R is for Repeat!!

Updated: October 9, 2013

A big hug to all in my tribe,

We’re at the letter “R” in the A to Z’s of Wealth Creation for Spiritual Amnesiacs! You’re awake, yes?

Has this been a tough or easy week- maybe a little of both? Lots of energy stirred up as we move into the latest cycle of the season led by the ever-fair-yet-can’t-make-up-my-mind-really energy of Libra.

I don’t intend to write about astrology but I read a hilarious piece last week that depicted the confusion of planetary energies said to be the umbrella under which we’re all playing this week and I thought it fairly accurate. Indecision is to be avoided at all costs. Or should it?

This week the message is simple. Make up your mind. Choose a path. Take a step. Repeat.

Up down, all around do a little dance and see if we moved forward?  Hmm… if not I wonder why? Hmmm… This next simple truth has been attributed to many smart minds in the past (Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, etc.) so why not make it your own…If you do what you did you’ll get what you got.

So if you want something better, do what worked over and over again, not what didn’t.

Repeat the good feelings. Practice them.

You know how to feel grateful. Do that and then take an action that will make you feel that energy again. Then repeat.

We are memory-based creatures and when indecision of any kind creeps in we all revert to a default setting that’s familiar. Make good things familiar.

Organize your thoughts on purpose. Make a list of when things worked out what were you feeling? Surrender? Allowing? Trust? Acting as If? Gratitude? Humility?

I teach a chair exercise in my IN-Vizion® Training for coaches. It’s a great way to really get out of your head, and shift your energy without analyzing anything. You’ll need two chairs.

Chair # 1– sit in it – this is your “Dirty Diaper Chair” – where you can feel all the crappy stuff you are familiar with. Feel it – let the energy be real, in your body and emotions. Indecision, self-pity, poor lil ‘ol me, overwhelm, frustration, etc.

Now, when you’ve had enough move to the next chair.

Chair # 2– this is your “Successful Suzy Chair” – where you can feel all the feelings and remember moments when you rocked it out of the park. Yay! Loving life feeling right with the world, connected to Spirit. Let that sense of connectedness and trust permeates every cell in your body.

Ok, now stand up and look at the two chairs. Which one appeals to you more? Repeat sitting in that one. If you do what you did, you’ll get what you got. Right?

This week repeat the good stuff, and let go of all expectations and let Spirit do its thing.

Sometimes I just remember over and over how grateful I am and smile.

Eventually I have more things to be grateful for. Funny how that works!

So what’s on your repeat? Which chair did you prefer?

Did you notice the difference? Tell us about it!

If you do what you did, you’ll get what you got. (Remember this and repeat it to yourself as often as possible)

Loving you forever and always – why?

Because I can!

The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

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  • sylvia

    Wow Colette, you are on fuego. So spot on. I’ve written several notes on the glass door of my office (gotta luv those yummy art pens!). One says, “Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got. Do you like who, where, how, when and why your life is becoming?” Another note says, “Practice A Gratitude Attitude.”

    Thanks for putting yo’ amazingness out there Chica. You Rock.

    • Claudette

      Wow! Today is surely a BIG GRATITUDE DAY for me. I was just reading about the power of appreciation and gratitude in life and when I opened my email your beautiful message came out. My thanks to you for bringing back to my mind a lot of great things I’ve been doing and getting results in the past that I’ve taken for granted or just stopped doing now. Feeling the feelings and the energy once again has given me back the joy and gratefulness that come with it. Thanks and many hugs to you. My promise to myself today is: REPEAT, repeat and repeat what worked and are working for me today and take the next steps. More power to you and our tribe!!!!!!!!. BTW I always play your tape on the Journey through the Chakras which I bought.several years ago in Toronto.

  • Theresa

    Hello, beautiful Collette!
    Thanks for another invitation to comment on your blog as a tribal member. I’m really loving these personal invites!
    Wow, lately the vibes in my reality have brought me to a very clear sense on everything. I seemed to have leaped into a new frequency or something, because, I’m getting so much done, I’m so focused, and I am speaking my mind easier. I feel balanced, energized and goal oriented. Perhaps, my vibe with libra is that the scales are in balance this time around. As for making decisions, I’m pretty good with that too, as long as I do not have to pull my foot out of my mouth too many times! Whoa, girl! lol
    So, I suppose I’ve been sitting in my Successful Suzy chair for the last few weeks. I’m in the flow, and it feels pretty awesome. And yes, I have a lot to be thankful for. My health, my fun friends, my hubby, my connection to everything spiritual…

  • Brett

    So I am sitting in my super chair and it feels good – really good. This newsletter is one GIANT cledon (first word to last). I have heard so many people on your shows say they felt you were talking directly to them in your messages. Holy cow! This message hit home in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.

  • Emily

    I was thinking of what to write for your “Quintiessentials” blog, when I saw this one.
    Well, Re….
    I am going to be practicing this meditation over in my head for awhile. It felt great sitting in my Suzie chair!!
    Having a little one, I really loved the metaphor of the “dirty diaper” chair! lol 🙂
    This message was–as always perfectly fit to my life–
    It’s the little things, giving baths & laughing, sweeping the autumn leaves off the patio & enjoying the seasons changing & the cool air breeze. Pushing my child on her swing, taking bike rides & laughing with her–heck, even enjoying (& almost crying at times, I get so gooshy!) at funny cheesy cartoons with my toddler.
    Making dinner for my husband & child with a feeling of love & service,
    feeling Blessed, instead of burdened, jumping puddles in the rain with my daughter & loving it! Trying to teach her the concept of how being ‘imperfectly-perfect is okay’. 🙂
    Thank you for your blogs, as always, really enjoyed it & what all your wonderful tribe has to say! Love to you all.

  • Rachael

    R is for repeat, I love this, yest I repeated an old behaviour again again again, its ok to have a rest day I say but not when I’m zoning out from life, I want my eating to change so I have to work at it! The sentences in my head do the same thing get the same results, got it! Lol I’m journal writing and I’m going to something I don’t want to because someone might be horrible to me because I rejected them, I’m thinking more along the lines of, what can do for others today? How can I get out of myself.? Etc…. Good stuff Colette 🙂

  • Elisabeth Ohlsson

    JA det är såå sant!! jag jobbar med det 😀 <3

  • Vicki

    A huge thank you. So simple yet so effective and wonderful!! Thank you for always inspiring others.

  • Diana Boles

    It resounded in my head this morning as I sat in the Moon Lodge, greeting the day and praying. In my ears rang the voices of my guides. They were all saying the same thing. “We know you love us and pay us homage. But honor us better by creating. Do it now. It’s where your smile lies and where the balance is. Stop sitting here for so long. Take action on all those things that need finishing. Move now”. And I did. Since the final crumbling of my marriage! I have only been able to do art for others. It wasn’t the joy of doing that was missing, it was the need of approval that was necessary. So I lost my motivation-the need to create just for creations’ sake. Today, I rembered a rule -one that is a vital component of joy. The only approval one needs is their own. Your best work is done when you are engaged and present. Your letters, which tickle me that they arrive with my name, arrive a day or two after postings have begun. Not sure why and I’m not complaining. I just keep discovering electrically charged psychic moments. So I started working on things at 6 this morning and didn’t read this post til 9 pm. I completed 2 major art things and almost completed the Halloween decor for inside my home. So St. Joe and Archangel Raphael weren’t the only ones waking me up today, Colette s words were traveling across the quantum waves of re-verb, re-verbal, re-verbaration. Toots, you are trusted as a guide. I read all the tribal dancers words. Love to you all! Namaste

  • Bridgett

    Yes, this is a time of stirring in my world.

    I’ve become very aware of how the choices in my life have brought me to a place of feeling detached from any sense of community; belonging.

    I wanted a BIG world as long as I can remember. I pursued that and now, at mid-life, feel jealous of the tight knit families and communities I see. I’m asking myself why I avoided that.

    I’ve lived in a “new” city for 12 years now and have been ambivalent (continual fluctuation) the whole time – do I stay or should I go?

    Last weekend, my wise sister-in-law told me I just have to sit with it and not run away as I usually do. “You just have to sit with it.” Chairs.

    Grateful for you,

  • Diana Boles

    When I repeat this error in math I feel soooo stupid. Two months in a row! How could I have done it two months in a row? I feel like the bank works under a conspiracy to play a hand to catch me being stupid. Why should I think that I have in the bank what the balance says I have in the bank? AUGHAUGHAUGHughaug

  • mira

    hvala na poruci oduševila me tvoja knjiga i radim mnogo na sebi ali poruke duha je nešto novo za mene i jako me ovih dana sve iznenađuje oko sebe stalno nove poruke u kavi i oko mene zato dali je to ok još tražim svoje toteme ali vjerujem da ću ih naći .Veliki pozdrav i zagrljaj.

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