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Updated: September 23, 2013


Hello my tribe of lovelies,

I’ve been up to my eyelashes in working on my IN-Vizion® training for 2013 and so I apologize for missing last week’s blog.

I’m actually amazed at how many people are in the training – over 100 students from all over the world are waking up to a new perspective with IN-Vizion®.  I am incredibly grateful that my mission of being a small part in the Big Shift offering people a way to gain inspired insight and empowered influence, for themselves and consequently for others is HAPPENING!

It’s all about the way we see, how willing we are to expand our horizons, see from a higher vantage point, and recognize how the glass is always whole regardless if we see it as half empty or half full.

In order to change our viewpoint, we need to be willing to step back into a less personal part of ourselves, the Self that sees the self, the essential awareness that is timeless and observant. We all have that in us.

In times of transition it’s especially important for all of us to remember this. It’s only the small self that suffers. It’s the ego that needs certainty and familiarity and promises and reassurance where the destination is specified and comfortable, not the soul. Our Self knows that when it’s allowed to be the eyes we see through everything changes. How we perceive is the first step to getting clear perspective.

The seasons are changing now. If you look back over this summer, or for my tribe Down Under, winter, how have you changed? I’m not the same person at all. The motorcycle accident that forced me to reevaluate my trajectory, and authenticity, had me in bed as you all know for almost two months. I knew to surrender to the death of the old me.  Surrender to the fact that this was no accident. That something magical was happening even though the suffering was a complete pain in the you-know-where. Because of that treacherous and debilitating experience, I am more myself than ever before, with greater clarity, hope and compassion, and courage—that came out of the core of my vulnerability.

How do you see things differently? Have you been able to transcend a viewpoint from resentment to forgiveness? When the season began where were you in your life, and how did you perceive things? Looking back now, has your perspective changed, and as a result has your history changed?

Are you the same?

In the past couple of weeks a terrible flood happened in Boulder Co. in the U.S. I have many friends there, some safe, some suffered severe losses. One of my friends sent me an image of a family whose home had been destroyed, I don’t have permission to show it you but I’ll tell you about it. The family (two adults and a teenager), was hugging knee deep in water, and a wet golden retriever was in what appeared to be a harness on a table top or raft. Another two children (maybe eight or nine years old) were splashing about and laughing, clearly enjoying the adventure. A third child was higher up and behind the first two caught in a mid-air jump from a puddle into the floodwaters with a big grin on his face.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all could see our difficulties as puddle jumping opportunities—leaping and splashing, and hugging our way through disasters, with the innocent adventurous hearts of children?

Life huh?

Until next time




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  • Diana Boles

    So, Colette Dearest, no apology necessary. N-O____________spells “NO”___________you had it covered. At least from my perspective! Though I missed the plethora of conversation with you and other tribal dancers, I knew the class needed your attention. And how is the recoveriy going for your foot? I have been wanting to ask that question for quite some time.
    Have I changed? I have become more perceptive to the law of attraction. One of my jobs is in retail, and I have suddenly sensed a shift where customers are concerned. They are suddenly taking upon themselves the role I initiate. The “how can I help you” is now sometimes directed towards me as we work together to fulfill their needs. They are no longer so superior to me but rather perceive that I have earned the respect that I display towards them. It’s not just clients——-it’s management as well. Suddenly everyone is behaving as if they care about the “YOU” of you. Is it a sinking ship mentality? Or has the greater population discovered the power of meta-physics and pyramids,—-prayer and peace——-potential and performance.

  • Cynthia

    Wonderful to hear that you are recovering. I am currently in a growth class and ‘see’ that my own thoughts in my writings in my book ‘Wo-Man’ are following your teachings and my course.
    Have I changed this season? Absolutely! I find I am more conscience of my own vulnerabilities and knowing that theu are my greatest assets…if I only recognize and permit them to be at the moment I need them to be. I am finding in the ‘knowing’ that there is great wisdom in this.

    In love for spiritual awakenings!
    Eira Kynthia

  • Martina

    Ooh, Colette – was just saying this yesterday to a friend: if I wake up each day and say that I am CHOOSING to be here, rather than I’m here because I was asked to be (long story) – I suddenly am empowered to make my day what I need/want it to be. Huge perspective shift in my presence. And a good daily practice – because I think perspective shifts require practice, until they become cemented – so your blog was a good reminder for me this morning on the decision I made yesterday, but had already forgotten today- lol!! 😉 Thank you, sweetie!

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