, I had time this week to enjoy the seacoast of New Hampshire early in the mornings when the waves welcome through the lifting fog and the seagulls are curious. For me there’s nothing like the smell of the sea and the taste of salt in the air. It fills me with inspiration, hope and gratitude.

That and Back-to-School season and I’m as high as a kite. Yep, I’m wide awake and it feels good.  No spiritual narcolepsy for me, no sir. Life is good and getting better yes?

Not for you? What’s that you say?

If not.. could you say NO to that which makes it not so good?

This week our topic comes from the magic power of the letters N & O.

I can imagine the Alphabet Goddess Elle Emenopee was having a ball giggling to herself … “I’ll just hide NO right in the middle to see if anyone gets it.”

One thing I was not taught in school was that I had the right to say NO. My parents didn’t teach me that either, as a matter of fact I was punished for saying NO most of the time.

As I got older I became more aware that this was truly a two-letter word with tons of magic and great power. It took me a long time to be able to say it without the accompanying hand- sweating, chest-constricting “OMG something bad was about to happen” anxiety that could knock me down for days.

So perhaps a Back-to-School special lesson for us all is to practice this word with more fervor?

The day before school started I would do a special clutter cleaning of my drawers, closet and desk at home in my room.

Today I’m going through my personal list of what I’m going to discard and say NO to in order that I am a more effective authentic human being.  NO will leave room for the magic of NEW, that could change everything, make things better, even if we have to go to the edge a few times before we muster the courage to leap into the uncertainty of that experience.  NO will push us, and NEW will give us wings.

So let’s make a list of NO and the NEW that could come after!

Yay it’s Show & Tell!

I’ll go first.

I say…

NO to People Pleasing – which will give me a sense of independence and integrity. It will lead to a huge reduction in fear, and possibly make me change who I associate with and how I relate to them. (oooo…I think this is a topic all its own!)

NO to Saying Yes when I want to say NO– which will lead to being more grounded, more sure of myself and truthful in spite of having no control over the consequences.

NO to Self Pity – which will lead to a new sense of personal accountability and seeing the silver linings in the clouds.

NO to Fear of Failure – which will give me a new sense of adventure and ART for its own sake.  Without some failure I won’t get to Fabulosity!

NO to Conformity– which will give me a new sense of being my own unique self to co-create new things, giving myself permission to revel in the heresy of free thinking to be ME, defying the limitations of labels and offering New creative offerings to my non-conformist tribe! (I love this one)

NO to Resentment– so I can give and receive freedom through forgiveness.

NO to Financial Insecurity– so I can just get on with making my business and life ART and do what I do for the sake of inspiration rather than making money. New opportunities always come from the magic of Inspiration.

These NO’s have been recent and long term for me.

One more NO I should mention was me saying NO to my choice of unfaithful, emotionally-unavailable men. Once I figured out I was the common denominator in all of my complaints I said NO when any guy had that familiar sparkling ooooooo soulmate sense of YES I KNOW YOU and I won’t repeat you. Couldn’t trust myself.

Saying NO to my past patterns with men landed me my AWESOME, gorgeous, faithful, brilliant husband Marc who was so unfamiliar to me I took the risk with faith and BAM. The universe knew better than me… co-create, co-create, co- create.

Isn’t NO awesome? Just by saying NO to a state of mind, an old pattern, unhealthy attitudes, NEW and better things are possible.  Our co-creative partnership gets activated.

OK now it’s your turn.

What are you going to say NO to?

What do you already say NO to and what NEW experience comes out of it to make you a better, more effective co-creator?

Please share here in the comments section.

Next week we’ll explore the letter P for Perspective…and a whole lot more!

Until next time I send you more love than is humanly possible.


Because I can.


The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

If you have a question you would like to ask Colette, write to her at [email protected]All published questions and answers will be anonymous – we honor and protect your privacy. (Please, Colette respectfully asks that you do not request a reading as the anticipated response to your question.)



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  • Catherine Pagliaro

    I have been saying No to many of my old patterns and releasing them so the positive to could flow in.

    1. The latest is my allowance of several employees in my security company that I seem to be allowing to sabotage my success with their inability to do the simple act of servicing the client. Not rocket science…So for the last few days I have been releasing that recently uncovered pattern…haven’t seen it in years and in allowing another energy to cause disruption in the positive spiritual energy of the company itself.

    2. I too had the pattern of picking the wrong man…three husbands and then years of releasing the old programs of that attraction only to bring another Wrong man in. LOL…so once I could see it…and it was all about me seeing it….. I said No TO THE PAST AND two months ago a nice, happy, positive thinking, emotionally available sexy man literally walked into my life. We are having so much fun together.

    3. Saying NO is all about establishing healthy boundaries for oneself and then for me its assuring I check that I haven’t allowed a tear in those positive energies and allowed a negative in…the good news at least for me is that at least once I have seen it..the tear or the allowance of someone straying over my boundary lines, I can release and repair and put of the big NO again…lol…Thank God for that!!

    Its okay to say NO…Thanks Colette…love you and all the tribe xo

  • Kiran

    Said no in the past to friendships that did not honor me. Watched them disintegrate and replaced with wonderful new people coming into my life. A bonus – stopped getting sore throats!

    Working on saying no to imaginary fears that has hindered me from driving. Excited to be getting behind the wheel. Looking forward to embracing the feeling of independence and new adventures.

  • Diana Boles

    No to feeling lost. No to self doubt. No to the negative of another’s voice. No to those who do not cherish. No to those who do not open their eyes. No to those who insist on control. No to the backswing of the pendulum. No to lack of transmutation. No, I will not lower my spirit to the NEGATIVE involvement.

  • Anna

    Learning to say no without feeling bitchy was important to me. When I want to say no, often was accompanied with the thought, not a chance in hell, but my need to be nice to everyone would have me saying yes.

    I am proud to say that I now take the time to think before I blurt anything out and can now say no guilt free. (most times), lol

    • Bridgett


  • Beth

    I had to say no to something that I was being encouraged to do against my best interests So trusted my instincts and said No!! Thank you for the reminder!!

  • Margaret

    Colette, I must tell you that I just LOVE your blogs. The are so informational, uplifting and oh, so humorous. Thank you so much for sharing your journey as you are an inspiration to me. Also, thank you for all you are doing for humanity and planet in your work. Many blessings.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      awwww that is so sweet I realized after I wrote it that I forgot that not everyone had Labor Day or back to school at the same time… O well time to write more global but I am so happy you like them!

  • Bikem

    I started saying no to being a couch potato and being back to school, start with exercising….. Yay, me….

    Thank you Colette, for your funny blogs… How are your feet by the way? Are you healed? Love, B…

  • CAT

    Colette, first of all, thank you. Sometimes, we all need reminders to say NO. Today, I said NO to the aches and pains I feel. Just saying that, made me feel better. And then I shared those thoughts with another dog-walker from the neighborhood, and she thanked me and said I was an inspiration to her! Well really, it was you Colette. It’s a start. It is going to be the NEW way that I perceive my surroundings. Big HUGS to you ♥

  • Trisha

    Hi Colette, I really love your writing in your blogs. Just love the lessons you share with us. I’d love to hear from about the days when you first began your practice. Those stories would help me and others. Any stories you have to share? any funny ones? embarassing ones? codependent ones? I’m so interested in knowing your life story.

    Trisha 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you should read my first book Remembering the Future, the path to recovering intuition..lots of stories there

      • JaNiNe

        Colette I saw you in Salt Lake in 2008 with Sylvia. I was curious if you hand your Angel cards.
        Thank you for being a very uplifting soul.:)

  • sherrie

    Hi Colette! I enjoy reading your articles and also am a fan of your Tarot Cards which I own Wisdom of The Hidden Realms, and am looking into The Maps!
    I have already practiced saying “no” and feel much better. I try not to think of my earlier childhood as any hang ups in my life as I have grown and gotten stronger as a result of those times! I have also tried to not be pulled into past mistakes of reasons why I was drawn to certain relationships also! But now that I have been free to be myself for over two years my life feels a need to have someone in it (relationship).
    I have an interest but he lives on the other coast! We both have been relationship free for about the same time. Now I am scared as I doubt myself. I just am playing it slow! If I lose then oh well if not then oh wow! I ask the Universe to guide me on this one! And have been asking it to guide me all along this last few years of “why and where am I?” Being disabled with everyday pain, plus needing more surgery and not much I can do about my situation I really don’t know which way to turn on many things! I hope it isn’t wrong to just sit back after I have given my intentions and done as much as I feel I can do to make “things” happen in my life with many “things” including a stable living arrangement after being tossed around like a salad the last few years due to finances! Like I said I am at a point of I just don’t know what else to do and rather than stress over it I just put up my hands in the air and said “I leave this up to you!” I don’t resent, nor do I regret any more. I have confidence in myself and I love myself! At 56 yrs old this did not come easy! But I feel good about life! I am learning to appreciate the little things in life more! I am happy for what I have and also for what I don’t have. And I am still learning patience! I have lost a lot and I have gotten back a lot so I know how to live with nothing and also with “things”. I have come a long way baby! I hope to keep going and am adventurous with any thing life throws at me as a challenge as I feel also that being safe is too stagnate for me! I wish everyone Blessings from above and hope that they too can over come and go on! Thank you Colette for your good work! I was once in a career where I could help people feel better about their selves and it was very hard to have to give that kind of work up due to my health but am hoping to help through readings! Still working on that self doubt but getting better! Blessed Be people!

  • JaNiNe

    I finally stood up for myself by saying No to people whom have torn me down all my life. Now its the pain from the loss of what truly I have wanted but never could achieve and that is having a real mother in my life. But a Angel came to show me what it is like. Unconditional love and the feeling of trust sercure feeling a mom should give. Now ive been challenged to create this example to my children which be easy cause I have the love to give.

  • Debbie Buck

    I know this is an old post. But time is just a construct so here i am!!
    NO to old patterns with men who won’t commit fully.
    NO to me taking crumbs
    No to resentment and giving away my power.
    No to living conditionally – I get to CHOOSE to be happy
    NO to lack – Yes to radical abundance
    NO to playing it small and YES to fully blossoming where i am
    NO to putting up walls and YES to free flowing love in and out to me and through me!!

    And so it is!! mmmmmwaaaaaaaa!!!!

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