U is for the Unlimited Gift in “Unattainable”!

Updated: November 11, 2013


Dear wonderful you,

Hope this week leaves you with a sigh of relief now that mercury retrograde has left us. One of the gifts of the retrograde has been the opportunity to ponder what is or is not attainable and the beauty of surrendering to that.

Yes, I know the more you look at the words unattainable and unlimited you might wonder what they have in common. Yet put them together and you’ll find they hold the key to your uniqueness and your ability to make that uniqueness a service to the world. The two combined gets you super grounded in manifesting what’s best for you and the highest good for all.

I believe in unlimited potential and possibility in the universe. Yes I do.

I also believe in the importance of trusting in what is unattainable, what is withheld and what says no to you.

My favorite expression is “rejection is God’s protection.” It means when something is unattainable in the moment, it’s for our own good, for our growth and to lead us to something better, a better way to express ourselves with our talents and skills.

It’s hard to hear “no.” I remember when I pursued a music career I was rejected over and over again. I could not accept my dream was completely unattainable. At the same time my career as an intuitive blossomed and grew all by itself without any help from me.

I finally just couldn’t take it anymore and let go of the music and recognized how much I loved working with people. But interestingly enough, once I let go I got the record deal anyway.  I was 40 years old when I recorded a CD I’m so proud of called Magdalene’s Garden. The success I wanted was still unattainable though and I eventually had to concede it was not meant to be.

The gift here was I although I was able to prove myself as an artist my true purpose was to help others with my skill as an intuitive. As soon as I surrendered to the truth that a successful career in music was not going to be for me, a series of synchronistic events led me to Hay House. Four books and four oracle decks later, here I am!

It was as if a floodgate of unlimited potential was awakened and I saw first-hand how the universe was conspiring on my behalf.

The point is, when the universe makes your desires unattainable it may mean “no” or it may mean “not yet” but no matter what, it’s a sign to let go, and let go now. Pay attention to what is working in your life and trust that the process of manifestation is not only in your hands nor driven solely by your desire.

You have a purpose that is unique and sometimes the only way you find out what that is, is to hear a lot of no’s when you’re pursuing something else.

So, when you get enough no’s and you say “I get it,” surrender and you too will see all manner of synchronicities align to bring who you’re meant to be forward. You may, like me, get a gift and the thing you thought you wanted most in the world will yet be delivered.

It’s truly a universe of unlimited potential and opportunity. It just has a Mind of its own.

Today consider all the things withheld from you as gifts in strange wrapping paper, bless everything unattainable as it leaves a lot of room for the unlimited potential in what is truly for you.

What is for you, will never go past you.

I know I’m not alone.  Have you also heard “no” and instead had the universe conspire on your behalf on a different path?  As always, love to hear from you!

Love to you always and forever

May you get what you truly need to be who you’re meant to be.


The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

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  • Julie Hardy

    Yes! I’m learning to let go and stop thinking of how my future should be. As you say man plans and spirit laughs.

  • Bridgett

    Wow. I spent most of mercury retrograde with teary eyes as I pondered all the choices I’ve made that brought me right here to this spot where I DON’T want to be.
    I feel like I’ve had one shoe nailed to the floor and keep going around in circles.
    Loved ones have suffered injuries and poor health. I seemed to do and say all the wrong things.
    Glad it’s over but I feel raw and fragile – ripped apart like an orange or a pomegranate.
    Time to move on:


    I like the analogy of the gifts wrapped in strange paper. Maybe there are a few with a “yes” inside for me.

    Thank you,

  • Diana Boles

    Uncanny, isn’t it? How we seem to forget that we ARE UNCOMMON INDIVIDUALS. While others have an UN-controllable appetite for instant gratification, we, in this tribe, have an UN-quenchable thirst for knowledge. UN-raveled come the tangled bindings when we stop stretching them taught from the inside. UN-faltered are the pinnacles we can climb when we gently stretch for the next foothold. UN-believablly strong are we when the UNIT you are finds it’s own ULTIMATE way. UN-hurried, UN-pushed, UN-fettered, UN-empty———val-YOU-ed. The U in YOU!

  • Julie Zolfo

    Just as some things are meant to be unattainable — most everything have Divine timing – like this perfect message that my soul needed to hear, sit with, absorb, acknowledge, soak in and accept. What I know true is this…its my job to keep moving, keep pursuing what I believe is in my best interest, and at the same time allow the space for the Universe to redirect where IT KNOWS I need to go for my highest good and the good of all those I impact. Thank you Colette for this special words and perfect lesson I am working on right now!

  • Carolyn

    In my early 20’s my dream was to be an Olympic equestrian at the least a horse trainer, I’d been riding since I was 8. At 22 I got Myasthenia Gravis was told I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 40. I had been a low level artist in animation to “get by”. I put my horse career on the shelf, though not my dream I figured an animation career was the way to go, at least I would be sitting down making a living. By the time I was 28 I was in full remission had gone back to school to really learn how to draw and paint and owned my own horse that I rode just for pleasure. Today at 54 I look back and see a successful lucky career as an animation artist and horses are still in my life. I’ve never loved my career but it was something I was directed to do, it has been good to me. Am combining my skills by painting Heritage farm animals that are becoming extinct, love all animals and I have painting skills. Maybe this was the path I was supposed to follow? Thank you Collette, you bring much love and understanding to our tribe, much appreciated!!

  • Kathy

    Thanks, Colette. Thanks for speaking straight from your heart to mine. I am so very grateful for all that Life has–and hasn’t yet–given me, strange wrapping paper and all! Still more lessons to be learned, I know. Sending much gratitude and abundance your way!

  • Loretta Pedersen

    THANK YOU! I really needed to read/hear this today. My tendency is to desire that which is illusive, or worry about that which is not available to me yesterday. Slow, long lessons, but this article really is helping me get back on track. Let Go & Let God <3 Easier said than done.

  • Beth

    My daily pick card this morning was “Letting Go” from the Avalon deck and then this arrived in my inbox later in the day.

    This has been a year of letting go and hearing no. Due to a total health collapse in May, I have had to cut out almost everything familiar in my life, which included ending a 20 year library career. I’ve had lots and lots of “no,” however haven’t discovered what my “yes” is yet.

  • Diana Boles

    If they say I’m UN-hinged, UN-stoppable is what I feel. With Mercury’s wings, this Gemini is UN-furled, UN-afraid, UN-abashed, UN-comparable even in the face of UN-certainty. UN-suitable? UN-heard of !!!!!!

  • christy

    Thank you for this blog and for all that you do!!
    4 years ago my husband and I divorced, with 3 small kids. I felt that my “perfect family life” was unattainable, I would just have to make do and suffer thru. But you know what?
    The universe had other plans for me…. There was a man, who I met first thru my oldest child (his child was in the same kindergarten) Then thru my second child a while later (his 2nd child was in the same gymnastics class) Then our 3rd, youngest kids ended up in the same daycare. All this time we were mere acquaintances, who seemed to be travelling in the same orbit.
    About a year after my marriage ended, we ran into each other again. We instantly connected, realized that we had both lived almost identical lives that put us in this very place. And we have been together ever since, over 3 years now, with plans to marry 🙂
    Love to you and your tribe

  • Teresa

    I have been trying to sell my condo, for almost nine months,first I was not sure
    whether it was the right thing to do, and then decided it was , but now no one is
    coming to any open houses that have been. And I have been trusting in God, for
    whatever is the best thing. So maybe this is God’s rejection, is my protection, I had
    not heard that saying before.

  • Debi

    Growing up I played by those rules too often, if things got difficult and wouldn’t fall together, instead of pressing on I decided that it must be Gods way of saying nope. I know that this is true much of the time and I have to 100% back what you are saying! but not for myself! not this time. My lesson is to keep pushing until I have pressed through. For me, my lesson is simply learning how to keep pushing on without forcing. No letting it go this time around, no matter how long it takes

  • Diana Boles

    To be UN-challenged would be UN-imaginable. It would lead us to being UN-balanced. In this Universe we cannot be UN-opposed, it is against the Universal law of action and reaction. Without it we would be UN-complimented and UN-experienced. Can U go thru a life being UN-creative? With it we are UN-bound and UN-judgemental.

  • Betty Jo Northouse

    Blessings to you all…..and yes you too Colette….SOOOOO TRUE are your words, sometimes when others remind us we listen better……

  • JAS

    Thank you Colette! I’m in that exact moment (crossroads) of letting go of “potential” lifelong dreams/goals in a career/job/calling versus making money/putting food on the table aspect. Lightening bolts are shooting across my sky; threats of lost opportunities and lifelong dreams slowly melting into oblivion are now raining down on my head, blending with my tears. I’m lost, not sure of which road to choose… do I let go and let god? Am I letting go out of fear or surrender? Are my “dreams” too far fetched? Outrageous? Unattainable? Impossible? My heart says I have not “tried” fully with 100 percent of my heart… but I’m being pulled in the direction of getting some money into my hands which means freedom. “Leave no stone unturned” is my mantra; it’s in my DNA to try until I can’t try anymore. Do I give myself permission to let go or hang on? And to top it all off, it’s all inter-twined with serious health issues… I will re-read Colette’s message and see what my heart hears…

  • JAS

    QUESTION TO ALL: Does a dream that appears to be “unattainable” have any connections to the intention of your dream/goal? For example: If I wanted to become a painter in order to express myself/creativity versus wanting to become a painter to make big bucks, would the Universe block my dream of becoming a painter???? Does the intention matter?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      intention is everything. Whenever you do something ” just” for the money you lose the art. Money comes but the passion and the inspiration need to lead. You can make money lots of it if that’s all you want. But no real success was ever achieved just for the money. That’s not abundance.

    • Diana Boles

      What Colette said! That’s the truth! Passion doesn’t go unrecognized. It is the uninspired, mass produced, reality of marketing that tribal dancers pirouette away from—–spinning out new energy ever searching for the OOAK—just like you

  • Debi

    Hi Colette. I just listened to your song Wide Open Spaces and really like it. I do want to check out the rest of the album…

  • Eira Kynthia

    God and I made a deal a long time ago…I won’t try to run my life, as I will only screw it up, and the Divine Presence will steer me back to the Will when I do try to run my life!! 🙂 😉 Works for me!! LOVES!


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